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He sighed a little but made sure to hid it from her.

“Don’t worry about it Mar, I’ll be alright.” He gave a small smile and she hugged him again before opening the door. While in the middle of the doorway, she called out to him,

“Maybe it’s a sign from God that you need the walk fatty.” she teased, he playfully gave her the finger and she stuck her tongue out at him and exited.

Sighing, Jason turned around and spent the next 4 hours working his shift, teaching kids and adults an art of combat and self-defense. Jason had been a practitioner of Krav Maga for 8 years, he and Mara both started when they were 9 years old and were serious practitioners of the style, competing with and against each other in competitions, they had even won tournaments in their separate divisions too. They didn’t hold belts in their style because their instructors didn’t believe in the belt system, instead they knew by the growth in their abilities and the offer from their instructor to work for him as part-time instructors. Jason had finished teaching two 2-hour classes that day, he finished up work around 10, but left the studio around 10:30 and began the half-hour walk home, the streets were quiet and dark with only street lights illuminating the sidewalks. Jason had walked this route before at night, it never really scared him but he couldn’t feel a bit uneasy walking the street, and while in the past there was never a problem, Jason felt something weird about tonight.

He was 10 minutes away from home when his suspicions became a reality. He heard a piercing scream coming from down the street, without thinking about it, Jason started to run in the direction of the scream down the dark road. He did however realize he was doing the opposite of what he learned from watching horror films. As he ran down the road he finally saw the source of the screams, a group of guys were standing around a black-haired girl, he heard some dialogue from the girl as he got closer.

“STOP! Let me go you assholes! What is wrong with you, this isn’t right! LET ME GO!” she was squirming in the grips of two of the guys, there were five in total, one of the guys went and started to pull down her pants. “NO!!! STOP!!! PLEASE!!!” Jason couldn’t stand it anymore. He shouted,

“LET HER GO!!!” The guys turned around, the two guys still holding onto her, even she stopped squirming to look at him. One of the guys spoke,

“This doesn’t concern you kid, walk away and we’ll let you live.” The jerks behind him grunted in agreement. Jason couldn’t help but think how cliché that line was.

“Let her go, and I promise to let YOU guys walk away without your teeth on the pavement.” The jerks laughed.

“You think you can take on all of US,” he saw a switchblade flick out, “by yourself?”

“I’m still standing here, and I think so.” The guy with the switchblade, who was obviously the leader, began stepping forward,

“Alright motherfucker, let’s dance.” He lunged at Jason with the knife, who easily dodged the blade. The leader kept swinging, wide, uncontrolled swings that Jason easily dodged.

“I didn’t know this was a slow dance, eh? Think we could speed this up?” The guy snarled and kept slashing, not even touching him. “Whoa, almost got me there. Keep it up!” The guy kept swinging. The guy got lucky once, the blade tip slightly catching him on his chest, the thug grinned a little as Jason winced, it tore a small hole in the hoodie he wore and drew a little blood, but he reacted faster than ever before, he caught the guy’s hand as he swung again and quickly disarmed him of the knife. Turning the guy to face him, he turned the knife in his hand and smashed the thug’s face with the hilt of the switchblade, snapping his head back; he added a second and third hit for good measure, the guy falling to the ground knocked out. Jason stood over him, and said,

“Who would like to dance next?” He was still holding the switchblade and stood in a ready stance, he urged the thugs to come at him. Two more came at him, they fell to the ground in a blur of motion as Jason dealt with them, not once using the knife to make anything more serious on them besides a cut or two, using mainly the handle to hurt them.

After they hit the floor, the fourth one came at him, he fell to a quick spinning kick to the chest, the last one kept a grip on the girl and pulled a switchblade of his own, putting it to the girl’s neck,

“One step closer and she dies.” The girl had a look of fear on her face, but Jason looked into her eyes and tried to calm her. “It’s okay.” He needed to get her away from him quickly, so he quickly gestured her with his elbow for her to elbow him in the gut. She saw the movement, looked into his eyes, and nodded. She quickly elbowed the thug holding her in the guts, the knife flew away from her neck. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Jason spun the knife in his hand and took a hold of the sharp blade between his fingers before throwing the knife at the thug, by some luck, just as he wanted, it was the handle that hit the guy in the eye, stunning the guy and dropping him to the ground. Jason wasted no time, he ran at the girl and shouted,

“Come on!” She nodded again and ran with him, only stopping momentarily to grab their individual bags, and they ran away from the groaning thugs on the ground. She stopped before they left,

“One second!” she quickly jumped over to the leader, who was now conscious but groaning, and kicked him hard in the crotch.

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