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My husband said; I just wanted to confess that,…. that…….

Oga talk fast; I interjected.

When I was still a single brother, I had sex with a lady who had an infection. I was treated of the infection by a quack doctor.

This infection was not totally eradicated from my system. This infection led to the destruction of the balls in my scrotum and the doctor confirmed after various tests were carried out that I cannot father a baby anymore. This is because my system does not produce sperm again.

Ahhh……Men can be wicked.

All this while, you have been telling me I am barren.

You had been calling me the he-goat while you are the root cause. You are sterile.

You married me even though you knew you can’t father a baby. You are the reason I’ve not been able to carry my own children all these years; I said in tears.

OH my god!!!!!!

I continued……

I’m sorry I can’t process this right now, I screamed with tears streaming down my face.

I’ve just been stabbed in the heart…

I left him kneeling there and went into my room. I locked the door.

God why me!!!!!! I started crying. This is so painful.

What are my options? I cannot do Ivf because he doesn’t even produce sperm.

I cannot sleep with another man, that means I will go to hell for adultery. Babies on earth is not worth going to hell for.

I want to have my own children. I want to be called ‘mummy’.

God why?????

He kept banging at my door, telling me he was sorry, that he had to tell me in the spirit of reconciliation.

Who reconciliation help when I can’t have babies.

I called Pastor, I told him everything that my husband just said.

Pastor handed the phone over to his wife to speak to me.

She told me….

Yes, sister Joy, we had known all these while that your husband was the problem because God had revealed it to us.

We were more interested in settling your home first and we are sure that he will confess it to you at the right time.

Sister Joy, in the spirit of reconciliation, so that Satan will not have any points against you, I want you to forgive your husband, so that your family can move forward. Pastor’s wife concluded.

Please ma; I interjected,

Every time the woman is always asked to forgive but will I forget when I can’t have children?

I could hear Pastor Mrs. telling her husband to park the car and please speak with me. That he needs to tell me the story now.

Sister Joy, we will call you back shortly, kindly allow Pastor to park the car somewhere safe; she said.

Pastor called back and I picked at the first ring.

Sister Joy, your story is similar to mine; he said.

Exactly six months after I started working on getting my wife back and she had started responding to my plans, I got a call from the hospital.

The caller said that my wife was being wheeled to the theatre for an urgent operation.

I was so confused; my wife was never sick.

So, I asked the caller; which wife are you talking about?

He mentioned the names of my wife and the name of the hospital.

I ran to the hospital without a change of clothes. I was wearing two different shoes.

At the hospital, I got the shock of my life…..

My wife came to abort a six-month-old pregnancy because she was sure the baby wasn’t mine.

She didn’t want to confess that she got pregnant for another man.

The doctor that did the first operation, mistakenly tampered with the womb in the process of taking out the six-month-old pregnancy.

She was now bleeding and will probably bleed to death if an urgent operation is not carried out to correct the abnormalities.

Now I have the option of either allowing this woman, who has committed so much infidelity, who was pregnant for another man under my roof to die from bleeding or I should raise one million naira for an operation right now.

Confused, I decided to pray.

Right in front of the doctor, I went on my kneels to pray to God for direction.

I asked the holy spirit to take charge of the situation now.

I know as a human being; I will definitely be emotional and misbehave but if the holy spirit takes over me, I will act as an extension of heaven and my actions will be supported and backed up by God.

The doctors and nurses were looking at me as if I was crazy. My wife who was groaning in pain was staring at me in fear..

I stood up being led of the holy spirit, I went to my wife and I told her that I forgive her from the bottom of my heart.

I let go of the issue. I told her that she should please stay strong for me because we are going to live together till old age.

I gave her a kiss and I sign the form for the operation, telling the doctor that in thirty minutes we will pay for the operation as I am on my way to the bank to transfer the last fund in my account to save my wonderful wife.

The operation took over sixteen hours, as the doctor battled to save my wife from the claws of death.

After the operation was successful, the doctors told me that they would have given up on my wife but could not because there was a man standing outside who loves his wife beyond her faults.

They felt it is their duty to ensure that, that man sees his wife again.

So any time her vitals fall below level, they would all in one accord, start praying that she will come back alive to meet her husband.

That was when I learnt the lesson that love is contagious and true love can save a life.

But the down side of the operation was that, in order to save her life, the womb was removed permanently.

So, Sister Joy, as at today, my wife does not have a womb.

We hope that God will do a miracle and give us children. She has not had a single menstruation after that operation.

But these facts never disturb the joy in our marriage. In-fact as at today, I never wish to have married any other lady other than the best wife God has given me.

Sister Joy, your case is different. It is just sperm that is not being produced.

God can easily change the hormones to start giving children, but God can only answer your prayers when you forgive him totally and love him according to biblical standards.

So, stand up, go back to your husband, forgive him and let it go.

Haaaa Pastor; I replied.

I am a woman ooo. I have blood running in my veins. I am not a machine. How do I just forgive and let go like that???

Pastor replied me,

Do you know that Jesus was not a machine when he died on the cross of Calvary to forgive you of sins you are yet to commit?

My sister, if you want God to fight for you always, then you must obey Jesus 100% of the time.

Please go and forgive your husband.

You can also give him the treatment I gave my wife when she came back from the hospital after the operation.

Ok sir; I replied…..

Now you are talking. What treatment can I give him now?

I need to do something to make him know that he has hurt me.

Pastor replied; What I gave my wife was the dinner treatment…

Haaaa Pastor!!!! I should cook again for a sterile man?

Am I the one that offended?

Is it an offense to be a woman?

For the first time, I shall disobey this Pastor.

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