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Days had passed, Life was good, I spent my money with ease, My Waec examinations were just few days away, I should be studying but…………..

After Kate gave me her address, we hadn’t called each other since, Mallam Garba my good friend was also in a merry mood, he opened up a big shop in town, its seems business was good for him, he was going to marry soon, he told me, that the lady he was going to marry was pregnant for him, it turns out, it was that Garbage w---e, BigBam! I was surprised, I told him if they had a DNA scan to confirm if the child was his!

Johnson Mallam Garba are you sure the pregnancy is urs? You know some of this Abuja chicks are scam!

Mallam Garba Of course! Zhe baby is mine! Haba!

Johnson Just try going for a DNA test!

Mallam Garba I already did! We went three days


Johnson Hmm! You’re lucky, by the way congratulations!

As we were talking, BigBam came straight towards us, she was surprised to see me but she pretended like she didn’t know me, I also did the same! She and Mallam Garba kissed, she wrapped her arms around him, saying sweet nonsense to his face! Mallam Garba was just smiling, nodding his head in approval! Poor guy! He never knew I banged this b---h! Well since, everything was okay, I walked away, but seriously I would personally like to have one more round with her, oh well.

Later in the day, Cynthia and I went on a date to Wonderland, Well since I had cash, Money was no problem but unlike other girls she didn’t spend much, we went on rides, played games and ate snacks, Spending time with her was great and fun! After all the excitement, We sat on a snack joint in the park.

Johnson Hmm, baby spending the time with you was amazing!

Cynthia (giggles) I had fun too.

Johnson What’s funny?

Cynthia I was just laughing at the way you held me tight when we were trying those crazy rides, I thought the lady was supposed to hold her man when scared, not the other way around!

Johnson Ehn? So? I’m afraid of heights.

Cynthia Johnson is afraid of heights! Don’t let anybody know about this.

Johnson Well, you should be happy I held tightly to you,

Cynthia Ehn? So groping my boobs is what you call hold tight?

Johnson So where do you want me to hold you? Your ass?

Cynthia Pls stop it! Bad boy!

Johnson Oya, come here.

I grabbed hold of her and we kissed, it was lovely and romantic, she kissed me so warmly with her hands on my face, I massaged her ass, but she didn’t seem to mind, Just when everything was so perfect, Mrs Felicia dropped in on us.

Felicia (Coughs)

Johnson Mrs Felicia, good afternoon

Cynthia Afternoon ma!

Felicia Hmmm, I see you’re both having a good time.

Johnson Its not…

Felicia Its not what I think? Oh pls, its very clear, by the way, you kids have fun, but you should also be studying, ur Exams is a few days from now so… Bye

Johnson Bye

Cynthia Bye

Johnson Man! That was close!

Cynthia you said it, Anyways Johnson, which university will you be studying?

Johnson Hmm, I have no idea! You?

Cynthia Yes, I’ll be going to Oxford after the exams!

Johnson What!? Oxford, are you serious?

Cynthia Yeah, but that means we will no longer be together!

Johnson No, no, I’m happy for you, you deserve it.

Cynthia But what about us?

Johnson Cynthia, ur future is better than us, I’m upset too, but this is ur future to do something great, I hate to say this but nothing lasts forever! But I’ll really miss you.

Cynthia So will I, I love you.

She kissed me differently, this time, she kissed like she would not let me go, I hugged her as we kissed but she’s even luckier than me, shes going to Oxford, and I’m here stuck in Naija!

After that, we walked home, holding hands, when we reached her pad, she kissed me goodbye and went in!

I walked away, wondering what my future will be, a call interrupted my thought, I checked to see who it was, it was Ifeoma!

Johnson Hello, iffy!

Ifeoma Johnson baby, how are you?

Johnson I’m fyn!

Ifeoma Baby, I’ve missed you really!

Johnson Same here (for where?)

Ifeoma Tomorrow is my wedding ! And you’re invited!

Johnson Really? Tomorrow, that’s great!

Ifeoma Yes, I want you to come to the house!

Johnson What? Are you serious? What about ur husband?

Ifeoma He’s not around, Vivian just travel to Kaduna some time ago, she will be back in the night!

Johnson Okay, I’m on my way!

I halted a taxi and told him, to drive me there, the driver was slow and time is wasting, I told him to go faster, he just seems to be nodding and humming, after some minutes, we arrived, I paid him off, and went into the house, the door was opened so, I went in, I saw a paper on the floor there was some writing on it.

“Go to the kitchen and look into the cupboard ”

I went to the kitchen and checked the cupboard, and I saw the paper.

“Go to the Toilet, you’ll see ur tool for submission ”

Tool for submission, this thing was getting better and better, I went to the toilets I checked each one till I found the tool, it was a Handcuff! What is she planning? I saw another paper which said,

“Go to the bedroom before that remove ur clothes completely ”

Okay oo, na wetin dey happen? I hope this is not a trap oo, this one that says I should remove my clothes. I removed them and kept them away so that someone coming into the house, won’t see them, you know that’s the mistake, people make! I went into the bedroom and I saw another paper again this time it said!

“You’ll see a water on the table close to the drawer, drink it and a rag under the pillow, use it to cover, ur eyes but before that Cuff ur self to the bed and wait for ur prize ”

This is strange, bur anyway, I did it all the paper said, I waited and waited, in that moment I didn’t know when I slept off, I woke up after some time feeling a bit dizzy ,Just then I heard someone come in, I asked who it was but there was no answer, Then I felt my d--k being touched, It was strange though, it didn’t feel like ifeomas hands! Just then the removed the blindfold on my face, it was Mr gesinde!!!

I was shocked, The room I was in was different, everything changed so fast! He laughed when he saw the look on my face.

Gesinde Johnson! Johnson, Johnson,

Johnson Whats the meaning of this?

Gesinde i’m going to teach, you a lesson boy, you go after the chicks, I set my eyes on! BigBam, Felicia, and you use ur rod to chop ehn! BigBam helped me off course! She disguised her voice like her Cousin and you fell for it and now, you are going to pay!

Johnson You bastard, but you’re married!

He slapped me that instant, but he didn’t stop, he punched me, flogged me with a cane, even spitting on me! My only luck was he, didn’t touch my D--k! This guy is gonna pay, when I break from this cuffs, he’s gonna get it, He beat me for several minutes calling me all sorts of names, he even called my late Mom a w---e that was enough, I noticed the key in his pocket, so I pretended to pass out, What he did next was too much, he lifted a bucket full of a grown man’s Poop and dumped it on me! I yelled and kicked him hard in his testicles, he yelled for pain and bent, down, the piece of wood where he put the cuffs were weak so I gathered all my strength and broke free, He tried to stand up, I used my knees straight to his face, Knocking him out in the process, I took the keys and released my self as I was about to go out, I saw his phone, I took it and saw, his wallpaper, it was him with sexy lady, probably his wife, I took the phone and run out naked, Fortunately it was dark so I went to the closest place I could go, Ifeomas house!

I arrived at the house, she was alone, no body was there! I knocked and she opened, She screamed when she saw me.

Ifeoma Jesus, Johnson what happened?

Johnson Can I use ur toilet?

Ifeoma Come on in!

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