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Gesinde Johnson? What are you doing here? Don’t you know its time for school?

Johnson Yes sir, I was sent on an errand by my uncle!

Gesinde Are you mad? You have thirty minutes to reach school if you’re late…. You’ll see.

Idiot! What’s his business anyway? I ran back home and changed into my uniform and it was squeezed so I took my time and ironed it after that I wore it then disappeared to school, As usual, I came late and Mr gesinde was already by the gate, I gave me my punishment, I was to clear the plants around the school premises and I was ordered to stay after school to clean the classes, Mrs Felicia also came late, but Mr gesinde didn’t do anything, She simply Shaked her ass at his face! The fool was grining ear to ear! Idiot, that ass is my property now!

After I cleared the plants, I went to class, it was Felicias period so I had no problem, Cynthia had already kept a sit for me, D--n! I was lucky, this diamond girl was giving me a red carpet treatment! After class, we talked and got over our past issues, We became an item!

Yes, Cynthia being my girlfriend wasnt a bad thing, she was nice and an interesting person, she’s so sweet and selfless, I could go around and boast that my girl is not a over worked public transport, if you know what I mean!

After school, I started cleaning the classes, it was easy but the dust was choking me and I couldn’t stand it, as I was working my ass off! BigBam came into the class and Confronted me!

BigBam You worthless boy, How could you? After everything I’ve given you, you still had the guts to hit on my cousin!

Johnson Excuse me w---e! Who are you calling worthless?

BigBam You are worthless, see this boy, so you had the guts to f--k my cousin? Shes almost married and her bride price has been paid! You cheated on me! How dare you! I thought we were an item.

Johnson item? You and I? B---h pls, you’re dreaming that can never happen.

BigBam You think its funny? Keep on laughing, youll soon take responsibility of what you’ve done?

Johnson B---h what are you talking about?

BigBam I’m pregnant and its urs! So you better come and claim it.

Johnson Jesus!!! How? When? Impossible!

BigBam Ohh, impossible abi? Come take responsibility oo

What! That can’t be true, of course, I f----d her without a condom but that was weeks ago, D--n! Im in deep shit, Wait a minute, I’m not the only person she’s f----d.

She’s f----d Gesinde

She’s f----d me

She’s f----d that ghetto thug of hers

Oh yes, I remember she’s also F----d mallam Garba.

What! this b---h was trying to blackmail me, No way, Of all people she choose me and because I drilled her cousin! Women! She says i cheat on her but she also did the same, (Kai, Never ever trust women) So now that she’s pregnant, shes looking for someone to share her fate with, and she’s choose me all of people to share her demise! No way in hell, she’s not going to pin this on me! God forbid bad thing!

Johnson Wait oo, oloshi, do you think I’m stupid like you? Really me impregnate you? You dey craze, no self you dey mad, Misguided element, Uncharted life form! Ur generation sick for head! Yes, we would have been an item, but you’ve slept with slots of men, and I can’t merge myself with a public transport which everyone has entered, Ashawo, you no well?

BigBam So you get mouth abi? You go see na,you don chop toto finish, you want scatter run! Idiot, besides you no get proof!

Johnson Really, I nno get?

BigBam Castrated pig, u get?

Johnson Wetin you dey do with Mallam Garba yesterday?

Mentioning of Mallam Garba made her mute, She became unbalanced, her confidence dropped, She started sweating , she was trapped, no way out, It was funny , seeing her collapse instantly, Stupid b---h, She can’t blackmail me and think nothing will happen.

BigBam W-w-w-wetin you dey talk? Abeg no change subject oo…

Johnson Shut up pi.. Ashawo! Shit pass u self, you think say I no know, you dey bang Mallam Garba, as he dey f--k you, you just dey shout like horse wey see ghost! Idiot, I no why him no break that ur toto finish, Ghetto b---h, ur cup don’t full, and don’t you ever point that public pregnancy at my face, else I go disgrace you abeg Commit idiot, You no even thank me, say I put my glorious rod iinside you, S--t.

I continued my work, leaving her standing speechless, She had nothing to do or say, She left quietly and walked straight to the gate and out of the school after I was done, I went home straight to rest!

As I reached home, An unknown number called me, I picked the call and answered.

Johnson Hello how’s this?

Kate Johnny boy, its me Kate!

Johnson Ooh, Kate how’s work?

Kate Work is good! How’s ur d--k?

Johnson My d--k is okay, you guys drained me last night.

KateYeah, to be honest, I’ve never been f----d like that never ever, you were amazing!

Johnson So were you! You were wild last night! It was a miracle I made it out in one piece!

Kate oh, johnny, you’re funny! Send me ur bank account number!

Johnson Ok,…. alright I’ve sent it.

Kate Okay wait for the alert.

The alert came into my phone, I checked to see the amount she sent I couldn’t believe it, She sent a sum of 150,000 naira, I was speechless, this amount was too much!

Johnson Thank you Kate, but its too much.

Kate Oh its just change! Enjoy urself! Its ur reward for last night.

Johnson Thanks

Kate By the way I’ve sent my address, if you want to f--k, just call me and we’ll meet there and fucky-fucky! Adios handsome.

Johnson Thanks s--t! By the way! Aren’t you married?

Kate Rrrrrr, naughty boy! Marriage is for normal people. Bye

She ended the call, I was surprised though, I wonder what she meant by Marriage for normal people, anyways I don’t mind, we can f--k eachother they way we want, Life is good.

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