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Three Eyed Saint

“Zhao Feng! Zhao Feng!”

The entirety of Golden Sun City broke into discussion.

An Overwhelming Prodigy would definitely be a protagonist at the Tea Party.

Furthermore, this newcomer was the youngest out of the five Overwhelming Prodigies.

Although there were another couple Overwhelming Prodigies present, their fame was still a bit off compared to Zhao Feng’s.

“This is… the strongest True Dragon genius present.”

Everyone in Golden Sun Sacred City was shouting and boiling with excitement.

Within the city, on top of a metallic tower, there were several figures that gazed at Zhao Feng and company from afar.

“Zhe zhe, Jinyang Shengtian, it seems that this Zhao Feng’s welcoming within your home is even bigger than your own. And you even talked to the Three Saints Palace about how everyone crowned you the leader of the younger generation….”

A thick-eyebrowed youth mocked.

The figures present all turned toward a golden-haired youth. This golden-haired youth had a cold expression and an air of arrogance, as well as a closed third eye on his forehead.

He was the Three Eyed Saint.

“Hmph! You’re from the outside world. Don’t interfere in the Tea Party. Just get ready to watch a show.”

The Three Eyed Saint warned the thick-eyebrowed youth.

“Brother Jinyang, you haven’t appeared around the continent for more than ten years. It’s normal for these people to forget your name.”

A clear voice sounded from an icy beauty nearby. Her skin was as perfect as ice and she radiated an aura that seemed to freeze the air.

However, her gaze contained warmth and admiration as she looked toward the Three Eyed Saint.

It was rare to see Goddess Bing Wei have such an expression.

“Sister Bing Wei, you think too much.”

The Three Eyed Saint took back his gaze and smiled, “This Zhao Feng isn’t my true opponent. His strength originates from his eye-bloodline, so the result has already been decided. I only have one true opponent in the entire Azure Flower Continent, and that’s Yu Tianhao.”

Puzzlement flashed through Goddess Bing Wei’s eyes after she heard this. Zhao Feng and Yu Tianhao’s performances weren’t much different.

It seemed biased that the Three Eyed Saint thought of Yu Tianhao as an opponent but not Zhao Feng.

Goddess Bing Wei had personally witnessed Zhao Feng’s power and his ability to create miracles.

She was worried that the Three Eyed Saint would underestimate Zhao Feng.

“Amongst all the families on the continent, only the Unparalleled Heaven Battling bloodline is comparable to my Sacred Eye bloodline.”

The Three Eyed Saint had expectation in his eyes as he remembered the former glory of his family.

Unparalleled Heaven Battling bloodline?

Even the thick-eyebrowed youth was interested.

“Why have I never heard of such a bloodline?”

Goddess Bing Wei asked.

“Because the Unparalleled Heaven Battling bloodline isn’t a normal bloodline, it has exceeded the boundaries of a normal bloodline. To be precise, it’s more of an intent – it’s the king of battles. Once one appears, they won’t find a match in the same era. However, the chance of this bloodline appearing is very, very low. And even then, it would usually just be the normal Heaven Battling bloodline….”

The Three Eyed Saint sighed.

Hearing this, everyone understood.

In terms of bloodlines, only the continent’s Yu family had a chance of surpassing the Golden Sun family.

“Yu Tianhao has that bloodline?”

“At least he has the signs of it, but no matter what, he’s an opponent that I will certainly defeat. What the Golden Sun family hasn’t been able to do for several generations shall be done by me.”

Battle-intent surged in the Three Eyed Saint’s eyes.

Hearing this, Goddess Bing Wei started to think.

She had heard of the enmity between the Golden Sun family and the Yu family.

The Golden Sun family and the Yu family were the two strongest families in the continent, and they had been at each other’s throats for over a thousand years.

The Yu family usually had the upper hand, especially in the last couple hundred years.

For example, the Three Eyed Saint’s father was utterly crushed by Sovereign Yu Xingchen.

After all, the Three Eyed Saint’s father’s generation had an impure Sacred Eye bloodline, so they didn’t have any Sovereigns.

However, the Three Eyed Saint was different. His eye-bloodline was the purest directly after the Three Eyed Sky Emperor. This conflict was why the Three Eyed Saint viewed Yu Tianhao as a true opponent even though he thought that Yu Tianhao wouldn’t be a challenge.

“Zhao Feng! Zhao Feng!”

The shouts from within the castle started to calm down and the Golden Sun family had already sent people to greet Zhao Feng and company.

There were dozens of True Dragon geniuses present, including many geniuses from across the Middle Continent.

The True Dragon geniuses were given esteemed guest rooms.

“Zhao Feng, you’re finally here.”

A couple True Dragon geniuses and even some Overwhelming Prodigies came to greet Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng looked over and saw that Shi Chengtian and Tantan Lanyue had already arrived.

He also already saw Goddess Bing Wei when he entered the city.

Apart from them, the top-tier geniuses like Mo Tianyi, Cang Yuyue, and company, were all here.

As of right now, only Yu Tianhao of the five Overwhelming Prodigies wasn’t here.

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye scanned over the place and didn’t find any sign of Xin Wuheng, causing him to feel slightly regretful.

Apparently, Xin Wuheng hadn’t returned after entering the Heaven’s Legacy Inheritance.

Zhao Feng wasn’t interested anymore, as the two he was most looking forward to meeting were Xin Wuheng and Yu Tianhao.

Shi Chengtian was extremely warm toward Zhao Feng and kept on thanking him. During the second stage of the Sacred True Dragon Gathering, the two had fought, and Zhao Feng had even saved the latter.

Time passed. In the blink of an eye, almost ten days had gone by.

The original start-date arrived but the Tea Party didn’t begin.

Zhao Feng was in seclusion and wasn’t paying attention to that, but all of the different continents’ geniuses were already in discussion.

In the esteemed guest rooms of the Golden Sun family.

“Goddess Bing Wei, when is the Tea Party going to start?”

The crowd asked.

Goddess Bing Wei had appeared in the esteemed guest rooms.

“Considering that Yu Tianhao and a couple other True Dragon geniuses haven’t arrived yet, the Tea Party will be postponed for a few days.”

Goddess Bing Wei had an apologetic expression. After all, there were several Overwhelming Prodigies present that were on the same level as her.

“Oh well, we’ll wait another couple days for Yu Tianhao then. It’ll be far less interesting without such a strong opponent.”

Shi Chengtian’s voice hummed.

He and Tantan Lanyue looked at each other and didn’t protest.

Yu Tianhao had always been the leader of the Overwhelming Prodigies, and the others had already been waiting a while to challenge him. A couple more days didn’t matter.

Furthermore, the other True Dragon geniuses were confident in their improvements after returning from the inheritances.

Like this, they waited another three or four days for Yu Tianhao, but he never showed up.

“Yu Tianhao came last time, why isn’t he coming this time?”

“That’s weird, I haven’t heard of Yu Tianhao showing up at all in the last half a year.”

The True Dragon geniuses discussed.

After delaying ten more days, the True Dragon geniuses were getting impatient. Some were even getting ready to leave.

“Deputy Patriarch, the Tea Party keeps getting postponed. Are we still going to wait?”

Jiang Sanfeng asked.

Zhao Feng spoke, “The Tea Party is just a small gathering. We’ll wait for another three days. If it’s still not going to start, then we’ll go back to the Canopy Great Country.”

Being the only one that was comparable to Yu Tianhao, Zhao Feng’s words were very powerful.

His words were soon supported by many others.

“That’s right, if the Tea Party isn’t held within three days’ time, we’ll leave.”

Shi Chengtian was the first to agree, and Tantan Lanyue, Mo Tianyi, and company all supported it as well.

Under this situation, Goddess Bing Wei and the Three Eyed Saint couldn’t sit still anymore.

The Three Eyed Saint had to come out personally to appease the True Dragon geniuses.

“Can everyone give me some face and wait for ten more days?”

The Three Eyed Saint stood with his hands behind his back as his hair shone in the light.

The third eye on his forehead twitched and gave off a mysterious aura that made the bloodlines of many geniuses tremble.

After all, he was the winner of two Sacred True Dragon Gatherings, and he was of the elder generation.

Many people were wary and respectful of his strength and name.

“Fine, ten more days.”

Shi Chengtian, Tantan Lanyue, and company couldn’t directly refuse the Three Eyed Saint, so they agreed.

Zhao Feng stood in the crowd expressionlessly.


A smile appeared on the Three Eyed Saint’s face as he scanned over the crowd with arrogance.

He didn’t put any of them in his eyes – including the Overwhelming Prodigies.

After all, he was older than them and he had cultivated in the Three Saints Palace for more than a dozen years. His knowledge of the world exceeded the basic knowledge of the continent.

However, the Three Eyed Saint’s eyebrows furrowed as his gaze landed on a blue-haired youth.

The five Overwhelming Prodigies were the leaders. Shi Chengtian and Tantan Lanyue had both reacted. Only Zhao Feng didn’t have any reaction.

“Zhao Feng, you don’t have anything to say right?”

The Three Eyed Saint squinted his eyes.

His cultivation had reached the late-stage True Lord Rank and his Sacred Eye bloodline had awakened to the third stage. He was almost unparalleled under the Origin Core Realm.

The Three Eyed Saint released a tiny bit of his aura, which was already enough to make even Overwhelming Prodigies uneasy.

“You’re the host of the Tea Party, of course I have no complaints.”

Zhao Feng said.

“That’s good.”

Although the Three Eyed Saint was dissatisfied with Zhao Feng’s attitude, the latter wasn’t opposing him, which made him let out a breath.

“But… I’ve already decided to return to the Northern Continent after three days. Even if the Tea Party hasn’t started by then, I’ll still want to witness the continent’s strongest eye bloodline. I hope Three Eyed Saint won’t reject me.”

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