Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness - S01 E25

1 month ago

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I woked up to the sound of heated

arguement coming from my parents

room,my parents were having one of

thier nasty morning brawls.

I yawned,feeling hungry.i hadnt eaten

anything last night and my stomach growled in request for food.

Sabina my junior sister was sobbing

in the kitchen when i got there to take

a glass cup of water for brushing my


”dede good morning”she managed to greet between sobs.

”morning,why are you crying,what

happened?”I asked with a tired yawn.

”it is papa”she replied,wiping at her

tears clumsily.

”papa mere gini?”(did what) i asked in vernacular.

She didnt reply but unfolded her


I flinched as I saw the burnt scald on

her right hand.

”papa did that?” she nodded

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