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A Bitch Is A Bitch

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"That's enough!" Li Sicheng pushed her away with a stern face, stepping to the side. "I have other business to attend to. You rest well and go to the airport yourself tomorrow."

Hearing his cold words, Tang Mengying immediately sobbed. "Brother Sicheng, you were not like this. You did not treat me like this before. Why…"

"I am married!"

"I don't care. Brother Sicheng…" Tang Mengying said and threw herself at Li Sicheng again. She was wearing the dress she wore at the event, a low-cut body-con dress. With the top half of her boobs out, Tang Mengying looked glamorous and seductive.

Cheng You who had followed Li Sicheng gasped. She had to admit that Tang Mengying looked amazing like this. If she were a man, Cheng You would probably take her right there, not to mention Li Sicheng. But obviously, Cheng You had misjudged her boss.

Li Sicheng's face became even more grim. He stepped back and said slowly, "Cheng You, help her get sober."

"I don't care. Brother Sicheng, you said you would marry me. Have you forgotten?"

Li Sicheng paused and said, "What I said was that if my family asked me to marry you, I would not refuse." Tang Mengying was delighted, but Li Sicheng immediately continued, "However, my grandpa asked me to marry a different woman." Li Sicheng recalled the shy little face and his look became gentle. "She is great, and I don't plan to cheat on her." Then he quickly walked toward the elevator.

Feeling desperate, Tang Mengying cried out loud.

Cheng You shuddered, feeling sympathy for Tang Mengying. As a woman, Cheng You knew very well how hurtful Li Sicheng's words were. Seeing Tang Mengying's look, Cheng You was even worried that she might take her own life…

How heartless!

"Mrs. Tang…"

"Get lost! Don't come close to me. You think I don't know? You also like him, my Brother Sicheng!" Tang Mengying shoved Cheng You. "Now you're here to laugh at me, right? Go away!"

Cheng You was filled with anger and gave up on the thought of helping her get sober. Gritting her teeth, Cheng You said, "You totally deserved that. A bitch is a bitch!" Cheng You left without turning back.

Tang Mengying leaned on the door, her makeup messy as tears ran down. Very soon, the influence of the alcohol took over and made her dizzy. In a trance, Tang Mengying suddenly felt a pair of hands moving up and down her body. She opened her eyes and only saw a vague silhouette. The man was tall, but she could not see his features clearly. "Brother Sicheng…"

"How yummy… A Chinese girl…" Hearing English, Tang Mengying was a bit shocked, wanting to push the guy away. However, he carried her into the bed.

Wanting to fight back, Tang Mengying somehow saw Li Sicheng's face in front of her. "Brother Sicheng…" Tang Mengying threw her arms around the man holding her. No one noticed that Tang Mengying's phone was pressed against the bed, making an unexpected call…

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