Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness - S01 E17

1 month ago

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Her voice brought me out from my


I sighed heavily.

”nnam what is it?” she asked as she

came to sit on the bed beside me.

I shooked my head.”nothing that i cant take care of” i replied quickly.

”is it about that girl?” mama asked,her

question was like an electric jolt,i sat


”how did you know?”

she smiled wanly. ”am your mother and i bore you in my

womb for nine good months,i know


i shuffled my feets on the carpetted


”is she pregnant for you?” ”No ” I snapped.

What if she is pregnant?? A timid

voice asked in my head.

Then it isnt for me….another voice


I had been careful…. Hadnt I ?Mama left the room when she saw i

wasnt in the mood to talk with

anyone,she later sent my junior sister

to bring my supper.

the meal remianed

untouched on the table,i took my

bath,freshened Up and walked out of the house.

It was dusk and my rolex wrist watch

confirmed it was some minutes past

six o clock.

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