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The next morning, when Su Qianci woke up, she found her eyes were super puffy. However, she had a class taught by her favorite professor in the morning, so she had to wear a pair of sunglasses and go to class. The moment she took off the sunglasses, her classmates kept asking what was going on.

Luckily, there was no class in the afternoon, so Su Qianci immediately left the classroom, putting her sunglasses on. Taking out her cell phone, Su Qianci dialed Lu Yihan's number. In order to live a comfortable life in the future, she had to execute the plan earlier…

Meeting with Lu Yihan at a quiet café, Su Qianci said directly, "I want to be a partner at your company."

Lu Yihan was dazed and smiled. "Don't joke with me, Mrs. Li. I don't need your money." In Lu Yihan's eyes, Su Qianci was only investing because she wanted to help out him as a friend. He did not need sympathy like that.

Having known Lu Yihan for many years, Su Qianci knew what he was thinking. Although he seemed carefree, Lu Yihan was a very proud person. There was no way he'd accept her charity. Su Qianci sat up straight and said seriously, "I mean it. I need to make money of my own."

"Your husband's money is not enough now?"

Shaking her head, Su Qianci looked a bit depressed. "I can't spend his money my whole life. One always needs a backup plan."

Lu Yihan felt something was off, arched an eyebrow, and sipped some coffee. "Is Mrs. Li fighting with Mr. Li?"


"Then why are you doing this?"

Su Qianci did not answer, but narrowed her eyes and said, "Three million."

"Three million?" Lu Yihan almost jumped, crying incredulously, "We are only a small team formed by college students. Aren't you afraid that I'd run away with the money?" Lu Yihan looked at Su Qianci as if she was a fool.

"You want it?"

"Of course!" Lu Yihan answered immediately. "However, I don't need that much money. All I need is eight hundred thousand to launch a new project."

"Five million, for 30% of your company's shares and a part of your new project. What do you think?"

Lu Yihan opened his mouth wide, feeling Su Qianci must be crazy. "You trust me so much? Five million is not a small number. If I run away, you will get nothing."

"Will you run away?" Su Qianci asked.

"Of course not," Lu Yihan answered immediately. Very soon, he smiled and said, "Are you serious?"

"Certainly. Five million is the most I can offer currently. Do you think it's enough sincerity?"

"Of course." Lu Yihan smiled, feeling touched. In high school, Su Qianci had to work a part-time job besides school, he had no idea that one day Su Qianci would become so rich. However, at the same time, he was not making much of himself yet.

Having discussed the details for about half an hour, they left the café. The moment they walked out, they saw a black Maybach parking by the street.

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