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One Move to Beat an Overwhelming Prodigy

On the field, the True Dragon geniuses had bulging eyes and incredulous looks on their faces.

Zhao Feng and Tuoba Qi’s battle had ended just like that?

Facing the successor of the Tuoba family, which was one of the three major eye-bloodline families, Zhao Feng didn’t use his own eye-bloodline or even retaliate.

Without even attacking, Zhao Feng made the Tuoba family successor admit defeat.

“By predicting my eye-bloodline attacks, my Heavenly Piercing Eye is basically useless against him.”

Tuoba Qi took a deep breath as he admitted defeat and walked off.

The skill he was most famous for, the Heavenly Piercing Eye, could even be dodged by Zhao Feng. What was the point in fighting?

“Including the Sacred True Dragon Gathering, Zhao Feng’s already defeated two of the three major eye-bloodline successors.”

“Only the Golden Sun family hasn’t fought with Zhao Feng yet.”

“Doesn’t this mean that, if he beats the Three Eyed Saint…?”

The spectators discussed with one another.

Zhao Feng defeated the ghost-eyed man in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering, and the latter was the successor of one of the three major eye-bloodline families. Now, Zhao Feng had defeated Tuoba Qi, leaving only one eye-bloodline family, and that family happened to be the strongest.

Thinking up to there, the True Dragon geniuses were expectant.

It could be imagined that the battle between Zhao Feng and the Three Eyed Saint couldn’t be avoided, and as long as Zhao Feng won, he would be able to take the title of “strongest eye-bloodline on the continent.”

The Tea Party wasn’t just a gathering for True Dragon geniuses anymore, it was also the thing that would decide who holds the title of the strongest eye-bloodline.

“Jinyang Shengtian.”

Zhao Feng stood unmoving. He remained on the stage as his gaze turned toward the host – the Three Eyed Saint. An invisible surge of battle-intent emanated from him, and many spectators and geniuses held their breath in excitement and anticipation.

“As expected, Zhao Feng’s challenged the Three Eyed Saint.”

“Can the Three Eyed Saint hold on to the title of the strongest eye-bloodline in the continent?”

Tuoba Qi and the ghost-eyed man both took a deep breath.

Facing Zhao Feng’s challenge, the Three Eyed Saint smiled and slowly rose up with confidence.

The third eye on his forehead slowly opened, glittering with a golden light. It was like a miniature sun as it radiated a powerful energy across the entire area.

In that instant, the heart of every genius shook and they were unable to breathe properly.

Even the other Overwhelming Prodigies couldn’t look at the Three Eyed Saint’s Sacred Eye-bloodline head-on. If they did, it would feel like being burned by the sun.

Just looking at it made the normal Overwhelming Prodigies feel that they wouldn’t be able to resist him.

Just as the Three Eyed Saint rose and the clash of the two strongest eye-bloodlines on the continent was about to begin.


Goddess Bing Wei’s cold voice suddenly sounded.


A frosty air blew by, radiating a terrifying coldness.

Zhao Feng’s body froze. The coldness from Goddess Bing Wei’s body had reached a level where it could freeze normal early-stage True Lord Ranks.

“Goddess Bing Wei, what is the meaning of this?”

Zhao Feng’s eyebrows furrowed in unhappiness.

This was the third time he tried to fight with the Three Eyed Saint only to be interrupted by her.

The first time was when their eye-bloodline powers clashed before the Tea Party.

The second time was when Zhao Feng had defeated more than a dozen True Dragon geniuses and was about to challenge the Three Eyed Saint.

This was the third time.

“Sister Wei, you…”

The Three Eyed Saint felt as if he had no face anymore, but it wasn’t hard for him to understand her intentions.

Goddess Bing Wei still felt uneasy, “No one has drawn out Zhao Feng’s true strength yet.”

Almost all of Zhao Feng’s opponents were defeated instantly, and the other two Overwhelming Prodigies weren’t challenging him for one reason or another.

Shi Chengtian had already lost to Zhao Feng back then, and the current relationship between them was quite good.

Cang Yuyue’s Sword Dao was extremely powerful, and Goddess Bing Wei thought that Cang Yuyue had a high chance of challenging Zhao Feng.

However, she was disappointed. Although Cang Yuyue had battle-intent toward Zhao Feng, she didn’t challenge him.

Goddess Bing Wei obviously didn’t know the two had already fought in the Cloud area and Cang Yuyue had lost. They weren’t even on the same level.

Even though Cang Yuyue had comprehended more of the Sword Dao, she still didn’t have any confidence that she could beat Zhao Feng.

That meant that all three present Overwhelming Prodigies had lost to Zhao Feng before.

“Hmph! I shall attack whoever dares to stop me.”

Zhao Feng’s Qi of True Spirit started to circulate and spread out across dozens of yards.


The frosty air coming from Goddess Bing Wei’s body was instantly destroyed.

Goddess Bing Wei groaned as her body became numb. The howling wind made her unable to breathe.

At this moment in time, Zhao Feng’s aura of wind and lightning had reached a terrifying level that normal True Lord Ranks couldn’t be compared to.

“Zhao Feng, our battle from last year hasn’t ended yet!”

Goddess Bing Wei almost started to burn her Qi of True Spirit as a layer of blue ice appeared on her skin.

In that instant, she was like a blossoming flower as her aura instantly rose to a level comparable to the peak True Lord Rank within a couple breaths.

“What is this secret technique…? Turning her whole body into ice….”

The hearts of the True Dragon geniuses seemed to freeze as they started to chatter.

The entire place was filled with coldness. The teeth of the weaker spectators started to chatter and they were unable to move.

“Mystic Crystal Battle Body!”

Goddess Bing Wei was like a goddess of ice. Her actions resonated with the cold in the air.

Under this state, her defense surpassed even Shi Chengtian.

Even Cang Yuyue probably couldn’t break through her defense right now. At least, not in the physical dimension.

“Under the Mystic Crystal Battle Body state, my every action can freeze normal True Lord Ranks. Zhao Feng, I don’t believe you can still conserve your strength and not use your eye-bloodline.”

Cold killing intent seemed to materialize from Goddess Bing Wei.


With a wave of her hand, she created a powerful whirl of icy wind that engulfed everything within half a mile.

Goddess Bing Wei’s strength made the expressions of the other Overwhelming Prodigies change dramatically while the other geniuses exclaimed in shock.

Even the Three Eyed Saint was surprised. Goddess Bing Wei’s battle-power could be considered to be unparalleled under the peak True Lord Rank.

Normal True Lord Ranks couldn’t even break through her defense. In fact, they would be frozen if they even got close.


The layer of wind and lightning around Zhao Feng was starting to get eroded by the ice and his body was almost frozen.

“Goddess Bing Wei, using this technique will injure your foundation. And you’re using it just to see how strong I am?”

A cold smile appeared on Zhao Feng’s face.

From Ice to Water!

A ripple of water appeared around Zhao Feng that extended across everything within dozens of yards.


Everything that came close to Zhao Feng was like a stone sinking into the ocean.

If Goddess Bing Wei was an ice mountain, then Zhao Feng was the ocean.


Zhao Feng’s entire body rippled and started to “seep” closer to Goddess Bing Wei.


Zhao Feng punched out. He was like water merging into and passing through Goddess Bing Wei’s Mystic Ice Battle Body’s defense.


Goddess Bing Wei’s expression changed dramatically as she watched Zhao Feng punch her chest.


This punch hit Goddess Bing Wei’s Mystic Crystal Battle Body and exploded around her chest.


Goddess Bing Wei spat out a mouthful of blood as her clothes became tattered, revealing a pair of snow-white breasts.

“Sister Wei!”

The Three Eyed Saint roared and immediately went to save her.

“He beat Goddess Bing Wei in one move.”

The spectators were dead-silent and many took in cold breaths.

“Terrifying. In that state, Goddess Bing Wei was even stronger than the other Overwhelming Prodigies, and yet she was still defeated by Zhao Feng in one move.”

Shi Chengtian, Cang Yuyue, Tantan Lanyue, and company all clicked their tongues.

They were lucky that they didn’t challenge Zhao Feng before, or else they would have embarrassed themselves.

An Overwhelming Prodigy lost in one move.

The eyes of many spectators almost fell out. They were only able to return back to reality after some time.

The cause of all this commotion remained expressionless as he murmured to himself, “At least everything in the way is gone now.”

On top of a faraway mountain, the Head of the Golden Sun family and the elder wearing the grass hat had solemn expressions.

“This Zhao Feng’s strength has surpassed our expectations. Looks like his intentions here aren’t good….”

The elder wearing the hat murmured.

“Looks like Sheng’er won’t beat him easily, but no one can take the title of the strongest eye-bloodline away.”

The eyes of the Golden Sun family Head twinkled.

Right at this moment, the battle between Zhao Feng and the Three Eyed Saint instantly started.

“Zhao Feng, how dare you injure Wei’er!”

The roaring voice contained a soul-shaking killing intent. The geniuses present felt cold, as if they had fallen into a dark abyss.

In their eyes, the handsome golden-haired male’s third eye suddenly opened, releasing a golden light as bright as the sun that filled the air.

Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng!

Tuoba Qi, the ghost-eyed man, and everyone else who had eye-bloodlines felt unable to breathe as their eye-bloodlines became suppressed.


Zhao Feng felt his left eye become heavy. There was a pressure that made it thump gently.

“Three Eyed Divine Light!”

A light as bright as the sun that contained the power to vaporize everything shot toward Zhao Feng like a meteor shower.

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