The Nemesis Of Ezra - S02 E19

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Three white camry and a white jeep drove

into a building,it was a gigantic bungalow

and everything in it was painted white.


swimming pool shaped in form of love was

in the compound and the water in it were

as blue as the sky.

tall flowers were seen in

the compound too it was a really sight to

behold.slowly,the occupant of the cars came

down,they were all girls.”oh sorry beautiful

girls”and they were all wearing a white

leggings and a gown that got to their

laps.they also plaited a long hair with white

attachment and it was long down to their

ass and a silver ring is visibly seen in the

middle finger of their left hand.

Diamond:i smell freedom at last,we are in

the great empire of Benin.jenny,lets go in

while the girls bring the bags in**she said

to her assistance.

Jenny:yes bosset**she said smiling while

following diamond as the other girls were

packing their bags out of the cars.


they were all seating in the sitting room

watching a movie when pelumi stood up to

take water from the refrigerator,he poured

the water in a glass cup and was about to

drink from it when the cup suddenly fell

down from hand and shattered.

the sound

of the shattered cup draw the others

attention toward him.

Sky: pelumi,hope you are ok?

Pelumi: boss,i dont know,i held this cup

fame i dont know how it was able to fall out.

Ezra:guy you get fever o**he said and the

rest laughed at him including sky.

Pelumi:make una leave me joor afterall the

boss is not complaining that i broke a

cup**he said and started packing the

shattered pieces from the floor.”what is

happening”**he thought in his mind asking

no one in particular.


They were all in merriment dancing

skeptically to “science student” a song sang

by a popular musician in Nigeria called

“olamide”.each with a bottle of drink in their

hand and the smell of hemps were all over

the air with many bottles scattered on the


few minute later they started

romancing themselves each picking a

partner as cloth were been pulled and

trowned away while touching sensitive part

of there bodies and the sound of moen took

over the hair but it was kinda suppressed by

the blazing music and they started f-----g

them selves in different angle,position and

dildos till they slept off.


Sergeant tony was seen seating opposite

the d.p.o in his office.

S.tony:sir,like i was saying before i think the

attack on us last week was done by an

informant in our mist.

D.p.o:how sure are you sergeant?.you know

that accusing a fellow force wrongly is a

grief offence if taken with the full arm of


S.tony:yes i Know that sir. But i still believe

that the dragon squad will not have known

about the money if they were not informed

and it was only the police and the bank that

knows about the money.

D.p.o:you have a point there sergeant,but

how do we find the culprit?.

Sergeant tony:dont worry about that sir,i

have a plan set out already we will catch the

culprit in no distant time.

D.p.o:i pray your plan work out fine because

the state suprintend of police is already

showing red light on our activities in

tackling the robbery and massacre of lives

and property.

meanwhile,he will soon send

some social anti robbery squad members

here to help us in dealing with the

hoodlums,i believe in no distance time they

will be crushed.

Sergeant:that is really a good news

sir,because getting the culprit does not

guarantee that the squad will be brought to


D.p.o:yeah,we really need to put all our

hands together and finish this once and for



They were seating in different position in

the sitting room when diamond walk into

the seating room with a rap of hemps in her


Diamond:come,wey our nepa na**she said

staring at them and a girl stood up and

brought out a lighter which she use to

ignite fire to her hemp and she started

smoking and popping the smoke to the hair

in funny manner.

Jenny:bosset now that we have disvirgin

this house last night with a hot party and

sweet chocomilo (sex) what next?.**she

said and the others concured by nodding

their head in acceptance while diamond

puff some smoke into the hair again.

To be continue……

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