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“Am I the only one who is psyched about the fact that we are f-----g juniors, or more psyched about the fact that we are closer to the top of the food chain?!?” Will was practically dancing with the steering wheel from the excitement. Jason laughed a reply,

“You sure you’re not more excited about driving to school with a new car, because last I checked your old car was shit compared to this. Or maybe you’re trying to impress Lori.” He added with a grin.

“Maybe you can f--k off, how’d you know? I swear to God you can read minds.”

“Maybe I can, and it’s not my fault my best friend is predictable as f--k.” That earned Jason a hard punch to the arm from Will, but he didn’t even flinch, he’d taken harder hits.

“How’d you know about Lori?” Will asked.

“You do realize I was the one who drove you home after you got blackout drunk and started saying how much you liked Lori, that you loved her, it was the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen!” Lori was one of the hot, older girls that was friends with all the popular kids; once Lori had slept over with Tina the same night as Will had slept over with Jason, and like a naive little freshmen, he had fallen for her after she gave him a little playful kiss on the cheek. Later on in sophomore year, Will had gotten drunk and Jason had no choice but to drive him home so he wouldn’t, he apparently wasn’t over her. Shrugging, Will and Jason just talked about girls, school, and the new year as they finally arrived to school.

As they both walked to first period, they were catching up with old friends, hazing the freshmen, getting back into the school vibe. Jason and Will finally managed to get past all the crowds and traffic jams in the halls to their lockers, coincidentally right next to each other, dropped off some of their stuff, and traveled to homeroom, which also happened to be the same. The day went quick, meeting new teachers, seeing friends, getting used to the habit again, and Jason was enjoying every minute again. Lunch came around and Jason finally met up with his group of friends in the cafeteria, where they all proceeded to just mess around and talk, even looking over at the popular kids, who didn’t sit at the tables, but instead at a set of steel benches, referred to as “The Blocks.” Jason saw Tina waving at him and talking to a bunch of jocks at the Blocks, she knew that she was popular, and more than once had he caught her in the middle of a walk of shame coming back from a party the next day.

He knew his sister was sexually-active, he wasn’t stupid, she was a beautiful and attractive young lady and he was aware that according to a lot of guys, she was one of the girls that every guy wants but not everyone could get. They were close, and while Jason didn’t necessarily like how she went around sometimes, he knew she was smart and never snitched or judged her, partly because he knew that she would do the same for him. He, as did most of the guys in the school, also knew that anyone crazy enough to mess with Tina Frost would soon after get the shit kicked out of them by Jason Frost, “just like karma” as Will put it. This had happened a few times since his 6th grade, he had heard rumors or had walked in on his sister crying and ended up beating up some older douche, pretty soon Jason had grown a small reputation. From the corner of his eye, he saw that Tina was waving him over; he shook his head because he was with his friends. Without missing a beat, Tina got up and came over to Jason’s table, leaning over him as she greeted him and the table.

“Hey little bro, hey little bro’s friends.” This was followed by a chorus of hi from the group the group, ending with one of the guys, Mark Little, wolf-whistling at Tina. Without looking, Jason flicked Mark off and spoke to Tina.

“What’s up Tina, do I gotta kick someone’s ass on the first day already?” he joked as he grinned up at Tina. Without skipping a beat,

“Nah, not today, I wanted to tell you I need the car tonight.” Turning to face her, he spoke, not noticing his voice was getting louder.

“What!! Why!?!”

“I’m going to a party tonight and I need it like really bad.”

“No way! I got work tonight, I’ve got to stay late too and I need the car to get home!”

“Plleaassee!! I’m begging you bro, it’s the first party of the year and I’m a senior! If you let me have the car I swear to return the favor in any way I can! I will always have your back if you let me!!” Tina was pleading, and it didn’t make it any easier to refuse her when she used the puppy dog eyes. Closing his eyes, and trying stay calm and focused, he relented,

“Fine. But you owe me…” She squealed in joy and hugged him,

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” she kissed him on the cheek and started walking away. He quickly looked up and shouted,

“Wait…You wouldn’t have had my back before?!?” She looked at him and laughed before walking back to the Blocks. Rubbing his eyes, he realized he was in for a long day. All of a sudden, Will started jabbing him and Mark started talking to him,

“Jason! Jason, look over there!” He turned around to see a one of the football jock assholes starting to yell and attempting to hit a girl. He heard the girl shouting for him to stop, yelling for help. It was Tina.

Jason was out of his chair and already halfway to the fight before any of the teachers or security guards had even reacted. He was sprinting towards the fight at top speed, not even thinking, only reacting, to the situation at hand. At 8 feet away from the jock, Jason launched himself into the air from his left foot, spinning halfway in the air before his right foot lashed out from the spin and nailed the jock right in the shoulder, sending him flying a couple feet away. After seeing the first jock hit the floor, the jock called to his friends,

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