Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness - S01 E19

1 month ago

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”my dear,this is life,Enjoy it while it

lasts” he replied

”life no get duplicate oo”he added as

an after thought. ”Arinze you seem to have forgotten

that smokers are liable to die

young,cigarette is a slow killer,it kills


he laughed out ”who needs a quick

killer?” he jested. ”cigarette is like the proverbial

rat,while it chew at your feets it blows

you breeze so you wouldnt feel the

pian.as you are enjoying cigarette

thats how it is destroying your lungs” i

said.. ”haba Emeka…you and this your

preaching,i have forgotten E BU

ONYE armageddon” he added in


I shooked my head.

”am off,see you later” i told him and walked off towards the opposite


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