The Nemesis Of Ezra - S02 E13

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Ezra was dumbfounded from what she

heard from esynachi,he was confused on

what to tell her as she kept on crying on

Johnson dead body.

Pelumi;ezra,i think we should leave this girl

alone**he said patting Ezra on his shoulder.

Ezra:but i can’t let this girl to leave me like

that na.

Pelumi:lets go dude,we have killed her joy

already,ending her life now is like helping

her ministry,i think the best thing to do now

is to leave her to fate.

Ezra: ok!,let go**they all step out leaving

esynachi who was still crying

profoundly,ezra was the last person that

step out,he stopped at the door and stare at

esynachi “i can’t allow this girl to stay

alive”he thought in his mind and shoot

esynachi on her head and she died on

Johnson body.

Pelumi: (looked back follow by the other

members)what!,ezra why did you kill her?.

Ezra:why shouldn’t i kill her?**he answered


Brenda: i still think you shouldn’t have killed


Ezra:is it your mission?,did i stop you from

killing those people at the church?.

Brenda:but you where the person that killed

the priest not me beside now i find out that

i never loved derick.

Ezra;now i find out that i never loved her

too,i was just lusting at her beauty since i

can’t have her nobody will.

Patrick:look guyz there is no need crying

over spilled milk,the deed as already been

done and there is nothing we can do about

that.let leave here now before the cops

arrive**he said patting Ezra and Brenda

shoulder,they entered the car and then

zoomed off.


sky was in the sitting room drinking with

his long hair rounded on his left hand when

Ezra walked in.

Ezra:tuale for the boss**he said raising his

two hands up.

Sky:sit down and join me na.

Ezra:shey,no kpole for this one o,coz i can

still remember what happen the last time i

chop that thing like yesterday**he said

pointing at the bottle on the table while

sitting down.

Sky:i dont take igbo anymore.

Ezra;shooo,which pastor deliver you?.

Sky;i stop smoking when she caught me in

the act.

Ezra:when you said she, who are you

referring to?.

Sky;chindimma na,abi i get another she

again?.she travelled to u.k. For her master

degree that is why you have not been

seeing her.

Ezra;mmmmm,but that one no come mean

say make you no admire other girlz na.

Sky: And who said am not admiring other

girlz?,if you see a perfect creation of God

you admire her na so that we will keep on

reminding God that he really tried in his

creation,but it will not pass admiring o.

Ezra:what if she now find out that you are a


Sky:when we get to that bridge we will

cross it,for now go to the nearest Atm and

withdrew 20 thousand for me i want buy

more bullet coz i have a feeling that a great

battle is coming,take boluwatife with

you**he said handling an atm card to him

which Ezra collected and went out.


Brenda was walking too and fro in the

compound hitting her phone in her hand

when he saw Ezra coming out of the duplex

that belong to sky,then he rushed toward


Brenda: how did it go?.

Ezra: (shaking his head)he is still with the

girl,she has not been seen because she

went to u.k. For her masters.

Brenda: what am i going to do now please

tell me what i should do **she said in a sad


Ezra:i advice you to find a way and lock

those your feeling up coz the sky that i

know can never cheat on that girl.

Brenda:how do you expect me to do that

eh?,you dont know what i am feeling inside

of me i feel like charming him.

Ezra;dont even go there!!,i have tell you my

own if you come go do your own you are

o.y.o (own your own)for me i have

somewhere to go with boluwatife **he said

and left her there.


Boluwatife and Ezra were coming back from

the bank after the withdrew,they where

passing through a lonely road when they

were stopped by some guyz who were

smoking weed in an uncompleted building.

Bolu:ezra i told you that we should take a

car and you said we should do a little

exercise now shey you see what you have

caused ba**he said in a whisper;

voice; i say make una come una dey form

jadon for there ba?.

Ezra wanted to run away when he saw

more guyz coming out from corner they

were about six in number with knives and

axe.then he codedly hold boluwife and they

went there to meet the guy with baritone

voice who he suspected to be the capon.

Voice: oya make una kneel down (and they

knelt down).i tell una make una jass come

here una dey form activity for there ba,you

no no say na we get this area?,make una

submit everything wey they una pocket


Ezra:ehh!*he has not completed the word

when a hot slap was landed on his face.

Bolu:abeg we go submit am.

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