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I went inside and took my bath, God my body was a mess, I washed everything off, I even shampooed my hair 5times, It took me also an hour bathing, after that I cleaned myself, my clothes were still intact where I kept them, Ifeoma was busy disturbing me about what happened, I couldn’t tell her that her cousin was involved in my kidnap! So I told her I was robbed and beaten by thiefs, She wanted me to stay so she could take care of me, but I refused, I had other plans, I went out of the house and went straight home. When I arrived, I called my cousins and my brother to help me tackle the issue, When I told them about what Mr gesinde did to me, they called for blood, an eye for an eye!

Jimmy Bro, make we teach am lesson, Ah, the bastard beat you cause, you f----d his side chicks and worse of all he dumped poop on you!

Mike Nigga, you have to deal with him, nobody touches one of ur own blood and goes Scott free! Never!

Bill I agree, you should deal with him, in a way, he’ll never forget.

Johnson Don’t worry, I broke his nose when escaping and also took his phone.

Bill So??

Johnson Look this lady on his wallpaper, is probably his wife.

Mike So? If she’s his wife then…….

Jimmy Oh, I get ur message! Yes, that’s a good one! The best revenge that will break a man easily.

Bill Wait! Are you planning to sleep…..

Johnson Yes, he’s got to pay!

Bill Hmm, a good plan but how can you achieve that?

Johnson I can’t open the phone, there’s a password on it, Can you open it, bill?

Bill Of course, let me bring my laptop!

Mike Mr gesinde, you better watch out, Ur wife ass is about to be ours,

Johnson what? Look I’m the only one that will handle her.

Mike Come on now, Make we join, scatter am, e go make the idiot blow with jealousy.

Johnson Hmmm, okay, make we see.

Bill brought his laptop and in a few minutes, he opened the phone, the guy is a genius, as we checked the phone, we came across, so many videos of Mr gesinde sex escapade, with lots of women including BigBam, this videos were what we needed to destroy that Bastard, we checked his Gallery and saw pics of his wife, Man the woman is hot, How can he have a wife like this at home and still sleeps with others outside, He’s the kind of person that makes Men reputation to be stained, As we were going through the pics, I saw Kate and Gesindes wife, posing at a wedding ceremony, Seeing Kate here gave me a big kick, she was friends with Mr gesinde wife and if I showed the videos she can, convince His wife and in that process,…….. Wow!

In the morning, i didnt go to school that day, i was planning my revenge on Mr gesinde and besides I am a Waec candidate so school work isnt in our agenda, I copied the videos on bill’s laptop and took gesindes phone to the Mobile market and sold it, but before that I deleted all the videos in his phone! I called Kate, but she didn’t pick up, maybe she was in a meeting at work, I tried several time, still she didn’t pick, So I went home, got dressed at went for ifeomas wedding , The wedding was nice and fantastic, Everyone was happy, I ate and drank to the full, I had a good time, even Vivian looked spectacular, Her baby bump was starting to develop, We talked about lots of things including what had happened to me yesterday, she felt sorry for me!

Vivian That’s awful! Thank God you’re safe!

Johnson Well, God was on my side!

Vivian Yes, so you’re soon going to write ur Waec exams?

Johnson Yes, and I also see the baby is developing!

Vivian Yes! Our baby!

Johnson Shuusssh! Keep quiet, people will hear!

Vivian Don’t worry, it will be our little secret,Besides Ifeoma knows!

Johnson What!? Why? How?

Vivian Don’t worry, she also told me about ur sex rounds with her.

Johnson But what if she…

Vivian Don’t worry she won’t tell, Okay let’s go have some fun!

Johnson But you’re pregnant!

Vivian So? Since when is sex prohibited when a lady’s pregnant, come let’s go!

We quietly crept out of the ceremony, we entered her car and locked it than goodness her window glass was tinted! We started kissing as we entered the back of the car, we had no time for foreplay, so I raises her gown and penetrated her that way, She was a little bit wet, she stretched her legs open, and it Gave me more access, I drilled her slowly so that the car won’t shake, she was moaning, holding onto me, as I banged her, her p---y wrapped tightly around my d--k, she kept moaning but she was getting loud, I covered her mouth, I started penetrating her deep and fast, I was soon going to c-m, I tried to slow down, but my d--k was ready to explode, I released my c-m into her p---y, but she didn’t stop, She balanced her self in between the driver and passengers seat for a d----e style, I held on to her hips, and plunged deep into her c--t, she moaned as I entered, I went as slow as I could, but her p---y was driving me nuts, she kept squeezing my d--k with her p---y! I spanked her ass a little, she reacted!

“God, pls take it easy, Johnson, I’m barely trying to manage ur rod inside me! Ohh yes”

Her body shook with every t----t going in and out of her, I grabbed her ass molding it like a flour dough as we f----d, she was moaning a bit louder so I covered her mouth and pushed my d--k deep, Her eyes widened by my action, She came hard on my d--k, She slumped back to the back seat, she was exhausted, She was barely conscious and I was still hard! There was no way, she could continue, I pulled my trouser and waited for her to wake up, soon I regained her self and saw my expression, I was h---y like hell!…

Vivian Sorry Johnson, I couldn’t continue, you were to big for me!

Johnson Don’t worry, I understand!

Vivian Look I’m sorry, but let me see, I know what to do, go and wait in my room! Heres the key!

We went out of the car and entered the house, I secretly entered Vivian’s room without anybody noticing, after a while, Ifeoma came into the room, Vivian collected the keys and locked the door!

“Johnson, here’s Ifeoma and give her what you gave me, knock her up”

Seriously!? I should knock her up, I looked at Ifeoma and she looked attractive, well, if that’s what she wants okay, I grabbed her and kissed her, her wedding gown was so sexy and chic, bur I couldn’t remove her gown, So, She removed my trouser and saw how hard my d--k was! She gasped!

“Ahh, Johnson, this is rod is massive today oo, take it easy with me, okay? ”

She s----d my cucumber, nice and slow, A new sensation jolted through my back! The feeling was great, I wanted to grab her head and push her face towards my d--k but her hair was well done and it would cause suspicion, So I manage, She kept on s-----g and s-----g and I wasn’t really enjoying it, so I pulled her up, raised her gown and penetrated her, she was tight oo, I f----d her hard and fast time wasnt on my side so, I held her hips plunging through her p---y, She moaned as o f----d her c--t, I grabbed her melons through the gown and massaged them, and in the process, I pulled her nipples, Her eyes widened with pleasure and her mouth was drooling, her c--t wrapped tightly around my d--k, She was enjoying every moment of it, We kept f-----g and I made her c-m three times, and soon I released my C-m into her p---y,.

After we were done, I called Vivian to let her know we were done! Soon she came into the room, giving me a fist bump and winked, I went out of the room and eventually out of the house, As I left, I called Kate again and this time she answered!

Kate Hi johnny boy, what’s up?

Johnson Hi Kate, can we meet?

Kate Sure, you know where to find me!

She ended the call and I took a taxi to her house! As I arrived at the address, I saw a very big estate, I knocked at the gate and I saw a security guard, he asked what I was here for and I told him Kate was expecting me.

Security guard Yes, what business brings you here?

Johnson Yes, I’m looking for Mrs Kate, shes expecting me!

Security guard Are you Johnson?

Johnson Yes sir,

Security guard Okay, come in and let me search you!

D--n! Who is this lady? A big house that look like a mansion and security guards everywhere! The guard searched me and when he was done, he made me enter a small car and drove me to the main building, it took 15mins to get there, the place was wide in range!

Finally we reached there and he dropped me off and drove away, I pressed the electric bell and waited soon, The door opened and Kate emerged!

God, she was wearing a robe and a pant, her boobs were exposed, She held a glass of wine! When she saw me, she gave me a sexy smile and welcomed me!

Kate Hi, johnny boy, Welcome to my little cottage! How do you like the view?

Johnson Awesome!

Kate Come on in!

I entered the house and I became dazed, it was like a palace , the hall way was long and by each side of the wall there was a painting of nude men and women, Kate was walking ahead of me, She twerked her ass as she walked, even without makeup, this lady was tremendously attractive and beautiful, as we reached to her parlor, there was no carpet but Skins of exotic animals and from the looks of it, they were very expensive!

I sat on one of her sofas and they were comfortable and soft, This place was like a fantasy, it was like Aladins palace, After I saw down, she sat close to me and ordered her maids to bring some wine!

Johnson Pls that’s okay, I’m comfortable!

Kate If you say so, Okay, Sunshine what brings you here?

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