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Jason smirked as he witnessed the second guy today to scream from getting kicked in the balls. Together they ran down the street, making it two blocks before they stopped, he looked at her and asked,

“Are you okay?” He didn’t realize until she looked up at him that her eyes had a yellow color, it was beautiful. She managed to answer in a whisper,

“Yeah, yeah I’m all right.”

“I’m Jason, Jason Frost, what’s your name?”

“Kyra Despos.”

“Okay, Kyra, what were you doing walking down this street so late, who were those guys?”

“I was walking home after my friend ditched me at a party, those guys chased me and caught me when I tried running away. Thank you Jason.” She looked up at him with her golden eyes, by God she was beautiful.

“Uh, don’t worry about it, where do you live?”

“I live far from here, I kinda was pushed this way when I was running away from them.”

“Do you have any way home?”

“No, I don’t know where to go or what to do.” Jason took a small step back, he couldn’t leave her. He thought about what he should do, he couldn’t drive her, if he called the cops they’d take too long getting to the thugs and it would take forever for her to get home, and he could smell booze on her, that would cause more problems than it would solve. He couldn’t leave her alone tonight, so he came up with a ballsy idea and asked away.

“You could come home with me.” He asked quietly. Kyra got a surprised look on her face and inquired,

“You want to take in a complete stranger who you just met into your house for the night, why?”

“Well you’re far from home, it’s late, you don’t have any other way home, and I’m not leaving you alone here.” She looked up at him,

“Where do you even live?”

“Not even 10 minutes away.”

“Are you sure?”

“I wouldn’t be offering it I wasn’t sure. You’ve had a rough night and as I said I’m not leaving you alone.” She looked around worriedly before responding,

“Okay, I’ll come with you, thank you Jason.” She got closer to him.

“C’mon, we’re close.” He saw her shiver, he didn’t realize that it had gotten significantly colder that night.

“Are you cold?” She rubbed her arms, she was wearing a tank top and jeans, she must have been freezing. It wasn’t until that moment that he realized how beautiful Kyra really was; she was about 5’5 with a curvy figure, not chubby but not thin either, kinda right in the middle. She had rather large breasts that stood straight out from her close-fitting tank top, the jeans she was wearing made her ass look amazing, and her long, black hair perfectly suited to her beautiful face. But her most striking feature, the thing that caught Jason’s attention the most, were her eyes, which he just discovered were not just yellow, but actually a distinct, radiant gold. Jason had never seen such beautiful eyes, they glimmered and shined in ways he’d never seen before, it mesmerized him, drew him in, he wanted nothing but to stare at them forever. Kyra’s response snapped him back out of his trance, those eyes of hers still shining bright at him.

“A little.” Jason opened his bag and pulled out a white t-shirt, unzipping and removing his hoodie and handing it to Kyra, he felt his skin tingled as it was exposed to the frigid air so he quickly started pulling the shirt over his head. He noticed Kyra glancing at his toned stomach as he pulled the shirt down; it was a silent night so he heard the almost inaudible gasp and the slight increase in her breathing. Trying to hide his grin, he gestured for her to follow him, she clung to his arm as they walked through the darkness down the street.

They started to talk on the walk to Jason’s house. They found out that they actually attended the same school but the reason they never saw each other was because she arrived the past year a month before the end of school. Kyra was a senior and was apparently friends with Tina, but didn’t realize that Jason was her brother. He asked her if she had seen Tina at the party and she confirmed it, Tina was partying hours after getting into a fight and was apparently going hard, Kyra also confirmed that none of the guys were messing with her.

“Why do you ask if any guys were messing with her?” she asked.

“I didn’t want to say at first but, see this bruise?” pointing to his left eye,


“Well during lunch today some jerk started a fight with Tina and hit her, he unknowingly got me involved by hitting my sister so I kicked his ass, two of his friends tried to back him up and got their asses whooped too. One of them got a lucky hit when I wasn’t looking though.” She gasped wide-eyed,

“So is that why both Tina had a bruise tonight?!?”


“Oh my God Jason! You were the guy who she was talking about, she was talking all about how some guys messed with her and they got their asses handed to them by “karma.” You’re karma!” He laughed a little at that, he would never get rid of that nickname now.

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