The Nemesis Of Ezra - S02 E14

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unknown guy: oya,bring wetting dey you

pocket now.

Bolu:bros na only money we hold for

here**he said putting his hand in Ezra

pocket to remove the money which he gave

to the guy with big voice.

Unknown guy;make una commot here

before i chop una intestine.

They stood up and left the place looking at

their back occasionally to avoid story that



The other members including sky were

surprised when Ezra and boluwatife walked

in with an expression that can kill a week

old baby.

Pelumi:ezra wetting happen,why you come

squize your face like lucky dube dread?**he

asked standing up from his seat.

Brenda:talk na abi person die?.

Sky;where is the money that i sent you guys

to withdrew?.

Ezra:boss we were attacked by another

confra on our way.**he said in a cracked

voice and the others were shocked.

Sky:guyz make una calm down na,before we

go reason those people where is the


Ezra:boss,they collected the money from us.

Sky burst into a huge laugh when he heard

what Ezra said and the others were


Nath:bros,why you come dey laugh na?

Sky;you wan tell me say another fraternity

collect dragon money for this state and you

say make i no laugh?,by the way which cult

be that one self?.

Bolu:bros na eiye boys o.

Pelumi:wait,you mean say na ordinary eiye

boys get liver collect una money for road?.

Brenda;this one weak me o eiye don baff?.

Sky:for this full Benin city,eiye boys get mind

collect my money**he said standing up with

rage)”infact i wan make that their leader

miss this night,i mean i want a full human

being no be foul o to lost for this

town.nath,kelvin,and pelumi make una roger

that guy come here before today.**he

said and used his long hair to round his

neck and then,he walked out from the

sitting room.


The trio went to the resident of the eiye

capon,it was an uncomplicated building

situated in a thick forest probably an

abandoned project.they were surprise when

they enter the room and meet john

popularly known as pink head sleeping and

snoring like an hungry cow on the

ground,the room was so dry to the extent

that the thing he was sleeping can no

longer be called a bed rather it can be best

described as a rag picked from under a

bridge.pelumi hit the guy and he woke up

looking everywhere around the room like a

pastor ghost that mysteriously find his self

in hell.

Nath:idiot stand up,our boss summon your


John:make una leave me o,i know do

anything o.**he said and wanted to run

when pelumi hit the back of his gun hard on

his head and he fainted.


His hands were tied to the back of a chair

and he was made to sit comfortably on the

chair,he has not woke up yet due to the

impact of the gun that was hit on his

head.just then,brenda came out with a

bucket of water and pour them on his face

in a splash,he woke up and was shocked at

the people that he was seeing.

John:abeg make una no kill me i no do

anything o.

Sky:do you know me?.

John;bros,i nevr see you for real life before

but i dey see you for newspaper and

television. you know this guy?.*he said

pointing at Ezra.seeing Ezra trigger tears in

john eyes and he started crying.

John:bros abeg,i no no say na your

boys,please forgive me,i no go ever do am

again infact,i go return the money times


Sky:i dont need the money anymore.pelumi,

quote the 11th commandment for me.

Pelumi:the 11th commandment in the book

of exodus says and i quote,”forgiveness is a

sin and blood must surely go for blood,if

anybody kill your cat he better hide his dog.

Sky:am sure you heard that correctly and

vividly,i will use you as an example for other

fraternity that the dragon squad is not a

play thing for children.**he said and

strangled him to death with his

hands.”pelumi and Ezra,bundle this idiot

body and take him back to were he was

brought from,make sure you arrange him

on his bed as if he was sleeping.**he said

and use his hair to round his neck and he

left the house.

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