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Jason turned to see two other jocks coming to back up their friend, he knew that this he would have to deal with him before checking on Tina. The second jock came forward swinging with a right hook, throwing all his weight behind him, Jason easily saw it coming and grabbed the flying fist after dodging the blow. Immediately he delivered a right uppercut to the jock’s jaw, stunning him before ducking under the arm he still had a hold on, gripping the arm with both hands, he quickly knelt and yanked on the jock’s arm over his shoulder, the jock’s body had no choice but to follow where the arm was going and came down on the hard tile floor. From there, Jason repositioned and twisted hard on the jock’s arm, hearing a loud crack and a scream that signified a broken arm; Jason was about to do worse when suddenly he felt something hit his head, he hit the floor before being pulled into a bear hug from behind, he had almost forgotten about the third jock. Wincing but acting out of instinct, Jason threw his head back with all his strength when he heard a crunch, he had felt the jock’s nose break. Taking advantage of the jock now learning forward, he broke free from the bear hug and turned to face his opponent, whose hands flew to his nose, which started to bleed. Dazed and not able to open his left eye, Jason did the only thing he could think of, he charged. The third jock didn’t even know what hit him as in a shocking display of strength that surprised everyone watching, Jason lifted the much larger guy into the air before slamming him down against the tile floor, hard. The final attacker dealt with, Jason quickly turned and ran to Tina, who was sitting on one of the benches, and began checking her over, she sounded fine and seemed like she was alright, but her eye had the beginnings of a bruise forming.

“Tina! Tina, are you okay!?! Are you hurt anywhere bad?!?!” Jason asked worriedly, he could feel his eye started to ache painfully, but he ignored it, he cared more about his sister at the moment.

Unexpectedly, Tina stood up and pushed past Jason. He was confused.

“Tina? What are you doing?!?” He saw he left leg shoot out and up…….directly into the first jock’s crotch. Ignoring the new screams of pain from the jock, who was bent over in pain, Tina took a hold of his head between her hands and shot her right knee up and into the jerk’s jaw. He dropped like a stone, surrounded by two screaming and moaning friends. Jason heard silence as he looked up and around to see a circle of open-mouthed people standing around, students and adults alike. He turned to look at Tina, who was staring absently at the groaning jocks, putting a hand on her shoulder and telling they had to leave the situation. She replied,

“Jace, I’m okay, I just need a minute, you can get out of here.”

“You sure?” He could see tears forming in her eyes.

“……I’m sure…..”

Turning around, he walked towards wall of people, particularly the side made up of other jocks, looking up at the larger jocks.

“Please move.” he asked quietly, he couldn’t see out his left eye, but he knew that all eyes were on him. The jocks didn’t even shift at all, they continued to stand there. Sighing, Jason added volume to his voice,

“My name is Jason Frost, my sister is Kristina Frost, I just showed you all a fraction of what happens when someone does something to someone I love, I have no intentions of making a demonstration of what happens if someone messes with ME, so please, for your sakes, MOVE….” He saw a slight shift at first, then, slowly, a split between the jocks began to form. Standing behind them was Will and Mark and all his other friends, he stepped between them as they circled around him and walked back to the lunchroom table.

No one said anything to Jason for the rest of lunch, seeing that he did not want to talk or did not want to listen, and everyone except Will and Mark left for class before him.

Walking between his two friends down the hall, Jason could feel eyes staring and drilling into him from everyone in the hall, catching quiet whispers from groups, and people dressed in red and white school colors splitting as they passed by. Jason smirked when Mark whispered him something about Moses splitting the Red Sea. He knew that his friends were not only walking with him because they had classes close by, but also because they wanted to back him up in case the football team decided to ambush Jason. Fortunately, they arrived to their respective classes without a problem but they each felt the unshaken gazes of everyone, teachers and students alike.

The first person to talk to Jason came up to him in his next class. Entering the chemistry lab with Will, they chose desks near the back of the room so that the two friends could talk without being caught by the teacher, but the only person talking was Will; Jason on the other hand was trying to just clear his head. It wasn’t until he felt a sharp jab to his side from Will,

“Dude! Look up!” he hissed urgently. Jason opened his eyes to see someone was standing in front of him; he looked up and locked eyes with the person, instantly feeling blood rush to his cheeks as he recognized the girl standing in front of him.

Brook DeLinn. The girl that was on every guy’s mind, whether they’d like to admit it or not. She was beautiful, popular, smart, and unlike most girls blessed with those gifts, she wasn’t snobby or bitchy, instead being one of the sweetest girls in the grade AND the school. Every guy could agree that she was undeniably one of the hottest girls in town, long, wavy blonde hair, deep green eyes, and a beautiful face with features that anyone would fall for. Short, about 5’4, she had a petite body that was made sexier by well-defined curves; a large set of breasts that all guys could get caught staring at, and a phenomenal ass that guys WOULD get caught checking out. In essence, Brook was the girl that every guy wanted, only few guys had the chance, and even fewer guys actually succeeded.

Consciously fighting the urge to gawk at her, Jason clenched his teeth and swallowed quickly,

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