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Wipe Out

Within the hall of the Iron Blood Religion, Zhao Feng slowly opened his eyes as he sat on the throne.

Jiang Sanfeng told Zhao Feng, “Deputy Patriarch, usually you will need to hold a meeting at least once a month to find out what important issues there are. Then you will need to make the decisions.”

Zhao Feng’s eyebrows furrowed as he rubbed his forehead.

Over the last month, he was either in seclusion or gathering resources.

He also participated in cleansing the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion, but when he arrived, only the weak ones were left, which made him depressed.

“Let’s start.”

Zhao Feng’s gaze swept across the middle and upper echelons within the hall.

Even though the aura of his mental energy wasn’t purposely being released, it was still enough to make the True Human Ranks and True Mystic Ranks feel uneasy.

Zhao Feng’s soul was comparable to a Sovereign, and his mental energy level was even stronger than Tiemo’s.

“Terrifying! Just his gaze alone almost shattered my mind.”

“This new Deputy Patriarch’s mental energy pressure seems to be even stronger than Deputy Patriarch Tiemo’s.”

The middle and upper echelons felt their hearts shake as Zhao Feng’s gaze swept over them.

They had heard the story of this new Deputy Patriarch.

Escaping the Flooding Lake City, kidnapping Empress Qin, sweeping the Thousand Water area, becoming an Overwhelming Prodigy in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering… and even slaying the Qin Sword Palace Master and company.

Not a single other junior had so much glory and fame to their name.

Across the entire Great Canopy Country, Zhao Feng was already a powerful figure.

“What, no one has anything to say? Great! I’m about to go on a long journey….”

Zhao Feng smiled and got up to leave while looking at the dazed group.

There wasn’t much time left till the Tea Party.

Zhao Feng still wanted to see the “strongest eye-bloodline” on the continent.

“Deputy Patriarch, please stop!”

“I have things to report…!”

The upper echelon members instantly called out.

Jiang Sanfeng and Die Ye looked at each other with a weird expression. It seemed as if Zhao Feng couldn’t wait to leave.

“Deputy Patriarch Zhao, the reason our mission to wipe out the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion spawn failed is because there are spies in the upper echelon of the Iron Blood Religion….”

A True Mystic Rank protector bowed and said.


Hearing this, the hall broke into chaos.

“Back when the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion was defeated, many of their forces split up and joined countless other forces.”

Zhao Feng’s eyebrows furrowed. He found that the possibility was high.

He had participated in the last extermination mission, but there were only the old and the injured at the stronghold.

The Cloud area and the Canopy Great Country both had problems, but Zhao Feng had already cleaned the Cloud area.

On the other hand, the Canopy Great Country was too big; it was dozens of times bigger than the Cloud area and it was filled with countless forces.

Zhao Feng didn’t say anything as everyone discussed the “spies.” His God’s Spiritual Eye radiated a mysterious power that made anyone he looked at feel as if they had been seen through.

“One, two, three…”

A cold intent appeared on Zhao Feng’s face.

Not only did he have the God’s Spiritual Eye, he also had profound mental energy techniques, as well as a Division Leader in his Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl.

Zhao Feng remembered those who seemed to be suspicious.

“Leave this till later.”

Zhao Feng waved his hand and let the issue pass.

Other problems were then presented to Zhao Feng.

“The Purple Leaf Chapter Leader is getting old and decided to retire. We’re short a Chapter Leader now. Deputy Patriarch can choose who to send as a replacement.”

A Vice Chapter Leader reported with an excited look.

“The Qin Sword Palace has no leaders anymore and the religion tried to eat up some of their territory, but we’ve been stopped by the Imperials and the Liu family….”

An old Chapter Leader sighed.

“Although the Qin Sword Palace still lives on, they’re pretty much dead already. With the fall of the Liu family’s First Elder, the Iron Blood Religion has become a power that overrides everyone else. This subordinate suggests we wipe out the empire and create our own country.”

“Wipe out the opposing forces! Build our own kingdom!”

Many ambitious upper echelon members were supportive.

The one that started this call was an old Elder from the main headquarters whose cultivation had reached the late-stage True Mystic Rank.

“Hmph! Build our own kingdom? There’s not much difficulty in doing that, but the biggest danger is still the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion.”

Zhao Feng snickered coldly and stared at the ambitious Elder.

The crowd’s gazes instantly followed.

“This… this subordinate only wanted the Iron Blood Religion to quickly rule the great country and become a one-star force.”

The old Elder instantly started to sweat coldly.

“Take him down!”

Zhao Feng ordered emotionlessly.

As soon as he said that, Jiang Sanfeng and Die Ye were pressing the Elder onto the ground.

Many experts present were shocked and didn’t know what was going on.

“Deputy Patriarch Zhao, even if you’re a Deputy Patriarch, you can’t do this to me! How is anyone going to be willing to serve you?”

The Elder didn’t dare resist, instead attempting to argue for his innocence.

“How dare you keep on talking? Now that the Demonic Religion’s revived, what’s your intention in trying to stir up a war within the great country?”

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye sent a beam of mental energy that broke through the Elder’s defense and his words started to reveal some things.

The upper echelon understood.

Who would benefit the most if there was an internal war in the Canopy Great Country? It was obviously the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion.

Zhao Feng didn’t even need to use his Eye of the Heart to make the Elder reveal his identity.

In just a short instant, Zhao Feng had uncovered a spy.

The present upper echelon felt their hearts go cold.

Obviously, Zhao Feng was certain, because this man was one of the suspects he had identified earlier.

An hour later, the people within the hall felt uneasy.

One spy after another were pulled out by Zhao Feng.

Of course, not all of them were from the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion. Over half of them were from the Imperials.

Several days later, the main headquarters of the Iron Blood Religion was filled with fear as spies were weeded out left and right.

All of this was due to the new Deputy Patriarch.

His fame covered the entire headquarters.

In just a few days, more than a dozen middle and upper echelon members were beheaded. This shocked everyone, but at the same time, it made everyone respect and fear him.

In the blink of an eye, Zhao Feng had been in control of the religion for more than half a month and the entire headquarters had been cleansed.

Tiemo arrived back one day and found that the aura of killing was sharper than before. After finding out what happened, his face was filled with admiration.

Zhao Feng’s actions pulled out the poison from the Iron Blood Religion, which was ten times more important than killing the enemy.

On the same night, Zhao Feng and Tiemo met in a secret building.

“I’m going on a long journey, so the Religion will need to be controlled by you.”

Zhao Feng said.

He felt relieved now that Tiemo was back.

Although he could see through anyone with lower cultivation than himself with the God’s Spiritual Eye, this wasn’t the path he wanted to take.

“Oh? You’re going to the Tea Party, right?”

Tiemo asked. After all, he had participated in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering a long time ago, but his ranking wasn’t as high as Zhao Feng’s.

Zhao Feng nodded his head. He wanted to see the improvements of the other geniuses, and he was somewhat interested in the Three Eyed Saint.

“Amongst the juniors, probably only Yu Tianhao can threaten you. However, you need to watch out for the Three Eyed Saint.”

Tiemo warned.

“Oh? Three Eyed Saint?”

Zhao Feng revealed an interested look.

“The Three Eyed Saint came first two times before Yu Tianhao and is fifty-something years old, so he’s not a junior anymore. Furthermore, he joined the Three Saints Palace through the Sacred Alliance’s recommendation several years ago and has been promoted to an Enforcer already….”

Tiemo said.

Three Saints Palace?

A light flashed in Zhao Feng’s eyes. He didn’t think that the Three Eyed Saint was a member of the Three Saints Palace, a two-star sect, and had already become an Enforcer as well.

“His Three Eye Divine Light is said to be unbreakable and it’s the strongest eye-bloodline in the continent. He’ll probably challenge you even though there’s an age gap. That’s because he and Goddess Bing Wei seem to be married.”

Worry appeared in Tiemo’s eyes.

The possibility of Zhao Feng winning against Yu Tianhao was 50-50.

However, the Three Eyed Saint was from the previous generation and he was from a two-star sect.

“So that’s how it is. The Three Eyed Saint and Goddess Bing Wei are married.”

Zhao Feng was stunned.

Tiemo then proceeded to tell Zhao Feng the ability of the Three Eyed Saint’s eye-bloodline.

Zhao Feng paid attention.

“Thank you, Brother Tiemo, but even if the Three Eyed Saint doesn’t do anything, I was planning to challenge him anyway.”

Zhao Feng’s words contained confidence.

In a faraway area of ice, a male and female walked side-by-side toward a magnificent building.

“…that Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline specializes in mental energy, eye flames, and coldness.”

Goddess Bing Wei summarized.

Next to her was a golden-haired youth with a cold expression. There was a closed “third eye” on his forehead.

“Sister Bing, relax. My eye-bloodline has awakened to the third stage and can beat almost every eye-bloodline under the Origin Core Realm.”

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