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Divine Light of Destruction

In that instant, everyone within several hundred miles could see the flaming light.

The third eye of the Three Eyed Saint was like a sun looking down on the land.


Zhao Feng, who was a hundred yards away, was engulfed in this scorching light.

“What a powerful eye-bloodline technique!”

“That’s the Three Eyed Divine Light that’s said to be able to break through any skill.”

The dominating power swept across a one-mile radius, and even those with eye-bloodlines like Tuoba Qi and the ghost-eyed man felt their eyes tremble.

Bam! Peng!

Zhao Feng seemed to take a devastating blow and was pushed back.

Zhao Feng felt his heart and body became heavy, as if he was facing the power of an ancient dragon.


The ripple around Zhao Feng started to become dimmer.

“The Three Eyed Divine Light seems to attack both the physical and the mental dimensions.”

Zhao Feng’s heart jumped. The ground where he was pushed back started to smoke.

The power of the Three Eyed Divine Light was far too strong, destroying everything in its path.


Zhao Feng’s body was covered in a burning fire. At the same time, his soul couldn’t avoid burning as well.

Only two breaths later, when Zhao Feng had retreated half a mile away, did the attack of the Three Eyed Divine Light finally fade.

At this moment, over half of the blue ripple surrounding Zhao Feng disappeared, and there was a giant crater in between Zhao Feng and the Three Eyed Saint.

This scene made the spectators stunned and unable to calm down.

“Worthy of being the strongest eye-bloodline in the continent…. It’s very strong indeed.”

Zhao Feng’s clothes and hair were messy. A slight pain came from his body and his bones, as if he had been squeezed by a great pressure.

It wasn’t as if Zhao Feng didn’t want to dodge the attack, he just didn’t have the ability to do so.

In reality, the Three Eyed Saint’s attack speed wasn’t even as fast as the Heavenly Piercing Eye, but the Three Eyed Saint had locked on to Zhao Feng with his Sacred Eye bloodline. The space around Zhao Feng’s body was filled with the Three Eyed Saint’s eye-bloodline power, and under that state, Zhao Feng’s body acted like it was submerged in mud.

Therefore, even though Zhao Feng saw the Three Eyed Saint’s attacking route, it was very hard for him to dodge it.

At the same time, at the other end of the crater.

“…not injured by my full strength Three Eyed Divine Light? No one under the half-step Origin Core Realm can remain unharmed.”

Shock appeared in the Three Eyed Saint’s eyes.

At least from the surface, it seemed that Zhao Feng was only slightly ruffled.

Those with a strong soul didn’t usually have a strong body, and those with powerful bodies usually didn’t have a powerful soul.

However, the youth in front of him seemed to easily resist his attack, which attacked both the physical and the mental dimension.

After the previous evolution, Zhao Feng’s Water bloodline specialized in defense and recovery.

Three Eyed Divine Light’s was mostly fire-oriented, so it was countered by Zhao Feng’s Water bloodline.

“It’s my turn!”

Zhao Feng’s left eye suddenly turned azure, and a flicker of purple appeared.

What? Change of eye-bloodline powers?

The Three Eyed Saint and the two other successors of the eye-bloodline families were in disbelief.

The element of an eye-bloodline was normally determined at birth, and this change in eye-bloodline power only appeared in some legendary bloodlines.


A half-transparent flame of wind and lightning seemed to appear from another dimension as it struck the Three Eyed Saint.

Wind Lightning Eye Flame!

This was Zhao Feng’s strongest offensive eye-bloodline attack so far, containing the three elements of fire, lightning, and wind, and there was even a little aura of destruction.

When the Wind Lightning Eye Flame touched the Three Eyed Saint’s body, he felt a scorching pain as if he was in hell.

In terms of duration, the Wind Lightning Eye Flame didn’t last as long as the Three Eyed Divine Light, but its explosive power was stronger.

In this dangerous situation, the Three Eyed Saint’s third eye twitched.

“Divine Light of Destruction!”

A beam of sunlight seemed to pass through the air.


This weird light seemed to be both a physical and a mental energy attack as it clashed with the Wind Lightning Eye Flame.

A weird scene appeared.


The chaotic Wind Lightning Eye Flame that was about to explode suddenly crumbled in front of the Divine Light of Destruction and its power weakened by more than half.


The Three Eyed Saint’s figure shook, and he was pushed back a couple steps as his body and soul were eroded by this force.

However, after facing the Divine Light of Destruction, the fire’s threat toward him was greatly reduced.

The Three Eyed Saint let out a breath and revealed a faint smile.

Zhao Feng’s attack just now was too strong; it could instantly defeat late-stage True Lord Ranks.

At the opposite end of the crater.

“This is the Three Eyed Divine Light of Destruction? It can even dissolve and break apart my strongest attack.”

Zhao Feng had a solemn expression.

The Three Eyed Saint had two main techniques.

The main was an offensive skill that burned through everything, while the second was a defensive skill that could break apart every attack, including eye-bloodline techniques.

Both skills could affect the physical world and the mental energy world simultaneously.

This was the Golden Sun family’s Sacred Eye bloodline, which had reached a level of perfection.

Most other eye-bloodline techniques were biased more toward a certain aspect.

For example, Zhao Feng’s was biased more toward the soul, Chi Gui from the Black Cliff Palace specialized more in the mental energy world of the Ghost Dao, and Tuoba Qi’s Heavenly Piercing Eye was biased toward the physical dimension.

However, the Golden Sun family’s Sacred Eye bloodline had reached a high level in both the physical and mental energy dimensions.

“Zhao Feng, I didn’t think you would have the legendary ability to change your eye-bloodline power, but facing my Golden Sun family’s Sacred Eye bloodline, no matter what you change to, it is useless.”

The Three Eyed Saint’s third eye shone.

Eye of Illusion!

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye locked on to the Three Eyed Saint’s third eye.

Countless lures and attractions came from Zhao Feng’s left eye, and the Three Eyed Saint wasn’t able to resist the pull.

The Eye of Illusion represented Zhao Feng’s most perfected technique and, with his strong source of mental energy, even the Three Eyed Saint wasn’t able to block it.


The Three Eyed Saint’s consciousness entered a unique dimension filled with wind, lightning, and ice.

His body had been restrained by chains of lightning and was unable to move.

“Zhao Feng, your eye-bloodline is indeed strong.”

However, the restrained Three Eyed Saint started to smile.

Divine Light of Destruction!

The Three Eyed Saint’s third eye once again shot out a scorching light.


The dimension Zhao Feng had created with his God’s Spiritual Eye instantly shattered.

The Divine Light of Destruction could disperse not only fire, it could also disperse mental energy.

The Three Eyed Divine Light was said to be able to destroy everything.

In the real world.


Zhao Feng and the Three Eyed Saint were both standing at the two ends of the crater as if nothing had happened.

The spectators all held their breath.

Only Tuoba Qi, the ghost-eyed man, and a small number of people could see the real battle.

“Zhao Feng’s mental energy is way too strong. Luckily, I took Sister Wei’s suggestion and wore three or four soul-defending items, and that’s already the max limit for the Golden Sun family….”

Cold sweat appeared on the Three Eyed Saint’s forehead.

It was because of this preparation that he was able to break through Zhao Feng’s illusory dimension despite not having as much mental energy as Zhao Feng.

“As expected.”

Zhao Feng stood unmoving as his blue hair blew in the wind.

He expected that his Eye of Illusion wouldn’t work, but he didn’t expect that the Three Eyed Saint would have three or four soul-defending items on his person.

“Zhao Feng, your eye-bloodline that you rely on the most ends here.”

The Three Eyed Saint stood arrogantly.

At this point in time, the other two major eye-bloodline successors, Tuoba Qi and the ghost-eyed man, both sighed regretfully.

The Three Eyed Saint’s Sacred Eye bloodline countered most eye-bloodlines, otherwise the Golden Sun family wouldn’t have held the title of the strongest eye-bloodline in the continent for tens of thousands of years.

“Three Eyed Divine Light – Golden Crow World Smothering!”

The Three Eyed Saint’s third eye released a light. This light formed into the shape of a golden crow that radiated scorching flames through the air.

The Three Eyed Saint’s power had reached another level.

Before the attack even arrived, Zhao Feng could feel the air become filled with heat.

Zhao Feng wouldn’t be able to dodge this attack since he had been locked on to by the Three Eyed Divine Light.

However, Zhao Feng hadn’t even thought about dodging.

“Eye of Ice Soul – Ice Soul Shooting Line!”

Zhao Feng’s left eye shot out a transparent blue light.


The cold blue light flashed through the air and clashed with the Three Eyed Divine Light.

The Ice Soul Shooting Line was immediately at a disadvantage.

After all, the Three Eyed Divine Light had the element and the ability to disperse it, yet Zhao Feng’s left eye released a bone-chilling coldness that extended forward.

In the dimension of his left eye, the seventeen-to-eighteen-yard wide lake rippled as it supported Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline power.


A cold yet beautiful ice-blue glow materialized in the air and surged forward.

“Eye of Ice Soul – Ice Soul Freeze!”

Zhao Feng managed to understand a bit of the core essence of the Ball of Ice Soul.

The ice-blue light started to cool and freeze the Three Eyed Divine Light.

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