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I felt good when I left Cynthia’s house, but I also felt bad for leaving her like that, to be honest its not fair, its like stealing a hungry man’s food! My d--k was on the verge of exploding! It was hard as ever, and I couldn’t go on the streets like this, so decided to check who among my cumdumps was available! I called Vivian but she was not answering, I called both BigBam and Felicia still no answer! So I finally called Ifeoma and fortunately, she answered.

Johnson Hi, Ifeoma how far now?

Ifeoma I’m fyn oo, u?

Johnson I’m……. managing! Are you at home?

Ifeoma Yes… Is something wrong?

Johnson No… Nothing, I just want to visit!

Ifeoma Okay, I’ll be waiting.

After the call, I quickly stopped a taxi , I entered and we drove off to Ifeoma house. The taxi driver was quick, he reached the place in no time, I paid him off and jogged to Ifeomas house! I entered the compound and went straight to their own apartment, knocked and waited for her to open, it took a while but she finally opened!

Women! Hmmm, she wore an oversized singlet probably for BigBam and a tight bum short, there was heat in the area and the sun came out brightly, to make things worse, there was no electricity in the house!

I came in, the house was stuffy but it was okay, she walked pass me, twerking her ass, my d--k became more harder, the sensation was to much so I sat down so she wouldn’t notice my bulge!

She brought me some water and drank all, anyways I was thirsty, we started talking about, alot of things, but I was concentrating more on her body! She sat crossing her legs and balancing her arms on the arm sofa! I could see her p---y shape with the way she sat! She didn’t wear any pant! I could tell she was deliberately tempting me with her body! I was really sweating and my d--k was on fire, I could barely control myself, she noticed my distress and asked what the matter was!

Ifeoma Johnson are you alright?

Johnson Oh, i’m fyn, I just need to go to the toilet to ease myself.

Ifeoma Okay, let me show you!

We both went to where the toilet was located, as we were about to reach the toilet, I saw her room open, I grabbed her from behind, pushed her into the room and locked the door!

She was surprised, though she was enjoying every bit of it but she never showed it, I pushed her on the bed, I removed my trousers and jumped on her! I kissed her ferociously, she accepted it warmly, I massaged and bit her n----e through the singlet, she on the other hand was massaging my d--k , I didn’t go for regular foreplay, I shifted her shorts and penetrated her p---y, it was tight and wet, I f----d her fast and hard, my hips and waist were doing the moving, I was penetrating her fast and hard, Ifeoma was moaning and urging me to slow down, she probably never experienced this kind of d--k, but I didn’t listen, the only thing in my mind was f--k and c-m!

The heat in the room, made the sex sweeter, we were both sweating profusely, her singlet was wet from sweat and drool, her boobs were bouncing from the f--k, I was still going faster and in about some minutes, Ifeoma came hard, she quirted all over as she came, I ripped her singlet and shorts, the real f--k is about to start, I was still hard as ever and I’m a long way from cumming! I positioned my d--k close to her face for the bj but she refused!

“Sorry oo, I can’t take that inside my mouth, you’ll choke me to death”

I couldn’t believe it, but she has some other holes, so I balanced her for the d----e style, I fingered her p---y from behind, she was moaning like a little puppy, she was loving the treatment, I placed my d--k on her ass, rubbing it on her ass, I also teased her by pushing the tip of my d--k in and out! She was begging me to f--k her, but I kept teasing her until she couldn’t take it anymore.

“Abeg now, f--k me”

I pushed my d--k inside her ass slowly, taking to make her adjust to the size, slowly and slowly, her ass swallowed my entire d--k, I pounded her ass, increasing my pace, she was moaning, biting her lips, I gained my waist going faster and harder, her ass cheeks was pressing and smashing my d--k, the harder I pounded, the tighter she became, I was going in a faster pace, shoving my d--k inside her ass more and more, she was moaning and yelling!

” Eewooo, you don break my ass! Yeses, yes, eeeeee, jeeeesussss ooo, you don finish me, pls go deppper! ”

I spanked her ass hard, she was yelling and crying, still she was urging me to f--k her deep, I was soon going to c-m, so I removed my d--k from her ass, and banged her missionary style, her legs balanced on my shoulders, I drilled deep into her p---y, she held tightly on my ass, she was moaning and dripping with sweat we kept f-----g in that position till we both came, I came inside her deep! After I came, I slept on top of her with my d--k inside her, after a while NEPA bought light, the fan rolled and rolled till it went fast and the atmosphere became cool!

Ifeoma Wow, John u can f--k oo, I’ve never been drilled like this!

Johnson I know you would like it!

Ifeoma But why did you c-m inside me? You came like a horse, I could get pregnant!

Johnson Sorry babe, but you were too sweet!

Ifeoma Just pray I don’t get pregnant, if I do, you’d better take responsibility. But still being pregnant for you won’t be a bad idea.

Johnson What!? I hope you’re joking! Cause I’m not yet ready!

We slept with eachother, after a while, I woke up, took my bath and wore my clothes, Ifeoma had also woke up and bath, she kissed me goodbye and I took off, I checked my phone, and I saw 10missed calls from Vivian, so I called her to see what’s up!

Johnson Hello, Vivian, how r you?

Vivian I’m fyn,….

Johnson So what’s up?

Vivian Johnson, I’m pregnant!

Johnson Wow congratulations! Finally you and ur husband can start a family.

Vivian Johnson, the baby is yours! I’m pregnant for you!

Johnson Say What!!?!?

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