The Nemesis Of Ezra - S02 E17

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Continues from the last scene

sky looked furious and surprise at the same

time,he stood upright staring at nath and

the other dragon member were looking

forward to him in making a decision.

Sky:are you aware of your brother

plan?.**he asked turning his gaze to ken

who was facing his gaze on the ground. boss,he never told me

anything**he said with fear written in his


Sky:nath! Why?,why on earth will you do this

kind of a thing,but you are next after me is

that not enough for now?.

Nath:funny you sky**he said and started

laughing**”do you think i will forever be

under someone?,am suppose to head this

fraternity now,but you came and stole it

from me.

Ezra:bros,this guy words dey disturb me for

ear o,make we delete am na.

Ezra:i concur,forgiveness is a sin.

Nath:who invited the cat to a gathering of

lions?,will you shut up there!,i am Nathaniel

osborn the soldier with the heart of a


sky here is suppose to be bowing to

me cos he his still a kid as far as this

confraternity is concern.he is a f-----g gold


Sky got more furious and it could be seen in

his eyes and his vain were visibly out like

wire in his body,he draw an arrow from his

back,and the other members move

backward to the road as sky position his

arrow directly on nath.

Ken:bros abeg pardon my brother,let just

punish him abeg.

Sky:your brother sin deserve just one

punishment and that is death.

he killed a

dragon lord and he must be killed,he will

died by the same weapon he always

cherish*he said and draw the arrow and

nath scattered into pieces.”he who live to

die will die to live,that is for lord

Samuel”**he said and walk back to the

road**brenda pick the money from the car

lets leave here”.

Ken stood abrupted staring at the direction

of his brother pieces with tears in his eyes

then he brought out a knive and throw it to

the direction of sky in a bid to kill

him,unfortunately for him,he was seen by

Brenda from the car mirror who quickly

draw out a knive and trow it directly to ken

knive and it hit the knive and brought it

crashing down,the sound of the two knives

make the others to look back,then she draw

another knive in a jiffy and throw it to ken

and it went straight to his heart which bring

him down with blood hoozing out from his

mouth and he slumped down dead.

Sky:meet your brother in hell**he said when

he went close to his body and use is leg to

kick his lifeless body.**”thank you Brenda

for saving my life.

Brenda:anything for you my love**she said

admist joy then she realised what she has

said**”oh,sorry boss i mean my lord”she

said facing her gaze on the ground.

Sky:that is kind of you,now get take money

and get into the car let go.

Brenda: ok boss**she said aloud.”how i

wish he can just tell me now that he loves

me”**she said in her mind staring at Ezra

and pelumi who were smiling at her little

drama sheepishly.

then they all enter the car

with money and zoomed off.

the headquarter of police ugbor

sergeant tony ran into the station like

someone that is been chased by


seeing him,the officers at the

counter ran through the back door.

S.tony:will you come back here**he said and

they started coming back taking a step at a

time.”where is the d.p.o?.

Police 1:sir,he is in his office.**and sergeant

tony ran into the direction of the office.

Pol2:why he come dey run around na**he

said stretching his neck to the direction.

Pol1:wait o,na only him come back among

the fifteen officers wey follow am commot

o,you sure say no be dragons dem go follow

fight again?.

Pol2:na true o,na dem again,those people go

just dey kill people like chicken.

Pol1:me i don make up my mind already any

day wey d.p.o go say make i go follow dem

exchange gun i go just retire sharp sharp.

Police 1:lol…you no serious.

Pol2:you see me say i put water for mouth

talk am?,i even hear say there capon na one

arrow wey get bomb he dey use.

¤meanwhile,sergeant tony barge into the

d.p.o office which make him to be visibly


D.p.o:sergeant,what kind of nonsense is


S.tony:am sorry sir.sir it as happen again.

D.p.o:what has happen again?.

S.tony:the dragon squad have killed all our

men,i managed to run into the bush i would

have been dead by now.

D.p.o:you mean you ran away?,you were

suppose to stand and protect that money by

all disappointed in you

sergeant**he shouted.

S.tony:with all due respect sir,will you have

preffered it if i am dead?.

D.p.o:there is no time to battel words with

you,lets go back to the place and get those

guys arrested.

S.tony:what!!,go back there again?,am sorry

to say this sir,am not going.

D.p.o:sergeant,what did you just say?.

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