The 99Th Divorce - S01 E117

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Brother Sicheng, Slow Down

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Su Qianci's heart trembled. Staring at the ringing phone, Su Qianci felt dazed.

Tang Mengying, Li Sicheng…

Reaching for the phone, Su Qianci was still hesitant to pick up. A heart-wrenching pain suddenly broke her. Should she pick up? She did not dare to. She was afraid that she would hear those horrible sounds again, the panting and moaning that had bothered her for numerous days and nights. Should she hang up?

But what if things were different… Too many things had happened differently this time around already. What if it was a different call? Pick up… Just try picking up. She had already been through the worst, hadn't she? When the ringing was about to stop, Su Qianci picked up.

"Hmmm… Brother Sicheng… Please slow down…" It was Tang Mengying's voice, mixed with a man's heavy breath and the sound of flesh on flesh. "Oh… Brother Sicheng… That was so good."

Su Qianci felt like her heart was torn apart. The phone fell from her hand, and she could not stop herself from bursting into tears. She had known this already. Why did she have to pick up the phone? Why did she have to do this to herself again… She knew that this man did not love her, but she couldn't help making her heart vulnerable to him…

Lying down, Su Qianci put a blanket over her head and cried on top of her lungs. She had never despised herself so much before. All the wishful thinking had disappeared. She did not want to see herself like this ever again.

"Mr. Li, I have booked the air tickets, but…" Cheng You said hesitantly, "but do you have to rush? It would be the same if we go back tomorrow."

Li Sicheng sat on the couch with his legs crossed. Glancing at her, he slowly stood up and said without explanation, "Let's just go."

Cheng You felt a bit resentful. Her boss was a workaholic. Not only had he finished what should have taken more than a month in twenty-eight days, but he also wanted to return in the middle of the night. Oh my god! What crimes had she committed in her previous lifetime for her to have a boss like this?

However, when Li Sicheng was about to go out of the hotel, he got a call from Tang Mengying. "Brother Sicheng… I am in my room. Could you come and help me? I feel terrible…"

Li Sicheng frowned but still asked, "what's wrong?"

"I feel bad, so bad… Brother Sicheng, I will wait for you in my room…"

Obviously annoyed, Li Sicheng was a bit impatient. However, Tang Mengying had always been a reasonable girl. She shouldn't call him for nothing… Li Sicheng thought about it, and then went upstairs to Tang Mengying's hotel room. He smelled alcohol the moment he entered the door.

Tang Mengying threw herself at him, and Li Sicheng immediately pushed her away. "Brother Sicheng, everyone was trying to make me drink at the event… I feel so bad right now…" Indeed, Tang Mengying had had too much to drink. She had definitely been an important reason for the success of the event. However, what does that have to do with asking him to come to her room? With tears in her eyes, Tang Mengying moaned again, "Please… Brother Sicheng… Please help me…"

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