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*”Jason!! You got school in an hour, get out of bed NOW!!!”*

Opening his eyes to the blinding light shining through his window blinds, Jason Frost groaned loudly as his hand fumbled to his nightstand, where his phone rest, and pulled it to his face as he checked the time. “D--n,” he thought, as he realized his mother was right, it was 6 o’clock and he had to be ready to go before his ride showed up. Pulling himself up and out of bed, he rubbed his eyes and stumbled to the bathroom to shower, if he was lucky he could make it there before his older sister, Kristina.

Unfortunately, today was no such luck, and he was blocked by a locked bathroom door and water running inside.

“Tina! Hurry up, it’s the first day of school and I need to shower before class!” shouted Jason while banging on the door so she could hear him over the running water.

“One minute!!!” he heard back, “I’m almost done!!” Sighing, he quickly rushed back to his room and found his backpack, setting it aside and grabbing a pair of jeans and a shirt for school, until he finally heard the distinct sound of his sister’s feet as she walked down the hall. Taking advantage of that, he ran again to the bathroom in to the shower and immediately started the water and entering, where he quickly cleaned and washed himself off. Stepping out, he quickly went about drying himself off with the towel on the rack and wiping steam off the fogged up mirror, followed by brushing his teeth in the mirror as he began to examine himself in the mirror. Looking himself over, Jason had once again noticed all the changes of his body.

Almost 17 years old, he was 5’11 and weighed 165 pounds, with most of the weight coming from his highly-developed muscles. He had light tan skin, which did well with his short, brown hair and his electric-blue eyes, which he shared with his sister and father. While he was about average height, Jason had an incredible physique and body for his age, from his rather well-defined chest, abs, and torso, to the toned muscles on his arms and legs, which was highly noticeable on him. Jason played for his school’s soccer team and participated on the gymnastics team, both sports that he had loved from a young age and had always pushed to become better than other players, and although he was better than some of his fellow athletes, for some strange reason he was always overlooked by the his coaches.

An excellent student, Jason had always been well-rounded in school and had made both his mother and father proud; he never did anything half way, and because of that he had not only maintained great grades, but he also held a part-time job. Unfortunately, unlike his sister, he was never part of the cool crowd and was always overlooked by more popular or hotter girls, something he had no idea would change soon.

Snapping out of his trance, Jason spat out the toothpaste and rinsed it out before going back to his room to get dressed and grab his backpack. Running downstairs, he made his way to the kitchen where his mother, was already making him breakfast for him.

“Finally you’re up,” his mother said standing over the stove, “you don’t know how close I was to asking your father to splash a bucket of cold water on you to wake you up.”

“Sorry ma, my alarm didn’t go off.” Jason responded as he walked over. “Oohh, pancakes for me?” kissing his mother on the cheek as he took a plate from her. “Ma, have I ever told you how much I love you?”

“Yes kiddo, you have, now eat your pancakes before they get cold.” she smirked before patting his away with a spatula. Quickly finishing his plate and putting it in the sink, he quickly kissed his mother goodbye, and ran out the front door where as if on cue a red Ford F150 pulled up front.

Driving the truck was Jason’s best friend Will Kingsley, who started honking even though Jason was already walking to his car, who laughingly flicked him off as he jumped in; almost immediately Will floored the accelerator and they were speeding off down the street towards their school.

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