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Monday had arrived and going to school wasn’t good for me, I messed up with Cynthia and I wanted to apologize and tell her, she’s making a B-I-G mistake but I couldn’t even in class, she would look at me, and whenever I look at her she quickly turns away her face.

During break time, I decided to meet her once and for all.

Johnson Cynthia…


Johnson Look, I’m sorry okay, I don’t deserve to treat you like that, pls i’m sorry.

Cynthia Why? Why? John I love you and I wanted to be with you but you just……. Forget it.

Johnson Come on, we don’t need to have sex to show ur love to me.

Cynthia That’s my choice, okay! I thought you we’re different but….. Are you gay???

Johnson (What!? B---h pls, enough of this bullshit) Hey, listen the reason why I left you is because I admire and respect you! I sleep with lots of girls and dump them! I didn’t want you to feel hurt, you have something that most girls don’t have, decency, You’re beautiful and smart, ur Virginity is not something you give away because you love a guy! We can have a normal relationship without having sex, If you feel otherwise, Then pls F--k off.


I walked away from her, it wasn’t good but I was right, I can’t hurt an innocent girl like her, I couldn’t believe myself, Saying all that stuff, Me the lady killer, saying I don’t want to sleep with you??? What!? I really need to check myself, something is wrong, if my family hears this, I’m f----d!

I walked pass by Mrs Felicia office, she was busy working out some files, before I could disappear, She called me to her office! (Its been a while b---h)

I entered her office, looking around it seemed she had made some new changes, I could still remember the f--k we had! Hmmmm, Kai, Women are indeed the finer things in life.

Felicia John!

Johnson Yes? Oh Good morning

Felicia Morning john, How are you?

Johnson Ohh, I’m good

Felicia John, are you free tonight?

Johnson Yes! Why do you ask?

Felicia I want you to come to my house, I have a surprise for you! And I’m bringing an extra something to tag along with me

Johnson Yeah, about that…..

Felicia Is something wrong?

Johnson No, so can I bring someone?

Felicia No, No just you alone!

Johnson So where’s the house?

Felicia Here’s my Card! The address is there!

Johnson What time…..

Felicia 8pm, don’t be late( winks)

I took the card and left the office, D--n, this woman wan finish me, I don’t have enough stamina to f--k to women, not after all the f-----g I have been doing throughout the weekend, if it was only Felicia, I can manage but two, and I don’t even know what the other one looks like.

I went to class, thinking of a way to solve my problem then an idea struck me! Mallam Garba’s d--k enhancement medicine, I was so delighted, this hausa men sure knows what can give ur d--k a boost, I wonder how their women cope(Poor bitches).

After school, I went straight to Mallam Garba’s kiosk, it was locked , D--n, I decided to check his house if he was around! As I approached the house, I heard moans coming from within!

Wuuck, Wuuck, Wuuck, That’s the sound I heard coming from Mallam Garba’s house, he was definitely Massacaring the ladies p---y, and the moans I heard from the lady was very familiar, I knocked at the door and the f-----g stopped!

Mallam Garba Who be that son of Goat? I say who?

Johnson Mallam Garba! Na me oo

Mallam Garba Who???

Johnson Johnny boy

Mallam Garba Oh, sorry oo, Johnsin! I know say na you wetin haffening? I dey busy!

Johnson Hmm, Mal. Garba, that medicine wey you give me, I want another one, I go catch two fish this night!

Mallam Garba Shege yaro, But wallahi ee don pinish! But I get another one, this one yana da Power like Superman! If you f--k any girl with this, Heh, heh, She no go fit waka, wallahi. Make I go bring am!

Johnson Thank you, Mal. Garba,

I waited for him outside, but I was curious to see who he was pounding so hard, I peeped and I saw a big ass nyarsh, as I was admiring the thing, my eyes caught the writing “Mine” that’s when I realised it was BigBam.

She was the only person who has that mark on her ass, D--n, what a s--t, so I wasn’t the only f-----g her, even Mal. Garba was s------g her! Well, I wish her good luck cause Mallam Garba is going to smash her ass to pieces.

He came out with the stuff and told me to drink with before, I f--k, and if I drink it without f-----g anybody, my next stop will be the land of the dead. I thanked him and went home.

As I got home, I did my usual stuff, Read, Eat, sleep, hangouts and the rest, Soon time went by fast, I bath, shaved the hair off my d--k, dressed and drank the medicine, I took Felicia’s card and took off.

I arrived at her house, it was a nice place, a storey building, a garage, and a garden, It was lovely though but I doubt if her salary was doing all this! No way!

I knocked at the door, and she came and opened it, she wore a Sexy bikini like the ones pornstar used to wear, and D--n, she smells nice, she grabbed my hand and took me straight inside, and as we went further into the house, I saw a beautiful Sexy, lady, D--n, she was…………. I can’t explain! Oboi, she has everything, boobs, ass, hair, she had all the necessary package! She was smoking hot, she also wore the bikini like Felicia, I sat down in their middle, and they were rubbing me all over,

Lady What’s ur name, Handsome?

Johnson Johnson

Lady My name is Kate, but call me Mrs kat.

D--n! I was in heaven, Kate just started kissing me! Felicia joined in it too, we were all kissing ! They removed my clothes till I was naked, Kate grabbed my d--k and started massaging, and she was really good,

While Felicia and I were kissing, Kate massaged my d--k, at that moment the medicine I took started taking effect, my d--k was becoming thicker and harder. Kate was surprised by the size of my Rod!

Kate D--n boy, I can’t believe the size of this! Looks like Felicia was right, I haven’t seen a guy with a d--k like this in my life! Felicia, you tried though, Wow, that’s what I call a Real man’s d--k!

Felicia Don’t worry darling, this d--k will be ours for the night!

Kate Oh, yes it will, Let’s go into the Room!

Johnson Uhmm! What room?

Kate Don’t be a p---y, Let’s go!

Kate and Felicia grabbed me and took me to the Room!

What the hell is that? Maybe it’s a love nest! Well no pressure, My superman d--k will practically Divide and conquer their pussies into submission!

(Adios, see you in the next Episode)

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