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“I was just protecting my sister.” he said.

“Awwww! You’re not only sweet but you’re modest too! Your girlfriend is so lucky to have a gentleman for a boyfriend.” Jason caught the last line and almost choked, he coughed out a response.

cough I um don’t have a girlfriend. cough” He looked at Kyra and saw a sudden flash in her eye, like something had just ran across her mind. He noted a sudden change in tone as she started speaking again, he could tell her voice was more sensual, alluring, flirtatious even.

“You’re kidding? A handsome, sweet guy like you doesn’t have a girl of his own?” He laughed,

“Nope. I’m as single as they come.” Jason felt Kyra grip his arm tighter, getting closer to him, so close he could feel her rather ample, firm breasts pressed against his arm.

“Well, I can really tell you, while being in a relationship can be pretty great, being single has its….perks.” Kyra looked up at him with her big, beautiful eyes, she started to get closer to him, her lips moving nearer and nearer to his, Jason didn’t know what to think, in seconds her lips would touch his. He felt himself gulp, loud, and pulled an inch away from her,

“Uh…We’re here…” Kyra pulled away slightly, her eyes still looking into his, and slowly turned her head towards the door, holding eye contact for as long as possible.

“Nice house.” He gulped again.

“Um, thanks.”

“Well come on! We’re not going to stand out here all night!” She took his hand and led him to the door, which he unlocked with his key. Jason knew his parents did not mind him having people over, they allowed Tina to have people sleep over, guys and girls, they just said one rule, which Jason and Tina always were embarrassed by but always laughed at: Always protection and safety, no grandchildren. He also knew his parents wouldn’t be home till tomorrow as they were working their shifts at the hospital, his dad was a doctor and his mom was a surgeon, and Tina was out till God knows when and wouldn’t care if Jason had anyone over.

Stepping inside the house, Jason led her upstairs to his room, which fortunately wasn’t a mess. He had a pretty nice bedroom, a comfortable queen-sized bed, a organized desk, a nice closet, a tall nightstand, and a medium sized TV bolted to the wall. Reaching into his closet, he called to Kyra, who was looking around his room, while searching the shelves he said,

“You’re sleeping on the bed tonight, it’ll be more comfortable, I’ll sleep on the floor.”

“How?” she asked, Jason felt his hand close around what he was looking for, he began to pull it out,

“With this,” as he fished out the sleeping bag from the back of the closet.

“You don’t have to do this Jason, I’m alright sleeping on the floor.” he looked at her and could tell she was speaking sincerely.

“You are not sleeping on the floor, do you want something to wear?” he reached back into the closet,

“Sure.” she stepped closer to him and the closet.

“Here, I think this will do okay,” handing her his large AC/DC shirt his dad gave him, “If you want to take a shower, you’re completely welcome too.”

“Oh, thanks, I’ll take one in a bit, I just need a minute. Can you leave for a moment?” Smirking,

“No problem Kyra, take your time.” He walked to the door, only to turn around and walk back to his closet. “I’m gonna run in for a shower, I’ll be right back.” he grabbed a pair of shorts and left her in the room, closing the door as he exited. Sighing, he walked into the bathroom and ran the water to start the warm water, quickly stripping and entering when it became adequately warm. He stood there for a bit, letting the water run over him, soothing both his sore muscles and bruises, he winced a little as he remembered the knife cut on his chest, which was being cleaned of the dried blood that remained, he realized that while the cut was not deep or dangerous, it would still take a while to heal and could possibly scar. “Great” he thought. He ignored it and the pain and let the water soothe him, enjoying the warm water. Jason was so in bliss that he didn’t even notice the door to the bathroom open, or that someone had slipped inside. He didn’t hear the sound of clothes dropping to the floor, or even the sound of the glass shower door opening and closing, he didn’t notice anything until he felt two delicate hands slowly begin to massage his shoulders. He opened his eyes and slowly began to turn around, not sure what he was about to see.

Standing in front of him was Kyra, stark naked and utterly beautiful. He stood there with his mouth open, looking her up and down, not sure where to look or what to do first, his eyes moving up to meet her golden ones.

“Kyra, I…” he didn’t get a chance to finish his sentence, she tiptoed up and kissed him. For a second he was so surprised he didn’t kiss back, or even react, he just stood there and felt Kyra’s arms wrap around his neck, they both just stood there for several seconds before Jason finally snapped back into reality and kissed her back. The kiss was long and passionate; they just stood there, their only movements were the tightening of Kyra’s arms around his neck, Jason’s arms slowly rising up and around her back, their bodies moving closer together and their lips slowly mauling each other under the running water. After five minutes, they reluctantly pulled their lips apart as Kyra gasped for air, they still held each other tightly as Jason managed to speak.

“Kyra….I don’t…know what to say…” He could feel his heart beating at a thousand miles per hour, but his brain wasn’t even moving, he was stuck in the moment. She removed one of her hands from his neck and moved her finger to his lips,

“Jason, you’re a sweet and amazing guy and that kiss was one of the best I’ve ever had and right now all I want is you. Tonight you saved me from five guys with sex on their minds, let me show you how much I appreciate that, but this time on my own terms.” She grinned, he got the familiar feeling of blood rushing and felt his member begin to rise, he grinned back as both he and his “other” head caught her meaning. He asked,

“Really? What is it you have in mind Ms. Despos?” Jason had seen enough p--n online and in magazines to know what came next, he saw her hand move down past his waist to get a hold of his c--k, which began to grow to its full length as stroked it. He saw her eyes widen as she looked down and saw his almost fully erect penis, she gasped as she saw it continue to grow until it reached its full 9 inches.

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