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Golden Sun Sacred City

In the air above a stream in the northern part of the Middle Continent, the six from the Canopy Great Country were seated on their flying steeds as they headed toward their destination.

Zhao Feng was quietly cultivating most of the time. Ever since he returned from the Purple Saint Ruins, he had been comprehending the inheritances of the Wind Lightning Stone Tablet and the Ice Imperial Spear.

The former was his cultivation technique while the latter helped his bloodline power.

Zhao Feng mainly focused on the Wind Lightning Stone Tablet because it was more complete.

Not many inheritances could compare to the speed of the Wind Lightning Emperor.

The Ice Imperial Spear’s information was blurry and incomplete, so he mainly focused on how to use this Earth-Grade weapon.

Zhao Feng’s power of wind and lightning had a faint purple aura that replaced about one-twentieth of the azure color.

Even with such a small amount, Zhao Feng was overjoyed, because it meant that he was heading toward the next level – the purple-colored wind and lightning.

“According to the information within the inheritance, the purple color contains an intent of destruction, causing the damage output to rise to an entirely new level. Anyone injured by it will find it hard to recover.”

Zhao Feng knew that the strength in every level could differ by several dozen-fold.

Right at this moment, a voice sounded in his mind through the Dark Heart Seed, “Master, we can find more resources after entering the Middle Continent. I’ve finished refining three True Lord Rank ghost-corpses.”

Truthfully, the Tea Party was only one of the reasons Zhao Feng came to the Middle Continent.

The Middle Continent had more resources that could help his cultivation and with his Hundred Corpse plan.

If Zhao Feng’s strength could go one step further, and if his Hundred Corpse plan was completed on top of that, there wouldn’t be any force that wouldn’t fear him.

“Skeletal Division Leader.”

Zhao Feng’s voice suddenly turned cold as it sounded in the skeletal Division Leader’s heart through the Dark Heart Seed.

The skeletal Division Leader hiccupped. It felt a dangerous sensation in its soul.

Zhao Feng only needed one thought to kill it.

“Zhao Feng, you…”

The skeletal Division Leader’s body froze in fear.

The skeletal Division Leader and Zhao Feng’s soul power and comprehension of the Dao of the Soul weren’t much different, but Zhao Feng had planted the Dark Heart Seed in the depths of the skeletal Division Leader’s soul, making it so that the latter couldn’t resist.

“We seem to have been tracked by someone, and it might be related to a certain aura coming from you.”

Zhao Feng said emotionlessly.

His God’s Spiritual Eye started to inspect the skeletal Division Leader within the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl.

The auras on the skeletal Division Leader were too complex so Zhao Feng didn’t pay much attention to them before, but after entering the Middle Continent, his God’s Spiritual Eye sensed something dangerous.

Hearing this, the skeletal Division Leader was silent while the flames in its eyes jumped.

“You can choose to not answer; I don’t mind giving up a disloyal slave.”

Zhao Feng said casually.

Although the skeletal Division Leader was extremely useful and could recover back to the Origin Core Realm in a year or two, Zhao Feng would choose his own life over it.

“Maybe it’s the Scarlet Moon Division Leader Token.”

The skeletal Division Leader held out a transparent blood-scarlet token.

The token seemed to have no weight, defying the laws of physics as it floated in the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl.

“It’s indeed unique.”

Zhao Feng felt a concealed aura from the token that was connected with the skeletal Division Leader’s aura. If he didn’t pay attention, he couldn’t sense it.

The skeletal Division Leader sighed, “Your senses are stronger than what I imagined. This Scarlet Moon Division Leader Token was crafted using my aura and some special materials from the outside world. Anyone that can sense it is at least at the level of a Division Leader….”

Scarlet Moon Division Leader Token.

Zhao Feng took a cold breath as he listened. This meant that the person tracking him was a Division Leader, or perhaps even stronger.

The Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion Patriarch himself could be nearby and could have sensed the existence of the Scarlet Moon Division Leader Token.

Of course, Zhao Feng could exclude the Patriarch; if it was the Patriarch that had an eye on him, he would’ve already attacked. There was nothing for the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion Patriarch to be wary of.

This meant that the person who had locked on to him wouldn’t be much stronger than the skeletal Division Leader. At worst, it would just be a recovering Sovereign.

“But you’re hiding in the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl and separated from the outside. How can they sense anything?”

Zhao Feng questioned.

He didn’t believe that the skeletal Division Leader could release its aura from inside the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl to the outside world.

“The Scarlet Moon Division Leader Token is part of me and, because I interact with you, the aura is on you too, and even the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl. Furthermore, the technique used to craft the token isn’t even from the Azure Flower Continent. It’s actually from the Scarlet Moon Inheritance. It also has many other abilities. For example, it can send messages within a certain distance, and if you kill me, the token’s aura will land on you. The experts of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion will then come to kill you.”

The skeletal Division Leader explained.

After hearing this, Zhao Feng was more surprised about how big the world was.

“Of course, if you don’t believe me, you can destroy the token or throw it away.”

The skeletal Division Leader said.

Zhao Feng was expressionless as he started to think.

He couldn’t fully understand the Scarlet Moon Division Leader Token at the moment.

“If I destroy the token, it’ll only cause them to be suspicious and they might even attack right away. If I throw it away, who knows what kind of signs the skeletal Division Leader might leave on it….”

Zhao Feng’s thoughts churned, and he soon had a courageous plan.

“Put the token away for now.”

Zhao Feng ordered.

The skeletal Division Leader couldn’t help but be surprised. Zhao Feng knew that the token might be extremely dangerous, but he didn’t panic and destroy it.

It didn’t know what Zhao Feng was planning, but it did what was told. After all, its life was in Zhao Feng’s hands.

“At least I have a killing move up my sleeve. Let’s play with them for the time being then….”

Zhao Feng slowly closed his eyes and ignored the dangerous aura coming from behind.

The other five True Dragon geniuses laughed and joked during the journey, not knowing the danger they were in.

In the blink of an eye, half a month passed. In this period of time, the group indeed felt that the Middle Continent was more advanced than the Northern Continent.

On this day, the flying steed they sat on passed by a stream, and a shining golden castle appeared in their sight.

The metallic golden castle glowed faintly and could be seen from several thousand miles away.

“Golden Sun Sacred City!”

“This is where the Tea Party is being held.”

“The Golden Sun Sacred City was apparently created from unique materials of the outside world and was made by the legendary Three Eyed Sky Emperor. It has at least several thousand years of history.”

Everyone started to inspect the city closely. Zhao Feng had heard Tiemo talk about the Golden Sun Sacred City before.

The owner of this city had the strongest eye-bloodline on the continent – the Golden Sun Family.

This meant that the Three Eyed Saint was hosting the Tea Party on home-ground.

He won the last two Sacred True Dragon Gatherings, and the Golden Sun Family was a family below only the Ten Major Forces of the continent. No one doubted whether they had the right to hold the Tea Party.


Zhao Feng found that the dangerous aura started to fade after getting closer to Golden Sun Sacred City.

It seemed the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion expert was wary of Golden Sun Sacred City.

“The Golden Sun Family!”

The skeletal Division Leader within the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl was full of hatred, but it was also full of wariness and respect.

Zhao Feng was surprised. Even someone as strong as the skeletal Division Leader seemed to fear the Golden Sun Family.

Did the skeletal Division Leader lose to the Golden Sun Family at some point?

As the flying beast approached Golden Sun Sacred City.

Shua! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Zhao Feng and company flew through the air and descended to Golden Sun Sacred City.

Golden Sun Sacred City was technically a large castle that belonged to a family.

As soon as Zhao Feng and company approached, they caught the attention of the guarding experts.

“All six of them are extremely young and at the True Spirit Realm. One of them is even a True Lord Rank!”

Their group was enough to create a disturbance even in this place.

“Send the order that Overwhelming Prodigy Zhao Feng has arrived in Golden Sun Sacred City.”

“Overwhelming Prodigy Zhao Feng has arrived!”

One voice after another sounded across the castle.

It was obvious that Zhao Feng had been easily recognized.

As the Golden Sun Family was hosting the Tea Party, they made preparations.

In just a couple breaths, the Golden Sun Family broke into chaos. This was especially so for the younger generation.

As soon as Zhao Feng and company arrived, they were inspected by countless gazes.

Although Prince Jin, Wang Xiaoguai, and company felt slightly scared, there was also a feeling of excitement and pride.

The feeling of being admired and respected by a top-tier family was indescribable.

“He’s Zhao Feng? A Lord Prodigy? Even our Saint didn’t get that title back then.”

Most of the gazes within the castle were of admiration and respect.

After all, it wasn’t easy to find such a young True Lord Rank within the continent.

“Hmph! This Zhao Feng’s arrogant enough. His eye-bloodline swept across the Sacred True Dragon Gathering, but now he’s entered the territory of the strongest eye-bloodline.”

Of course, there were a small number of disdainful gazes.

Zhao Feng casually floated into the castle, not bothering with the Golden Sun Family’s inspection.

“Zhao Feng! Zhao Feng!”

Cries came from the younger generation of the Golden Sun family.

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