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As soon as my husband was awake enough to understand what I was saying I asked him again for the seventeenth time…

Oga, which work are we doing?

He looked at me confused; I wasn’t in the mood to explain anything.

I asked again which work are you doing sir, which office are you working at? Which job do you have right now?

He looked surprised that I already knew about his job loss.

I am currently in between jobs; he said.

Please don’t patronize me; I replied him.

What exactly is happening here? Do we have a job in this house or we are jobless? I asked again more assertive.

Please try to understand, like I said before I am currently in between jobs. He still replied.

The look on my face showed that I’m not buying that explanation, so he continued.

Two weeks ago, for no just reason, I was sacked in the office.

I had the best appraisal; I was already being considered for promotion.

The company didn’t have a cogent reason for sacking me. I was just sacked.

The only explanation I can find for being sacked in the office was that you have probably cursed me. My husband said.

Ahhhhh, this discussion will not be between us alone. We need to take this to Pastor; I replied him.

Just when I thought all was over.

That was when it dawned on me, that all the things that Pastor asked me to do all this while, that looked so foolish was actually a revelation.

It is actually beyond the wisdom of this world. All I did in the last one month was not to say bad things to my husband.

I also submitted to him in his absence. I respected him even without him being around me.

Without just doing anything, God rendered him jobless. That number one thing that he has been using to brag all this while.

His position as bread winner was taken away without me asking…

Wow, God is good.

I stood up from my husband’s side and went to the kitchen to prepare a meal for him.

This meal was not to celebrate the loss of a job, we will deal with that later.

This meal was to celebrate God fighting for a small girl like me without me lifting a finger.

I don’t need to be fighting this man again all I need to do is submit totally as a wife and then God will fight for me.

I whipped up a very nice delicious meal.

I served my husband like a king, with all the best cutleries in the house.

I set the intercontinental dish on the table with napkins. Just the way it’s being done in a 7-star restaurant.

I assisted my husband to the table.

I told him; Eat the food my darling husband.

He was looking at me.

When I turned my back to him to switch on the dining light, I could see my husband perceiving the food as if to determine if poison had been added to the meal prepared.

I chuckled within me, now the hunter has become the hunted.

Now that he is afraid to eat my food, I sat down beside him and served him and myself.

I blessed the food and started eating.

I noticed he was still not eating; he was looking at me with wonder mixed with fear on his face.

I was beginning to get worried myself, have I carried this act too far that he is now so much afraid of me?

Ok oga, what happened? why are you afraid to eat? As you can see, I’m eating the food too; I asked him.

My husband started shedding quiet tears.

My husband, I have forgiven you, I have let go of the issues. What is it again?

Are you feeling pains where you were hurt? I asked him and at the same time I stood up from my chair to check if the injuries in his body is causing him discomfort.

That same instance my husband went down on his knees with obvious pains but neglecting the pains just to kneel before me.

No no no no no don’t kneel for me; I am just your wife. I have forgiven you and let go the matter.

Let’s leave this issue please, the future is more important to me than the past.

God had fought for me. I am happy and I know our future can be better. Please stand up; I told him.

Please my wife, I am sorry. I am very sorry. I have one more confession to make and this will hurt you.

Oh my God!!! Just when I thought my nightmare was over, we are still confessing….

Ok oh….. Oga let me hear it ooo


Then he dropped the bomb shell.


Men can be wicked

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