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The True History

“I can tell you that the Patriarch of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion has already awoken, and far earlier than the Sovereign in front of you.”

Zhao Feng only half-believed what the skeletal Division Leader said, but his heart still shook.

Was the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion returning to bring chaos to the continent?

“Patriarch has already successfully taken away the Scarlet Moon Inheritance, and the forces of the Religion are recovering. There will be more and more attacks on the Azure Flower Continent in the coming future. That isn’t much of a secret to the upper echelon of the Sacred Alliance.”

The skeletal Division Leader said confidently.

Zhao Feng snickered coldly and circulated the Dark Heart Seed in his God’s Spiritual Eye. The skeletal Division Leader instantly felt as if its soul was about to shatter, and the aura of death made it tremble. It didn’t dare to say anything else.

“The Sacred Alliance will deal with the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion. We just need to protect our own territory.”

Patriarch Hong said deeply after calming down.

Tiemo nodded his head in agreement. The Iron Blood Religion was only responsible for the Canopy Great Country.

Zhao Feng was also emotionless. Being a Chapter Leader of the Iron Blood Religion, he was only responsible for the Thousand Water area, and that was a simple task.

Compared with that, he already controlled two strong countries and thirteen small countries.

However, what Patriarch Hong said next made Zhao Feng choke.

“Zhao Feng, to thank you, I have made two decisions. The first is to make you a Deputy Patriarch of the Iron Blood Religion.”

Deputy Patriarch.

Zhao Feng’s heart jumped, but he didn’t know whether it was from joy or worry.

The Iron Blood Religion was an overwhelming force in the Canopy Great Country.

A Deputy Patriarch was only below one person and above ten thousand others. For a great country, it was a legendary existence.

Before Zhao Feng could reply, Tiemo was already smiling, “Congratulations… Deputy Patriarch Zhao.”

Patriarch Hong was a Sovereign and his words were absolute.

Zhao Feng suddenly realized that there was no reason to decline. Being a Deputy Patriarch meant having a higher status, which could help Zhao Feng’s path of cultivation.

On top of that, it was Patriarch Hong’s good will, so Zhao Feng couldn’t reject it.

“Thank you, Patriarch Hong.”

Zhao Feng thanked him, but he wasn’t overwhelmed by joy.

A weird light flashed in Patriarch Hong’s eyes. It seemed as if the position of Deputy Patriarch didn’t mean much to Zhao Feng.

The reason he promoted Zhao Feng was because of his admiration and gratefulness toward Zhao Feng. Of course, there was also the meaning of pulling him closer.

“Brother Hong, could your second decision be…?”

Tiemo seemed to remember something.

The second decision?

Zhao Feng instantly paid attention. Patriarch Hong was a Sovereign and a member of the Sacred Alliance. His ability was more than just “great.”

Back then, a mere two items from this man changed Zhao Feng’s future.

Zhao Feng started to realize that this second decision could instantly change his destiny.

“I will go to the Sacred Alliance and try to get you a slot that could give you a chance to enter the true world stage.”

The smile on Patriarch Hong’s mouth grew wider.

A chance to enter the true world stage?

Zhao Feng’s heart jumped, but he was puzzled.

“Brother Hong, are you going to let him enter the organization behind the Sacred Alliance…?”

Tiemo was stunned, while Zhao Feng couldn’t help but become even more puzzled. It wasn’t hard for him to see that this “chance” wasn’t easy to come by.

“Can the Patriarch please explain?”

Zhao Feng was curious.

Patriarch Hong smiled, “Zhao Feng, you’ve been to an inheritance, so you know that the Azure Flower Continent isn’t a true continent. The world we live in is filled with limitless ocean, and the Azure Flower Continent is known as the Azure Flower Zone, just a tiny island in the ocean.”

“I know.”

Zhao Feng nodded his head and wasn’t surprised. In the Purple Saint Ruins, he talked with the disciples of the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect.

The legends said that, after the Desolate Continent shattered, every speck of it became an island like the Azure Flower Zone.

“The Azure Flower Zone is just a tiny island, and there are five or six other small islands just like it nearby. All of these islands are ruled by a two-star sect – the Three Saints Palace.”

Patriarch Hong paused.

Three Saints Palace, a two-star sect.

Zhao Feng’s heart shook. He didn’t think that there would be a shadow of a two-star sect behind the Azure Flower Continent.

Furthermore, Zhao Feng found that the words “Three Saints Palace” were familiar, and a sudden sentence flashed through his mind, “The Three Saints Palace has become unmovable in the Area of Dust. In the past few days, it even lured several one-star factions to almost break the Curse of One Hundred Graves. Now, the energy of the teleportation array has been used up…. This subordinate will be leaving first….“

Zhao Feng finally started to understand what it meant.

It was obvious that the force that set up the Hundred Graves Forbidden Ground had tried to attack the Azure Flower Continent but was stopped by the Three Saints Palace.

This force should be related to the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion.

“I’ll tell you another piece of news; when the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion swept across the continent and faced the Sacred Alliance and the ten major forces, it was technically just an extension of a clash between the Three Saints Palace and another two-star sect.”

Patriarch Hong laughed.

Hearing this, Zhao Feng almost shouted, “ that true?”

He never would have thought that the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion’s era would have such a secret behind it.

“That’s right, the Azure Flower Continent was just a battlefield for the two two-star sects. The Three Saints Palace won in the end, and the other two-star sect was too far away.”

Tiemo seemed to also know some secrets and added.

Zhao Feng’s heart took a long time to calm down.

The Azure Flower Continent was just an extended battlefield of two two-star sects.

“The Patriarch is telling me about the Three Saints Palace. Could it be…?”

Zhao Feng suddenly had a thought.

“Hehe, that’s right. I’m going to recommend you into the Three Saints Palace. This is a chance that True Dragon geniuses would dream of. Because I’m a core member of the Sacred Alliance, I have this ability.”

Patriarch Hong said.

Enter a two-star sect… the Three Saints Palace.

Zhao Feng’s heart sped faster.

He had fought with two-star sect disciples before and knew how terrifying they were.

The entire Azure Flower Continent, which had one-star sects and countless countries, was just a subordinate of the two-star sect.

“Deputy Patriarch Zhao, I believe with your talent, you’d at least be able to become a Core disciple of the Three Saints Palace with ease.”

Tiemo said playfully.

The Azure Flower Continent was currently in its most glorious era, and Zhao Feng shouldn’t have much trouble entering the Three Saints Palace.

“Once I enter a two-star sect, I’ll be able to truly enter the world stage…. But…”

Zhao Feng’s heart spun and dropped for several reasons.

“Patriarch Hong, thank you for your good will, but I can’t decide whether I want to join the Three Saints Palace. At least, not yet.”

Zhao Feng took a deep breath.


The expressions of the two instantly turned to disbelief as they looked at Zhao Feng.

They thought that Zhao Feng would agree instantly, but Zhao Feng seemed to have the thought of turning it down. Even if he did accept, it seemed he wouldn’t make a decision for quite a while.

“Zhao Feng, you can think about it. I need at least a year and a half to recover a bit and go to the Sacred Alliance.”

Patriarch Hong was slightly disappointed, but he didn’t ask for any specifics.

A while later, Zhao Feng and Tiemo left the underground palace and the latter was curious, “Deputy Patriarch Zhao, why do you even need to think about such a good chance?”

Zhao Feng sighed and couldn’t explain.

There were two main reasons why he couldn’t agree immediately.

One, the Purple Saint Ruins. Zhao Yufei was still in there, and the Sage had divined that she would face more danger than fortune.

Zhao Feng couldn’t just ignore Zhao Yufei. He needed to complete the Hundred Corpse plan, and that required resources from the Purple Saint Ruins.

It would also be better if he could cultivate in the Purple Saint Ruins. The effect would be even better than a two-star sect.

The second reason was Liu Qinxin.

Zhao Feng’s heart couldn’t quite calm down if he didn’t know Liu Qinxin’s whereabouts or situation.

He had a plan, and that was to find the Sky Saint Qin Inheritance when he was stronger.

Due to these two reasons, he couldn’t join the Three Saints Palace easily.

Once he joined a two-star sect, his freedom would be restricted.

Several days later, the news of a new Iron Blood Religion Deputy Patriarch spread across the great country.

The entire Iron Blood Religion was stunned. Everyone knew that the current person in charge of the Iron Blood Religion was Deputy Patriarch Tiemo, and now there was going to be another Deputy Patriarch?

This was enough to cause waves in the Canopy Great Country.

According to some sources, this was ordered by Patriarch Hong.

This news shook the great country and even the forces in the Northern Continent.

If the rumors of the Iron Blood Religion reviving was true, even the Heavenly Yuan Clan would be moved.

A month later, in a hall of the main headquarters of the Iron Blood Religion.

“Greetings Deputy Patriarch Zhao.”

Experts of the middle and upper echelons, on both the left and right, bowed deeply.

The lowest cultivation present here was the True Human Rank. They were elites of the main headquarters, and some were Chapter Leaders.

Jiang Sanfeng and Die Ye were close to Zhao Feng.

The two had become Zhao Feng’s left and right hands, as well as members of the upper echelon.

The hall was dead-silent after the greeting.

Zhao Feng had his eyes closed as he sat on the throne. He didn’t say anything right away.

This was the first time he would be in a managerial position in the religion, and it was all because Tiemo had left the headquarters to wipe out some spawn of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion.

There was a saying in the mortal world: new officials would set three batches of flames.

(TL note: new officials would usually do something harsh in order to display their dominance and power to the underlings.)

Now that the religion was currently being led by Zhao Feng, none of the upper echelon members knew what awaited them.

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