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“Say what!?!? ”

Vivian is pregnant for me, I couldn’t believe it, yeah we f----d without a condom, but being pregnant for me at this time, D--n!.

Vivian Johnson are you hearing me?

Johnson Y-y-y-y-y-y-y-esssssss, Uhm can I call you later?

Vivian Okay, don’t be long! (Giggles)

What! She’s happy, she’s nut, I can’t father a child now, the deal we made was f--k not pregnant at the long run, I sure messed things up, I broke Cynthia’s heart and now Vivian is pregnant!

I ran home and called my Cousins and brothers, this is something I need to think about, I mean I’m a Ss3 student about to write my Waec examination in a few weeks, I can’t be a father, not now!

I was too busy thinking, I didn’t see my cousins come in!

Mike Homie, what’s wrong? You look like person wey train jam oo!

Jimmy Guy Wetin happen?

Johnson I f----d up! Really f----d up!

Mike Talk! Na wetin happen?

Johnson You know that my personal f--k toy?

Jimmy Vivian! That married woman!

Johnson Yes! She’s pregnant!

Mike Really!? Her husbands seed finally came through Congratulations, looks like she won’t be calling you anytime soon

Johnson Stupid! She’s pregnant for me!

Jimmy /Mike (together) Ohh, shit! That’s messes up!

Johnson I really don’t know what to do!

My brother, Bill came in and answered my d--n question, Bill unlike the rest of the house, doesn’t chase and f--k girls like we do, he claims girls are a waste of time, so he prefer his books, he’s a real nut case, but if you want any advise on how to conquer a girl! He’s the man you need to look for!

Bill Bro, it’s simple, you’re a Johnson and stop whining over the issue! Just go and see what she might say! After all, you said it urself that she longs for a child and since her husband doesn’t suspect you, that is not a biggy!

Johnson Smart bill, anyway, how did you know about this, I never told you about it,

Bill Yes, but Mike did, he told me everything!

Well, Bill’s idea was a good one, since Fred doesn’t know about his wife’s affair, there’s hope! So I bathe and went to Vivian’s house. It was getting dark so I needed to hurry!

I arrived at Vivian’s house, I knocked and she came and opened the door, Man, she was looking ravishing, she dragged me inside and kissed me!

Vivian hmmm, darling, I miss you!

Johnson (Darling!? Is this b---h crazy ) Vivian what’s the meaning of this?

Vivian What’s wrong,?

Johnson First of all, you’re pregnant and second you’re calling me darling, Lady I ain’t ur husband..

Vivian So…… I’m pregnant for you, you should be happy,

Johnson What!? I can’t be happy, what if ur husband finds out?

Vivian Baby, don’t be silly. He already knows.

Johnson Wwwwwhhhhhaaaattttt???? Oh Lord, I’m finished.

Vivian Relax my husband thinks the babies is his!

Johnson Whew!!! But what if he asks for a DNA test and he sees its not his..

Vivian Hmmm, you men are so childish, then I’ll tell him, I went to a sperm bank! I have a friend who works there so.. Don’t worry!

(Women! We men should fear them, they are as deadly as they come, this lady had already planned everything already, We men claim to be Superior but in truth they are the real deal, God help us all)

Johnson But still, I can’t be the father….

Vivian Don’t worry, if that’s what you want.. Fine

Johnson So when did you find out??

Vivian Yesterday, I was so happy, at least it was real man that got me pregnant not a 3mins man!

Johnson (To be honest it was funny, I felt sorry for her husband though but he caused it himself)

Vivian Okay, Johnson let’s celebrate

Johnson with what?

Vivian Sex!!!

She jumped on me, and started kissing me, she was kissing me like she was possessed, she climbed on my laps, kissing along the way, D--n! She smells delicious, she was hungry for it and so was I, I quickly forget about the messy things I caused, I started messing with her, I pulled out one of her boobs from her clothes and s----d it, and massaged the other, she also was massaging my d--k, I fingered her c--t and it was dripping wet , I raised her up in my arms and started penetrating her through that position, she was heavy but I managed, I banged her p---y from under and she was loving it, we were busy f-----g when we heard a knock from the door, I quickly dropped her and pulled my trousers up and she dressed and checked herself, I went to the kitchen to hide and she opened the door.

I heard them talking in the living room and I heard he had hired a nanny to look after her wife full time unlike me on the weekend, I was desperately trying to scatter and run, Vivian called me!

I came and greeted her husband.

Johnson Evening sir

Fred Evening boy,

Johnson How’s ur day sir?

Fred Fyn… Uhm Honey! Here’s the new nanny I hired for you now that you’re pregnant, she will be helping you all through the week, since He can’t so, Ife come in..

I couldn’t see the nanny from outside but when she came in my body froze! She also saw me and she was surprised as I was but instantly shifted her gaze, You can’t believe who it was……… Ifeoma, the chick that I had just banged earlier today is a nanny in this house, I was shocked, Vivian saw the look in my eyes and she knew something was up, I helped Ife.. or Ifeoma pack into her room, when we reached I confronted her..

Johnson Ifeoma, what are you doing here?

Ifeoma I was going to ask you the same thing! I’m here as a nanny but not for long!

Johnson What do you mean?

Ifeoma He’s going to marry me soon!

Johnson What!?

Ifeoma Yes, and you from the way the madam looked and the way ur trouser is sagged I’ll say you were both busy…

Johnson What!? I don’t know what you’re talking about!

Ifeoma That’s what all guilty men say, But don’t worry you’re secret is safe with me, just as long as we continue our usual business!

Johnson What! But you’re going to be married to him now!

Ifeoma So, I don’t like the guy, he’s so full of himself and he’s a terrible f--k! No foreplay nothing, its just that he’s rich, thats why!

(God, Wahala dey, this one wants me to f--k her, na wetin be this na!? Cheii)

I left the room, went to the kitchen and came face to face with Vivian.

Vivian Johnson, who’s that b---h?

Johnson Who?

Vivian Don’t be stupid, who’s that s--t? I was the way you were looking at her!

Johnson (this b---h called me stupid I’m gonna teach her a lesson) She’s my friend and we usually f--k!

Vivian No wonder! So that’s he’s new s--t now, and he has the audacity to bring her here as a nanny.

Johnson So…. I heard she’s gonna be married to him soon, but pls don’t tell him.

Vivian What? Really? Okay if that’s his plan, let’s the games begin..

She knelt down pulled my trousers and took my d--k into her mouth, she was s-----g the life out of me, thank goodness she did it near the kitchen table, so that nobody could see her, she was doing a good job s-----g me off, I tried to make her stop but she wasn’t listening, she grabbed my ass and pulled my d--k more into her mouth, as we were doing it, her husband stood at the kitchen door.

Fred Houseboy!

Johnson y-y-yess sir!

Fred where’s Vivian?

Johnson ( hmmmm, this woman is killing me down there) I don’t know sir, she probably went out..

Fred Hmm, okay, By the way! Are you okay? You seem to be in pain.

Johnson No sir, I’m fyn, (Fool your wife is trying to rip my d--k off)

Fred Okay

He left, thank God, Vivian wasn’t slowly down she held me tight from behind s-----g my d--k and luckily for me, I came straight into her mouth, she s----d it clean and swallowed, she stood up, sat on the kitchen table and opened her p---y another f--k!

Vivian Hurry and f--k me, we have unfinished business.

Johnson But Vivian…..

Vivian Shut up or I’ll scream for rape! Ur choice.

D--n! This b---h is repulsive, I positioned my d--k and drilled into her, I f----d her with all I had, I pounded her p---y, I couldn’t go fast so that we wouldn’t be heard, but I went deep and rough, I pushed all my d--k into her, she wrapped her legs tightly around my waist, her boobs were juggling up and down, I s----d and bit on them, we were going rough on eachother, her p---y walls clenched tight around my d--k , and I was firing it deedeep inside her, Vivian was trying to moan, it seems she was angry about what I told her and wanted her husband to see her F-----g me, I kissed her to shut her up, she tried to resist but I forced it on her, in about some minute, I came deep inside her c--t, she also came too, After we both had rest we left the kitchen, I did some little house work, then I left!

Man! What a day, Vivian and ifeoma in the same house, this is going to be very unpleasant, I thought about Cynthia and decided to apologize to her about what happened and Felicia hasn’t called me for a while now, well the bright side was I’m going to write my Waec in a few weeks and after that, bye bye Abuja, I’ll be going to Enugu or Lagos for university.

As I was on my way home, I was a text message and viewed it, it was from Vivian,

“Hi, player, nice f--k in the kitchen, you sure were banging her brains out, I even came watching you two, Can’t blame her, No lady can resist ur nice big black mamba! Looking forward to taste it inside me”

What!? She saw us? Man, this Ifeoma is go into be a real pain in my ass.

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