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Hmmmm, I can’t escape the next set of revelations.

Pastor turned and face me, his eyes steadily looking at my direction but not quite seeing me.

I could imagine some angelic figure opening up the pages of my life for the reading pleasure of Pastor.

Sister Joy! He called.

Yes sir I replied….

You made the house into a battle front, you converted your husband into a competitor, you failed in the major instruction given to women…

Simply submit to your husband.

Your mouth is too sharp, let it become quiet in humility coolval stories .

Your education is making you proud, submit it in humility

Your body is no longer your own, submit it in humility.

You are the wife and not the husband, so submit as a wife.

Why do you think your prayers had not been answered all these years, simply because heaven will never answer the prayers of a woman who had not first submitted to her husband?

Your prayers in the last one month was answered because you had started submitting.

If only women knew that submission works faster than prayers, a lot of men won’t get away with the way they treat their issues.

Finally, he turned to my husband and said.

Men who God wants to use are the ones that misbehave most. God wants to use you. Surrender to him today.

God’s mercy will turn your mess to a message,

If you bow to God now, men will bow to you too.

My husband went on to lie flat on the floor despite the pains.

Pastor Mrs. motioned to me to go close to my husband. I went to kneel down beside my husband and Pastor prayed for us.

As soon as the prayers were concluded, my husband spoke for the first time in hours.

He said:

My dear wife, I am deeply sorry, I have wronged you and your soul. I have broken every trust a wife should have in a man. I have brought disgrace to our marriage and I have stained you with scandal. I am no more worthy to be called a husband….. Please forgive me.

Haaaaaa heeeeee huuuuu hiiiii

I burst into tears, I started wailing again, ooh how can I fight a man lying down before me, begging…..

I moved close to him, held him and said;

My husband, my head I am very sorry too, I had not been the best wife, I had not submitted as I should. Please forgive me.

In tears, as delicate as possible…. I hugged my husband too, both of us were crying.

We didn’t know when Pastor and his wife left.

After a while I lifted my husband up to a sitting position. I sat by his side and made him to place his head on my laps.

Hmm, the last time I held him like this was when he was hospitalized. As soon as he got well, he went back to his old ways.

Will it be different this time?

We both slept off.

I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing.

Alfred was calling, oops! in all these troubles, my husband didn’t go to work.

Alfred is one of my husband’s co-womanizers. Another bad influence for my husband.

Hello Joy; he said.

Hello Mr. Alfred, my husband is not available now; I replied him to dismiss him.

Oh ok; He replied: I have been trying your husband’s number, it’s not going through.

Please help me to tell him that losing his job is not the end of the world. I was sacked too. He shouldn’t do anything stupid ooo


Sack who!!!!!


Just when I thought God has forgiven us.

I tapped my husband…. Oga wake up.

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