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Suppression (2)

Within the time it took to make a cup of tea, Zhao Feng had already defeated more than a dozen True Dragon geniuses, and all with just one move.

The spectators from across the continent were dazed.

This wasn’t even sparring; this was a one-sided suppression.

Zhao Feng stood on the hole-filled field expressionlessly.

At this moment in time, the Tea Party was silent. No one continued to challenge Zhao Feng.

“Even without using his eye-bloodline, Zhao Feng’s stronger than normal Overwhelming Prodigies.”

The dozens of True Dragon geniuses were speechless.

Everyone’s gaze toward Zhao Feng wasn’t just respect and admiration anymore. It was as if the youth in their sight was something completely out of reach, and Goddess Bing Wei’s expression became more and more solemn.

From the start, Zhao Feng won every match in one move. No one had even forced him to use his eye-bloodline.

From the strength that Zhao Feng currently revealed, neither Goddess Bing Wei nor Shi Chengtian had much hope of winning.

No one challenged Zhao Feng anymore. Neither Shi Chengtian, Cang Yuyue, nor Tantan Lanyue had any signs of doing so, and that made Goddess Bing Wei panic.

It was fine if Shi Chengtian and Tantan Lanyue didn’t challenge him, as they already lost to Zhao Feng in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.

However, without an Overwhelming Prodigy challenging him, it would be hard to see Zhao Feng’s true strength.

“Hehe, if no one’s going to challenge me anymore…”

Zhao Feng smiled.

Everyone was silent.


Zhao Feng’s eyes suddenly turned toward the Three Eyed Saint sitting at the top of the Tea Party arena.

Without Yu Tianhao here, the Three Eyed Saint was Zhao Feng’s only target.

Zhao Feng’s actions instantly raised the attention of the other geniuses.

He was about to challenge the Three Eyed Saint when he suddenly heard Goddess Bing Wei speak, “Zhao Feng, you’ve already fought more than a dozen battles. Let someone else have a turn.”

Zhao Feng paused. He looked at her with deep meaning before nodding and walking off.

After all, Goddess Bing Wei was one of the hosts and Zhao Feng couldn’t directly go against her.

After Zhao Feng went down, the other geniuses all let out a breath, and the stone that was on their hearts was removed.

With Zhao Feng up there, no one else had a chance.

If Goddess Bing Wei didn’t stop Zhao Feng, he might just defeat everyone here and the Tea Party would lose its meaning.

A while later, the True Dragon geniuses that hadn’t gone up yet displayed their skills and caused the crowd to cheer and clap.

Although Zhao Feng was stronger and stunned everyone, his battles ended in just one move.

Soon, one of the three eye-bloodline successors, Tuoba Qi, walked onto the middle of the field.

“Tuoba Qi.”

The hearts of many geniuses clenched.

The successors of the three eye-bloodline families were all at the Tea Party.

The Three Eyed Saint, Tuoba Qi, and the ghost-eyed man represented the three strongest eye-bloodlines.

Heavenly Piercing Eye!

Tuoba Qi’s eyes glinted with a cold light.


A bloody mark appeared on his opponent’s face that extended from his face to his chin. Just a little deeper and it would’ve sliced open his throat.

The True Dragon geniuses all took in a deep breath. Most of the people couldn’t even see Tuoba Qi’s attack.

Only the Three Eyed Saint, Zhao Feng, and the ghost-eyed man could barely manage to see Tuoba Qi’s attack through their eye-bloodlines.

Even a normal Overwhelming Prodigy might lose if ambushed by Tuoba Qi.

“A head-on clash is extremely bad for Tuoba Qi. Overwhelming Prodigies can prepare before Tuoba Qi even attacks.”

Zhao Feng inspected.

However, even then, Tuoba Qi was almost unparalleled as long as he didn’t challenge an Overwhelming Prodigy.

As expected, Tuoba Qi then continuously defeated four or five True Dragon geniuses, and even two first-tier geniuses lost to him.

“Zhao Feng.”

A sharp light appeared in Tuoba Qi’s eyes as he locked on to Zhao Feng with battle-intent.

This time, his target was Zhao Feng. Many geniuses looked forward to this.

After all, Tuoba Qi and Zhao Feng were both famed for their eye-bloodlines.

“Ok. Last time, I beat the ghost-eyed man. This time, I’ll spar with the other two eye-bloodlines.”

Zhao Feng faintly nodded his head.

Goddess Bing Wei’s eyes lit up.

This battle should be able to reveal Zhao Feng’s true strength, right?

On the field, Zhao Feng and Tuoba Qi looked at each other from a hundred yards away.


Zhao Feng stood still and didn’t circulate his Qi of True Spirit.

A weird light flashed through Tuoba Qi’s eyes. His Heavenly Piercing Eye’s attack was extremely fast, and if the opponent wasn’t prepared, even a True Lord Rank might be killed.

It wasn’t as if Tuoba Qi hadn’t ambushed and killed a True Lord Rank before.

Even Overwhelming Prodigies would need to prepare against Tuoba Qi.

However, Zhao Feng didn’t do anything.

Just this point alone made Tuoba Qi admire him, but he would still go all out. His opponent stood at the peak of the Sacred True Dragon Gathering and suppressed dozens of generations.

Heavenly Piercing Eye!

Tuoba Qi stood still as a sharp glint flashed through his eyes.


An invisible blade almost instantly hit Zhao Feng.

Fast. The Heavenly Piercing Eye was extremely fast and invisible.

When the Heavenly Piercing Eye was unleashed, Zhao Feng’s skin felt cold.


An arc of lightning appeared on Zhao Feng’s index finger that seemed to accidentally hit the invisible blade.


The invisible blade crumbled and exploded into a silver light.

“Using his hand to block my Heavenly Piercing Eye… how did he do it?”

Tuoba Qi was shocked. This was the first time he met a genius who stopped his Heavenly Piercing Eye with just one hand.

He knew very clearly how fast the Heavenly Piercing Eye was.

Without preparations, those under the True Lord Rank shouldn’t be able to dodge it and could only use their Qi of True Spirit to form a shield.

Using a hand to block it was basically the same as dodging it.

“Heavenly Piercing Eye – Heavenly Cloud Pierce!”

Tuoba Qi took a deep breath and the light in his eyes formed into a miniscule line.


A transparent silver line pierced through the air and through Zhao Feng’s figure.

This attack was twice as fast and twice as sharp than before.

“Using his eye-bloodline power to form a line and adding the element of metal to it. Even a True Lord Rank would find it hard to defend against. On top of that, Zhao Feng wasn’t prepared against it beforehand.”

The Three Eyed Saint’s expression changed.

“This Heavenly Piercing Eye – Heavenly Cloud Pierce is enough to penetrate the defenses of normal True Lord Ranks.”

On the other side, the ghost-eyed man was shocked. He didn’t think that Tuoba Qi’s eye-bloodline had reached a new level.


Zhao Feng’s figure seemed to be pierced through by the silver line and a smile started to form on Tuoba Qi’s mouth, but it instantly froze.

Zhao Feng’s figure suddenly disappeared in a blur of wind and lightning.

“Using his speed to dodge my eye-bloodline… even thoughts can’t keep up, how can his body keep up?”

Tuoba Qi’s eyes were wide open and he was dazed.

Impossible! Impossible!

Tuoba Qi shook his head.

In terms of speed, his Heavenly Piercing Eye shouldn’t be able to be evaded if the opponent was under the Origin Core Realm.

Even if someone could react to it in time, they wouldn’t be able to move their body in time. They could only circulate their Qi of True Spirit at most.

“How did he do that?”

The Three Eyed Saint was slightly stunned. Even he wasn’t confident that he would be able to dodge Tuoba Qi’s Heavenly Piercing Eye and would only use his eye-bloodline or Qi of True Spirit to defend.

“I admit defeat. How did you do that?”

Tuoba Qi took a deep breath and raised his hands. The scene he just witnessed exceeded his knowledge.

He could accept it if Zhao Feng was a Sovereign, but there had never been a Sovereign younger than thirty years old in the continent. It was unlikely even in the outside world.

“Hehe, it’s simple… prediction.”

Zhao Feng’s figure appeared in front of Tuoba Qi in a gust of wind and lightning.


Tuoba Qi understood and was bitter, “So that’s why.”

It would be hard for Zhao Feng to dodge Tuoba Qi’s Heavenly Piercing Eye even if he had comprehended the Wind Lightning Stone Tablet.

Dodging would be impossible if Tuoba Qi’s attack had already been unleashed. The only solution was to evade before Tuoba Qi’s attack was even unleashed.

Dodging too early and dodging too late would both result in failure.

If he was too early, Tuoba Qi would just lock on to him again, and if he was too late, the attack would have already arrived.

“Predicting the attack of an eye-bloodline. How did Zhao Feng do such a thing?”

The Three Eyed Saint was still slightly shocked.

After all, Tuoba Qi’s eye-bloodline was from one of the three major eye-families and its history wasn’t much weaker than the Golden Sun family.

The Heavenly Piercing Eye was extremely profound and everything was completed within an instant.

It would only be possible if one could see the changes within Tuoba Qi’s eye-bloodline.

However, was such a thing possible?

The Three Eyed Saint’s expression was solemn.

Did Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye have the legendary “prediction” ability?

According to what the Three Eyed Saint knew, the eight Great God Eyes had their respective branches, and one of them contained the ability to predict what could happen in the next few seconds, or even longer.

However, that was hard even for those at the Void God Realm since it regarded space and time.

Of course, the Three Eyed Saint was overanalyzing and thinking about the legends.

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye’s prediction ability was based on its precision and control.

He could see any change in Tuoba Qi’s eye-bloodline as well as his Qi of True Spirit and bloodline aura.

Like this, Zhao Feng could “predict” what Tuoba Qi’s next attack was going to be.

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