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Suppression (1)

Worry appeared in Goddess Bing Wei’s eyes as she looked at Zhao Feng who was in the center of the Northern Continent’s area.

The Tea Party was already in the middle stages and all the other Overwhelming Prodigies and the first-tier experts had sparred.

Only Zhao Feng hadn’t yet.

None of the normal True Dragon geniuses or first-tier geniuses had challenged Zhao Feng.

However, that was to be expected. After all, Zhao Feng’s cultivation was the highest; he had reached the early-stage True Lord Rank, whereas Goddess Bing Wei and Shi Chengtian were at the beginning-stage True Lord Rank and Cang Yuyue was at the half-step True Lord Rank.

They weren’t as fortuitous as Zhao Feng to reach the early-stage True Lord Rank straight away.

“Thinking back to how Zhao Feng could defeat True Mystic Rank Overwhelming Prodigies while he was only at the True Human Rank, now that he’s at the True Lord Rank, his strength will be able to suppress everyone here….”

The gazes of the True Dragon geniuses landed on Zhao Feng with respect and admiration.

However, their gazes soon left Zhao Feng without hesitation.

“Not only is Zhao Feng strong, his eye-bloodline is also terrifying. It almost wiped out everyone at the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.”

First-tier geniuses like Mo Tianyi, Qin Kunwun, and Tuoba Qi were filled with wariness.

Those from the Northern Continent knew how terrifying Zhao Feng truly was.

In the past half a year, he had slain several True Lord Ranks and become a Deputy Patriarch of the Iron Blood Religion.

If they challenged other Overwhelming Prodigies, they would at least have a slight chance of displaying a dazzling performance.

However, if they were to challenge Zhao Feng, they might be instantly defeated.

“Brother Zhao has been sitting here for a while and no one has challenged him. He must be very bored. Does everyone agree that he’s the number one genius amongst the True Dragons?”

Goddess Bing Wei rose and directed the head of her spear toward Zhao Feng.

Number one genius?

This was like a rock dropping into a pond and creating ripples.

“He hasn’t defeated all the other Overwhelming Prodigies or Yu Tianhao. Why is he worthy of being first?”

“Number one genius? I’d like to see how I fare against him.”

“Hahaha, it’ll be a great glory to spar with the number one genius.”

Many gazes locked on to Zhao Feng and a smile appeared on Goddess Bing’s face. Her plan had succeeded.

With the title of “number one genius,” Zhao Feng was the center of attention.

“This one named Huang Tiankui would like to challenge the ‘number one genius,’ and see if he’s worthy of the title.”

A True Mystic Rank True Dragon genius flashed onto the empty field.

Finally, there was someone who challenged Zhao Feng.

Several True Dragon geniuses let out a long breath as the pressure that had been building up was finally released.

This Huang Tiankui wore an azure battle-robe and held a tattered golden battleaxe. He was like a god of war with a shining golden light surrounding his body.

Although the golden battleaxe in his hand was tattered, a strong battle-intent was radiating from it.

“An inheritance battleaxe!”

“The battle-intent within that golden axe is comparable to a peak True Lord Rank.”

“Huang Tiankui didn’t use this in the previous battles.”

Exclamations came from the Tea Party participants.

Although Huang Tiankui was only at the early-stage True Mystic Rank, his golden axe’s energy level was stronger than most normal True Lord Ranks.

“The number one genius of the True Dragon geniuses is qualified enough for me to use this inheritance battleaxe.”

Huang Tiankui’s battle-intent reached the maximum.

Sky River Extermination!

The instant that Huang Tiankui’s axe swung out, a surge of battle-intent comparable to the True Lord Rank resonated with the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi as a golden light flashed through the sky.

The powerful surge of battle-intent was enough to shake the hearts of those below the Overwhelming Prodigy level.

Zhao Feng stood still as his hair blew in the wind.

Facing such an attack, he sighed, “Although the battle-intent is strong, you haven’t comprehended it.”

After he said this.


A thick beam of lightning shot out from Zhao Feng’s fingertips, hitting the golden axe.


Huang Tiankui’s body went numb as his golden axe was sent flying by the condensed power.


The golden axe fell to the ground as a sigh seemed to come from the disappearing battle-intent.

“How… how is this possible!? Master told me that if I channeled this axe with all my power I would be able to clash head-on even with a True Lord Rank for a while.”

Huang Tiankui was dazed.

He knew that his chances of winning against Zhao Feng were slim. He only wanted to show off.

It would be a glory to be defeated by the number one genius.

However, he didn’t think that his all-out attack wouldn’t be a match even for Zhao Feng’s casual move.

“Huang Tiankui, you relied too much on the item and didn’t actually comprehend the battleaxe.”

The Three Eyed Saint’s faint voice sounded.

Being the hosts, the Three Eyed Saint and Goddess Bing Wei would occasionally give pointers, and it was only at this time that everyone returned to reality.

Huang Tiankui was utterly crushed.

“Indeed worthy of being a Lord Prodigy.”

The hearts of the True Dragon geniuses shook. The state Huang Tiankui was in was close to the True Lord Rank and he was still defeated.

At the same time.

“Zhao Feng, by using your advantage in comprehension and cultivation, defeating the opponent in one move is within expectations.”

The Three Eyed Saint told Zhao Feng.

Everyone was stunned. Probably only the Three Eyed Saint had the right to give Zhao Feng pointers.


Zhao Feng was calm and didn’t reject it. He had no interest in a battle at that level, so he wanted to finish it as quickly as possible.

After Huang Tiankui lost, several other True Dragon geniuses challenged Zhao Feng as well, but they were all defeated in one move too.

“It’s my glory to challenge the number one genius of the True Dragons.”

This time, the challenger was Qin Kunwu, a first-tier genius.

After coming back from the inheritance, his cultivation had reached the peak True Mystic Rank while his mental energy level had touched the True Lord Rank.

“Attack, or else you won’t have the chance to do so.”

Zhao Feng smiled faintly. He remembered Qin Kunwu.

Back at the first stage of the Sacred True Dragon Gathering, both he and Zhao Feng were geniuses of the first tier.

However, everything was different now.

“I won’t hold back against a Lord Prodigy like you….”

Qin Kunwu took a deep breath with a complex expression.

He didn’t think what Zhao Feng said was arrogant. Thinking back to how he hadn’t thought well of Zhao Feng and even had a dispute with a junior martial brother, he ended up watching this youth ascend step-by-step to eventually sit on the throne of the Overwhelming Prodigies.

“Nine Star Extreme Sky Palm!”

With a thought, Qin Kunwu’s eyes became as bright as stars and his Qi of True Spirit started to boil. He pushed out both palms, seeming to be the sun and moon.

In that instant, Qin Kunwu seemed to become a star as he resonated with the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi. He even had signs of connecting to the power from the sun and moon.

“What a profound inheritance secret technique. It can even connect to the power of the stars. His battle-power is comparable to the True Lord Rank.”

Many geniuses’ hearts trembled, and even the other first-tier geniuses felt pressured. The Overwhelming Prodigies were also moved.

It was obvious that Qin Kunwu had used a mystic inheritance secret technique, and with his comprehension, he could spar with a True Lord Rank for a short amount of time.

“Not bad, your comprehension of nature is quite high.”

Zhao Feng nodded his head in praise. Qin Kunwu wasn’t far away from breaking through to the half-step True Lord Rank, and even the True Lord Rank wasn’t far away.

Of course, Zhao Feng wouldn’t go easy on him.

Wind Lightning Tornado!

A ball of wind and lightning condensed in Zhao Feng’s palm and started to expand into a large tornado.


The Wind Lightning Tornado engulfed Qin Kunwu’s move and the bright beams of light shattered. However, the power of the wind and lightning didn’t disappear, landing on Qin Kunwu instead.

Deng! Deng! Deng!

Qin Kunwu’s expression changed drastically and he kept retreating. His body turned completely black.


With a strong gust of wind, Qin Kunwu spat out a mouthful of blood and his face became white.

Seeing this, Zhao Feng waved his hand and stopped the tornado. However, even then, Qin Kunwu staggered and almost fell over.

“Another victory in one move!”

“If Zhao Feng didn’t stop, Qin Kunwu’s life would have most likely been threatened.”

Discussion broke out.

Even Qin Kunwu was defeated by Zhao Feng in one move.

The first-tier geniuses and the Overwhelming Prodigies had solemn expressions.

Although the other Overwhelming Prodigies might be able to defeat Qin Kunwu, it would be hard for them to do so in one move.

“Zhao Feng’s grown to this stage already? And he’s not even using his bloodline power.”

Goddess Bing Wei’s heart went cold.

As of right now, Zhao Feng might only be revealing a fraction of his strength. No one knew exactly how strong he was.

After Qin Kunwu lost, the Three Eyed Saint gave an evaluation, “Qin Kunwu, although you lost, your opponent’s cultivation far surpasses yours. There’s not much technique involved.”

This evaluation was obviously taking Qin Kunwu’s side and badmouthing Zhao Feng.

He meant that Zhao Feng only relied on his cultivation and won without any skill.

Zhao Feng only smiled. Back then, his cultivation wasn’t as high as his opponents’ and he still won.

He liked the feeling of easily suppressing others due to a difference in cultivation.

Many others challenged Zhao Feng after Qin Kunwu, but there was only one result; defeated in one move.

Zhao Feng stood unmoving and won every battle in one move. Even if there were continuous challenges, they still ended with the same result.

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