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he maintained eye contact and tried to get a word out.

“Hi,” the words came out in a whisper, he cleared his throat and repeated, “Uh hi.” He saw her lips form a quick smirk before she replied,

“Hi, Jason right?” she said his name like she knew it was right, but pretended like she didn’t know.

“Yeah. Just call me Jace.” He stuck his hand out as if to shake hers. She giggled a little and shook his hand, her hands incredibly delicate.

“Nice to meet you Jace, I’m Brook.”

“The feelings mutual, what can I do for you?” She smiled and began to sit down in the seat next to his, facing him. Out of the corner of his right eye he saw Will, who had gotten up to grab something, gesturing towards her like “What’s going on?” Jason ignored him and kept looking at Brook.

“I saw your fight today, a lot of people were amazed when you came running towards Brent and kicked him away from your sister, then you took those two big guys down like they were nothing!” Jason gave a pained smile, he didn’t think of his fight that way.

“Um thanks, I was just protecting my older sister from that first jerk, the last two just didn’t make the right choice fighting for him.” She suddenly reached forward and put her hands by his eye, which was starting to bruise already. Jason winced when he felt her hand on his face, but he didn’t let it show.

“The last one got you bad huh? Never seen anyone so much smaller take on three big football players and come out almost without a scratch.” He managed a grin and responded jokingly,

“You should have seen the other guys.” Brook laughed loud at that, Jason was instantly mesmerized by it, he was vaguely aware that her hands had moved onto his. “Don’t worry though, it looks worse than it actually is, I was nothing” She smiled and giggled,

“Yeah, I bet a tough guy like you didn’t even feel it, huh?”

“Yes ma’am.” She giggled again. Jason and Brook kept it up long into the class period, they sat next to each other and talked and joked and laughed without interruption from the teacher, who had obviously not cared about teaching the first day of class and let everyone run free that day. When the bell rang and everyone was let out of class, Jason and Brook left last, laughing and still talking. Will had tried to catch Jason’s eye and point to their next class but Jason gave him a “I’ll-see-you-there” look, Will caught his meaning and laughed as he nodded and gave him an “okay” gesture. The two continued talking as Jason walked Brook all the way to her next class, he could still feel the eyes of everyone in the hall looking from him to Brook, and he didn’t care, she was fun to talk to and he was actually enjoying himself and getting his mind off of things. By the time they reached her class, they were exchanging phone numbers and Brook was telling him about the party tonight that Tina was going too. He regretfully had to decline because of work tonight, she pouted in disappointment but quickly changed to her normal, cheerful attitude and suggested they hang out sometime. He agreed right away with a smile to her suggestion and she happily hugged him and walked into her class with a smile. Jason couldn’t believe his last experience as he walked all the way to his class, he just became friends with Brook DeLinn. He was late for class but he didn’t care, he was happy.

The rest of school passed without incident, Jason got a ride from Will, who would not stop asking and talking about Brook.

“You lucky son of a b---h! You got a chance!” Jason looked at him skeptically,

“The f--k you talking about, Will?”

“Um I’m sorry, I didn’t realize the genius that was my f-----g best friend ceased to exist and was replaced by an oblivious stooge who could not see that a girl was interested in him!” Jason was confused,

“You got to be kidding me? Will, she’s not interested in me, she’s out of my league.”

“Wow, you’re not only a stooge, but blind! Jace, she was all over you, she couldn’t keep her hands off you and might I add that she just met you and already inviting you to the party tonight. If this was any other girl Jace, it would be understandable, but it’s Brook f-----g DeLinn, she’s interested in ya!”

“You’re insane man.”

“No, I’m the sane friend who is trying to help his best friend realize that he has a chance to get with one of the most beautiful girls ever. Don’t steal this from me.” They both laughed as Will kept making jokes about the situation, but Jason began to think in the back of his mind what his best friend had just told him. He wasn’t exactly new to the game and he had some experience in the field, but he didn’t know if his best friend was right, did Brook really find him attractive? Jason had some experience with girls, he had been with a few but had never gone farther than making out; he’d never had a girlfriend, but he had more than once caught girls in his class looking at him and turning away blushing after he smiled back at them. He had been told before by his female friends that he was considered attractive by many girls, but he never felt he had the confidence or the momentum to utilize his looks. Still though, he could not believe Will, did he really have a chance with Brook DeLinn?

Jason was so caught up in his thoughts that he didn’t even notice Will pulling up to his house, not until he felt both of Will’s legs shoving him out of the car.

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