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D.p.o:sergeant what did you just say?,

s.tony:i just said it here now that i escape

death buy jumping inside the bush and you

are asking me to go back there.sir,i will only

go back if you will follow me.

D.p.o:sergeant tony.


D.p.o:have you started smoking?.

S.tony:sir i dont understand you know i can

never do that.

D.p.o: ok fine.where you deaf when i said

“lets us go back there”is the word “lets”

singular word or plural?.

S.tony:you will go with us right?.

D.p.o:you have not answer my question,is it

singular or plural?.

S.tony:it’s plural sir.

D.p.o:good let’s go**he said and draw a

pistol out of his drawer and then he stood

up and follow him out of the office.

*the two officer at the counter were still

discussing when the d.p.o and sergeant

tony came out of the office and they both

act like innocent souls each minding his


Both:shaw sir**they said saluting the d.p.o

with there left hands on there head.

D.p.o:tell every officer in this station to pick

his or her gun and follow me now.

Police one:sir,who are we fighting against?.

D.p.o:the dragon squad killed fourteen of

our men,we need to put and end to their

brutal killing of the citizens of this state.

Officer1:dragon squad!!.

D.p.o:yes,and why are you exclaiming like


Officer one:ehm.nothing sir,but sir please i

have something to tell you.

D.p.o:voice it out officer Michael as you can

see we dont have enough time.

Officer Michael:sir the last time i went to visit

my dad,he asked me to retire from the force

sir i want to retire now.

D.p.o: idiot,will you go and call the other

officer before i put a bullet in your head.

Officer Michael:sorry sir**he said and ran

out followed by the other officer.


The seven remaining dragon squad

members were sitting in the sitting room

with the money on the table and there

weapons also while sky was sitting on his

royal chair using his hair to round his hand

and his arrow was kept on a little table close

to the chair.

Pelumi:i still can’t believe that nath can do

such a thing,he look so innocent i never

believe he can have this kind of a thought in

his mind.

Ezra:yeah,a great fighter with a bad

mind**he said and shake his head.

Bolu:and na dem save us from prison o,why

will he even think of killing our boss when

we all respect him as the second in


Patrick:maybe that was not enough for him.

Ezra:i saw that greedy spirit in him the day

that he stop me from touching the dragon

bow and arrow,he kept on staring at it after

he warned me not to touch it.

Brenda:hmmm,the one wey dey even pay

me now is that ken,why will he deny ever

his brother plan and then try to kill the boss

after his brother was killed.what does he

think that he will gain with such behaviour?.

Segun:if you ask me,na who i go ask?.but

wait o Brenda you try for that knive wey you

throw o,i wonder how you take dey do that

thing self.

Sky:you guys should stop talking about the

dead,you are the families that i have now it

is better i have six good family with me than

to have an army of betrayer.

with them or

without dragon squad will still be the

head in Benin,we shall conquer our enemy.ithem

will give you guys half of the money and

give 1 million to officer Monday then i will

keep the rest in the dragon account.

Pelumi:chaii,bros i believe you die na guinea

fowl go kill all your enemy.

Ezra:who say make your water no boil his

own no go hot.

At the crime scene*

the police were surveying the area checking

for any survival when one of the officer

called the d.p.o to a part of the road were a

guy was lieing dead with a knive in his


D.p.o:jeez,this people are very wicked they

even kill one of their own.

Sergeant:i told you sir,they are heartless i

saw the new leader the notorious sky that

everyone is talking about.

D.p.o:how does he look like?.

S.tony:sir,i frozed by mere seeing him,he is a

tall guy and the hair that he plaited was very

long from his head to the ground.when i

saw the hair,i mistaken it for a cobra until i

saw it well.he is using an explosive arrow as

his weapon,it was just a shot from the bow

that blow up our two hilux and the officers.

D.p.o:hmmm,i can see we are really in for a

tough battle i just pray they continue to kill

themselves saving us from loosing our

men,call the ambulance to pick this dead

bodies to the mortuary.we will give his

description to the press so they can inform

us anywhere he will be seen i believe their

end is coming closer.

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