Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness - S01 E20

1 month ago

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I was thinking deeply that i didnt hear

the incessant honking of a car behind

me not until the angry driver shouted.

”you will not carry your dead body off my lane,you are looking for someone

who will purchase your coffin,bury

you and even pay for the rice that will

be eaten that day”

i flinched at the hateful words,my

heart thumping wildly. ”Emeka..”a familiar voice called from


I turned,it was chioma my elder sister.

I noticed she was in the company of a


”chi…howfar?” i asked,i was wondering where she was coming

from so late.

”am fine,meet my friend

stanley,stanley this is my brother”

she introduced.

We exchanged a handshake and mumbled incoherent greeting. I

wanted to ask him if he was a fellow-

withness but chioma winked at me

and I kept my cool.

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