Ambrose Goes to Village - S01 E14

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(Samuel Side Of The Story)

My Dad Transferred my school fees money

and asked my to use it to pay for my school

fees, i was happy that i will pay my school

fees finally, i took my phone to pay the

school fees through mobile phone because

the amount is (450.000 Naira)

when i was through doing the payment and

in the

next 2 minutes M.T.N sent me a

message saying “you have successfully

subscribed for 8years 129,000GB with the

sum of 450,000, Thank u for choosing MTN

….The witches in my village just

whisperd to my ear…”is our work oo


I fainted


(Ambrose side of the Story)

i woke up in the evening and went to the

kitchen to eat when my dad sent me an

errand to go and buy salt for the rice his

cooking and i remembered something that

happened when i was still little


My mother almost killed me the day I was

sent to go buy salt for a jollof rice that

was already on fire,after 2hrs of waiting

for me,only for my mum to come out to

see me in front of the street doing

“change your style, yah!,another style

woooo!,be like that!!”..

I was still ” being like that” when mum

landed thunder on my left ear..

For complete seven days,I was

continuously hearing “mother in the

kitchen cooking rice”..

I was still in thought when i got to were i

wanted to buy the salt and i saw Nkechi,

Gentle’s Girlfriend, i greeted her

Me: hi Mrs Gentle

Nkechi: please am not Mrs Gentle

Me: but Gentle is your Boyfriend

Nkechi: yes he used to be but he later dumped me

after using me

(i felt bad for her chai na me give that guy

code o but why will he leave her kwanu)

Me: i will talk to him when i see him

Nkechi: Please just don’t border yourself,

how i wish you were him, i believe you

wouldn’t have dumped me, i stirred at her

not knowing what else to say,

Me: Ok dear

Nkechi: bye dear i have to go now is getting


she said and pegged my cheek which sent

electric round my body, she noticed it and

smiled and left me, and i was still standing

like a ghost when ant bit me on my

shoulder, which kind ant be this nah,,,,

mtweee, i said and walked to the store and

bought the salt, from Cynthia the one that

says she loves me she gave the salt to me

free of charge i thanked her and left not

after declined her request of kissing me,

when i got home i met my dad and he said i

should go and add it at the food, i went into

the kitchen added it and after, the food was

done and we both ate and slept off

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