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“A-----e.” he said laughing as he got out the car, flicking off Will who he returned the finger, then speeding off in his truck. Still laughing, Jason walked inside and grabbed some food from the fridge before heading upstairs to finish his small amount of homework. Twenty minutes later, he finished his work and went downstairs to the basement where his dad had set up a moderate amount of exercise equipment, when he spent the next hour.

Finishing up and mildly sweating, Jason checked the time and immediately ran upstairs to grab his exercise bag which held his martial arts gear and work uniform, quickly exiting the house and started into a jog as he started running towards his martial arts studio. After running for 20 minutes he reached the studio, now sweating hard from the hot, Californian climate, he was relieved to be stepping into the air-conditioned building, where he heard a familiar voice.

“Jason Frost. Jesus Christ, I don’t show up for one day and already you find yourself in a fight.” Jason grinned as he turned to face the source of the voice, he didn’t have to look around to see who it was.

“Well Mar, I would have gone without a scratch if my best friend decided show up to school today and have my back.”

Mara Bell was a girl he had known since he was 4; she was one of his closest friends, the second true best friend in Jason’s life. He, Mara, and Will were the closest of friends since they met each other on the first day of kindergarten, since then they had shared everything and never hid anything from each other. They were the three musketeers. They did everything together, they shared all of the same interests and dislikes, and when one of them wanted to do something new, at least two of them would participate.

They were never separated or divided on anything.

“Well if I always have your back then how will you learn to fight on your own?” They both grinned as they hugged it out. Mara had been on vacation with her family over the summer, she had returned on the first day of school and wasn’t able to make it to class. Extracting himself from the hug, she looked him over before putting her hand to his eye.

“Alright Jace, who was the unlucky guy this time and what did he do now?”

“Make that unlucky GUYS, one of the jocks had started a fight with Tina and hit her, I kicked his ass and two of his friends ended up on the floor with him. The last one hit me just as I broke the second one’s arm, but he soon joined him on the floor.”

“Mr. Tough Guy strikes again. Glad you could handle it.”

“You know I can.” She laughed,

“Funny, c’mon you need to get ready for your shift and I need to change.” He nodded in agreement and began to walk towards the co-ed locker room. She started asking with how Will was and how school was as they entered the locker room and began changing, they didn’t mind changing in front of each other, they had done it before and they had no problem with it. Mara did however have a rule against changing in front of Will, who had once tried to sneak a picture while they changed to win a bet. Mara had swiftly beat his ass and he had promised not to do it again, she forgave him, because they trusted each other and they all knew that there was no way they could stay mad at each other.

As Jason changed into his uniform, he looked over at Mara, who was standing by her locker in a sports bra and spandex shorts, a rush of blood flowed as he felt the familiar feeling of his member hardening. He knew that Mara was an attractive girl, he knew a lot of guys in school that thought she was hot and both he and Will had been begged and at one point they were offered money to set up guys with Mara, they never did it because they thought Mara was worth more to them than the cash. Jason had been fully aware that every since they hit puberty, Mara had undoubtedly grown into a beautiful young lady, he had more than once felt his hormones urge him to pursue her, but every time he would stifle these urges because she was his closest friend, and he would not trade that for anything. But once again, he began to notice all her features. She stood 5’6 with straight brown hair that was pulled into a cute little ponytail, she had slightly above average breasts that looked great on her tall, thin frame, a frame complimented by her firm, shapely behind. Mara was an athlete, a gymnast and a martial artist, and just like Jason had developed her own beautiful feminine physique, made evident in her well-toned arms, abs, butt, and sexy long legs. Looking up, he noticed some of her face’s beautiful features, her cute blush cheeks, an elegant full set of lips, she also had long eyelashes that made her eyes so much more beautiful. Her eyes were a deep emerald green, a green that matched the emerald ring on her right hand that was a gift from Jason and Will on her 16th birthday, which she never took off since. She was, in Jason’s opinion, a truly beautiful girl.

Jason saw her starting to turn around and quickly got back to changing. While he did think of Mara as an attractive woman, he knew that he would never trade their friendship for anything physical with her, Mar was one of his best friends in the whole wide world, he never would want to ruin that. They both finished changing, Jason into his uniform and Mara into her regular clothes, and exited the locker room. They continued to chat, she was about to leave when Jason remembered to ask her something,

“Oh Mar, before you go I gotta ask you something, I really need a favor from ya.”

“What’s up?”

“Tonight I really need a ride home because Tina borrowed the car and because I’m working late tonight I don’t want to have to walk home.”

“Oh no! Jace I’m sorry but I can’t, Tori was using my car while I was out of town and she still has it! I’m so sorry!” She said sincerely.

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