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“Oh my God! This is the biggest d--k I’ve ever seen!” Still grinning, Jason moved both his hands and took hold of Kyra’s head between them, she stare at him in shock from the sudden movement to which he returned the stare, he quickly kissed her once before saying,

“Kyra, I want you too, but right now I can’t get enough of these lips so can you stop giving my “other” head all the attention and give me some too.” She gave a naughty, devil smile and began making out with Jason underneath the shower nozzle, water raining down on them. They stood there making out, not letting each other go in a fierce, wild, and passionate kissing session, going at each other like they were starving and they each were a feast.

Their tongues dueling sometimes in their mouth and sometimes outside altogether. They didn’t separate, even for air, their kisses all they needed, the water running from the nozzle raining down on them and turning into steam from the heat of their intense session. For twenty minutes they stayed lip-locked, until finally Jason got a little ballsy and reached to her large breasts and squeezed them between his hands, he moved his mouth to her left breast and began to s--k on her t-t, flicking his tongue inside his mouth on her rather large and erect nipples. He heard Kyra moan as he continued to s--k and lick her breast, his right hand massaging and kneading her right breast before taking the n----e between his fingers and lightly squeezing and flicking it. He continued for a minute before switching his mouth to her right breast and his hand to her left one, continuing to maul her breasts as she began to moan more and more loudly and often. Leaning against the wall for support, Kyra was using her hand to jerk off Jason’s fully erect d--k, but her moans were become more and more frequent until eventually she moved both her hands to Jason’s head and began pushing his head down her body.

“Ooohh….Lets see how well you can really use that hot tongue of yours.” Catching her drift, Jason decided to pull out the small box of tricks he learned from p--n. He knelt down in front of her p---y, who’s small black hair were trimmed into a neat little vertical strip, Jason had never seen such a beautiful sight as water was drip down its sides. Taking a deep breath, he breathed in her musky, wet smell as he leaned in and lightly planted a kiss on her p---y’s lips, eliciting a small moan from her. Testing the water, he used one finger and delicately traced a pattern around the lips, he then drew a line right down her slit, repeating the movement and slowly increasing his speed. He then pulled his finger from her slit and quickly s----d on it before replacing it at her slit and slowly inserting it into her, which got a rather loud moan from Kyra, he began to explore the folds of her p---y and rubbing in and out, after a minute inserting a second finger into her p---y and rubbing, slowly getting faster and faster. He added a third finger and was rubbing as fast as he could, Kyra was now moaning continuously, making Jason even more h---y, finally replacing his fingers with his tongue and licking up and down her slit. Taking another whiff of her musky scent, he used the index fingers of each hand to separate the sides of her slit and took a look at her hot c--t, he dove his tongue into her p---y, sampling her sweet taste and started to lick up and down, feeling a little ball at the top. Jason soon discovered that every time he touched, kissed, licked, or s----d on the little ball, he got a loud moan out of Kyra, who at this point was panting for breath before each moan, taking advantage of this, he began to s--k on the ball and she screamed in ecstasy. “OOOOHHH!!!! YEESSSS!!!LICK MY C--T!!! LICK IT!!!!!” He continued working her p---y with his tongue, deciding to use a trick he just learned. Pushing his tongue deep into her while still touching her c--t, he then vibrated his tongue. Instant reaction. “YEEESSS!!!! AAAAHHHH YOU GIFTED MOTHERFUCKER MORE!!!!! OH MY GOD YEESSS!!!!!!”

She loved it, so Jason didn’t stop; he was definitely going to remember this technique in the future. He continued this technique for several minutes, eventually resulting in Kyra screaming loud,

“OOOHHHH FUUUUUUUCCCKKKKKKK YYYYEEEEESSSSS!!!!!!” she screamed as an o----m rocked through her body. She started to pant heavily and scream before abruptly ending on a high note, as he felt a sweet-tasting, white liquid pour out from her p---y into his mouth and onto his face. He caught Kyra as she went into the throes of an intense o----m. He felt a sense of “F--k-Yeah!” as he realized he just made a girl c-m for the first time during his first time, without even f-----g her! Kyra just stood there, panting heavily, coming down from her blissful ecstasy. Leaning back into the shower water, he washed his face and spat out some of her c-m, he then delicately took her face into his hand and caressed her face.

“How was that?” She finally managed to catch her breath and speak,

“Babe, I have never experienced anything that intense, that amazing, in my entire life. Where did a guy like you come from?” He grinned as he placed his other arm against the wall to lean over her, moving in to kiss her. He pulled away and gazed into her brilliant golden eyes, he moved his caress higher up her face and said quietly,

“I’ve been looking at you all night, and every time I look into your gold eyes, I get lost.” she took his hand and kissed him.

“I’ve never seen a man with such beautiful silver eyes either.”

“Thank you.”

“For what?” She asked quizzically, bunching up her eyebrows really cutely.

“For being the first girl I’ve ever gone far with.” His answer visibly shocked her.

“Wait! You’re a virgin?!?!” Her mouth dropped like a stone when she saw his nod. “You’ve never done anything with a girl before me, then how the hell are you so good at this?!?” He shrugged an “I-Don’t-Know.” She threw herself at him, kissing him furiously and passionately. Jason almost slipped on the still wet floor, he had turned the water off earlier, he slowly pushed her a little back, which was hard because she was literally mauling him.

“Kyra, I really want to continue this but can we take this to the bed?” She pulled herself off her mauling for a second and nodded. Exiting the shower, they quickly assisted in drying each other off; neither could keep their hands off each other.


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