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Scarlet Moon Division Leader Token

A couple days later, several young figures were standing in an empty field within the main headquarters of the Iron Blood Religion.

“Zhao Feng’s still not here? How long are we going to wait?”

A multi-colored-clothes youth had his arms crossed, acting like a gangster.

“Wang Xiaoguai! You’ve got guts to act rudely in the territory of the Iron Blood Religion.”

Jiang Sanfeng said coldly.

Wang Xiaoguai harrumphed, but his impatient expression disappeared.

Next to Wang Xiaoguai, there were two youths. One was wearing golden robes while the other was in battle-robes.

These three were True Dragon geniuses within the Canopy Great Country that had gathered together to go to the True Dragon Tea Party.

The two next to Wang Xiaoguai were Prince Jin and Tian Yunzhi.

The Canopy Great Country’s performance was unexpectedly good. The amount of True Dragon geniuses it had was ranked first among the great countries.

The Iron Blood Religion alone had three True Dragon geniuses: Zhao Feng, Jiang Sanfeng, and Die Ye.

“Jiang Sanfeng, there isn’t much time left till the start of the Tea Party. If it weren’t for Zhao Feng, we would have left a month ago.”

Prince Jin couldn’t help but groan.

The reason they waited for Zhao Feng wasn’t only because he was the number one genius in the great country, it was also because he was an Overwhelming Prodigy.

If they were with Zhao Feng, they might be able to receive special treatment.

Simply put, Zhao Feng was the leader of the great country and even the entire Northern Continent.

“Deputy Patriarch Zhao said that we’ll leave today.”

Jiang Sanfeng said confidently.

Right at that moment, the sound of flying appeared.

“The Deputy Patriarch will arrive soon.”

A girl in pink landed with a smile. It was Die Ye.

As soon as her words finished, a slightly numbing sensation passed through the field, and a blue-haired youth landed almost at the same time as Die Ye.

“Zhao Feng!”

Shock passed through Prince Jin and Tian Yunzhi’s eyes. They didn’t even see how Zhao Feng appeared.

It was certain that Die Ye had left quite a while before Zhao Feng, but he landed at the same time.

“En, everyone’s here. Let’s go.”

Zhao Feng said crisply.

“We’re going to leave just like that?”

Wang Xiaoguai’s eyes stared at Zhao Feng and, although they were full of wariness, there was a surge of battle-intent.

Jiang Sanfeng smiled, “Deputy Patriarch, we were hoping for you to give us a pointer or two so we won’t embarrass ourselves at the Tea Party.”


Zhao Feng didn’t decline. That was one of the intentions of them meeting here anyway.

Zhao Feng’s gaze scanned across Wang Xiaoguai, Prince Jin, and Tian Yunzhi. All of them had reached the early-stage True Mystic Rank, and Prince Jin was closing in on the late-stage True Mystic Rank.

Jiang Sanfeng had just recently broken through to the True Mystic Rank, and Die Ye was still at the peak True Human Rank.

Compared with how they were during the Sacred True Dragon Gathering, everyone had made major improvements. They were worthy of the title True Dragon genius.

The sparring session soon began.

The first to come up was Wang Xiaoguai, who glared at Jiang Sanfeng as if he had remembered what the latter had shouted at him earlier.

Jiang Sanfeng wasn’t scared. He had just broken through to the True Mystic Rank and his technique had reached another level, causing his confidence to rise.

Two figures soon intertwined on the field while Zhao Feng watched with interest.

However, the speed with which the victor was decided was much faster than imagined.

“Sky Ape Divine Luo!”

Wang Xiaoguai roared as his skin turned to stone and gave off a ring of gold.

His fist seemed as if it could shake the earth and smash through mountains with absolute power.

The intent from this fist alone almost made Jiang Sanfeng cough up blood.


Jiang Sanfeng’s skill had just been unleashed when he was sent flying by one fist from Wang Xiaoguai.

“Jiang Sanfeng!”

Die Ye exclaimed in disbelief as she went to help Jiang Sanfeng.

One punch alone made Jiang Sanfeng unable to get up.

It was decided in one move. The two weren’t even on the same level.

“After entering the inheritance, Wang Xiaoguai’s bloodline was further awakened, and his speed of growth is probably the fastest among them.”

Zhao Feng’s pupils contracted. He didn’t think that Wang Xiaoguai was so strong.

Jiang Sanfeng lost fair and square.

Wang Xiaoguai absolutely crushed him and, although he was only at the early-stage True Mystic Rank, he wasn’t far off from the level of the five Overwhelming Prodigies during the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.

Prince Jin and Tian Yunzhi weren’t surprised.

“We’ve lost to this brat for the last half a year.”

Prince Jin said unhappily and Zhao Feng understood.

Before Zhao Feng had returned, Wang Xiaoguai was the number one genius.

After that, Prince Jin and Tian Yunzhi displayed a spectacular battle.

After dozens of moves, Tian Yunzhi’s “Tian” and “Yun” fusion-bloodline was unleashed and his blade-intent defeated Prince Jin.

“Tian Yunzhi, I didn’t think you would’ve improved so much as well.”

Prince Jin was slightly bitter. He was once the number one genius and, just a couple months ago, the two were on par, but now Tian Yunzhi had the advantage.

Zhao Feng nodded his head. Tian Yunzhi had potential. He had a bloodline, he had comprehended blade-intent, and his battle-power was among the top for those under the True Lord Rank.

After Tian Yunzhi won, his battle-intent surged and he challenged Wang Xiaoguai.

Wang Xiaoguai laughed. He created cracks on the ground with every fist.

There wasn’t much skill, just absolute power.

Ten moves later.


Tian Yunzhi was sent flying with his sword.

Wang Xiaoguai’s body was too strong; he could defeat most True Mystic Ranks with his body alone. Once he used his bloodline power, his offense and defense would rise dramatically, breaking through the gap in cultivation.


Wang Xiaoguai hit his fists against his chest as he released a domineering aura, causing the nearby experts of the Iron Blood Religion to look over in shock.

He was probably unparalleled under the True Lord Rank.

In terms of defense, he wasn’t any weaker than Shi Chengtian from back then, but his offense was better.

Wang Xiaoguai beat all the contestants.

“Ok, let’s go.”

Zhao Feng summarized the pros and cons of their battles and got ready to leave.

Tian Yunzhi and Prince Jin both gained some comprehension after the evaluation.

“Zhao Feng, I still haven’t fought you yet.”

Wang Xiaoguai said as he blocked Zhao Feng.

Everyone was stunned.

“Wang Xiaoguai, you dare to challenge the Deputy Patriarch? Even True Lord Ranks aren’t his match.”

Jiang Sanfeng shook his head and smiled.

He obviously wouldn’t give up a chance to mock Wang Xiaoguai, and many of the spectators laughed.

They knew Zhao Feng’s name. He had defeated several True Lord Ranks and he had even slain the Qin Sword Palace Master.

Although Wang Xiaoguai was strong, he definitely wasn’t Zhao Feng’s match.

Of course, Prince Jin, Tian Yunzhi, and company were slightly expectant. Maybe Wang Xiaoguai could test out Zhao Feng’s strength.

However, this would only result in their disappointment.


Zhao Feng smiled faintly and didn’t decline.

Sky Ape Divine Luo!

Wang Xiaoguai immediately used his bloodline power without hesitation and punched out, causing the ground to shake.

Even normal True Lord Ranks would feel some pressure due to the difference in physical strength.


A wide chasm appeared, extending a hundred years long, due to Wang Xiaoguai’s fist.

The eyes of the spectators blurred. When they found Zhao Feng again, the battle was already over.


Wang Xiaoguai had been lifted into the air and he was swinging his arms around wildly.

He wanted to break out, but a layer of lightning was restricting him, causing him to scream.

Those watching were surprised. Tian Yunzhi and Prince Jin looked at each other with shock.

It was obvious Zhao Feng’s strength had reached a level where they couldn’t even detect it.

“Ok, let’s go.”

Zhao Feng let go of Wang Xiaoguai’s feet mid-air.


Wang Xiaoguai fell down, creating a man-shaped hole in the ground.

Although normal True Spirit Realms would probably start bleeding from such a thing, no one was worried about him.

On the same day, a total of six True Dragon geniuses left together from the main headquarters of the Iron Blood Religion.

The group all had rare flying beasts that flew with extreme speed toward the Middle Continent.

They had all made major improvements, so they weren’t scared of any dangers on the journey.

Furthermore, they had Zhao Feng. None of them had anything to worry about.

Two months later, the group of six finally arrived at the Middle Continent.

Zhao Feng calculated that the distance between the Cloud area and the Canopy Great Country was not much greater than the distance between the Canopy Great Country and the Middle Continent...

This was because the Middle Continent was close to every other part of the continent, thus it was the best spot to hold the Tea Party.

“I heard that the Middle Continent is the strongest and has the most geniuses. For example, the Three Eyed Saint and Yu Tianhao both come from the Middle Continent.”

Jiang Sanfeng said.

Although they had all participated in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering, they hadn’t been to the Middle Continent much.

“We’ll arrive after crossing another three or four strong countries.”

Prince Jin took out the map and the six soon flashed through the sky.

Shua! Shua!

Two blurry dark figures appeared in a grim forest several hundred miles away.

One was a female in black while the other was a tall figure wearing a black crown.

“Elder, they’re just a few brats, and the strongest one is only at the early-stage True Lord Rank. Why do you need to pursue them personally? I can go and capture them or kill them right now.”

The female in black said respectfully.

“These brats have the aura of a Scarlet Moon Division Leader Token and seem to have just arrived in the Middle Continent. The Sacred Alliance has used these tokens before to ambush our experts. Don’t make any rash moves….”

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