Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness - S01 E16

1 month ago

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i was Upset for the rest of the day,nkeiru’s news had ruined my day.

I had a sickening dread at the pit of

my stomach.. What if she was really pregnant ?? Although I was the only son and my

parents were eager to carry my

offspring,they would never be in

support of my marrying nkeiru.

I would be the black sheep of the

family. I knew few ladies in our

congregration that had married non-


They were never accepted back not

until they had divorced the men,even

then they were still regarded like outcasts.


Emeka! Emeka!”mama called from the

door,i was sitting on the armchiar in

my room,staring into empty

space,with my palm on my jaw.

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