The Nemesis Of Ezra - S02 E15

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The dragon squad were drinking and

chearing in the sitting room when sky

walked in with his phone in his hand,and

they all stood up cheering his name.

Sky:guyz we have an emergency mission

tomorow. I just received a call from officer

Monday now that the sum of fourteen

million naira is going to be shifted from

Benin to abuja on road,with police escort by


Pelumi:waoh,that is what i call good

news,14m na block o.

Nath:boss,will officer Monday be among the


Sky:no,i told him not to stay anywhere close

to the guys should prepare your

weapon well because,from what i was told

the security will be very tight.

Ken:boss what plan are we going to use?.

Sky:we will use plan 2.5.2.

Ezra:shooo,which one be plan 2.4.2 again?.

Sky:it is called the act of using a clown to

deceive the enemy.brenda will wear sexy

cloth and stay on the road as if her car

broke down just to slow them down then

we will come out of the bush and kill them.

Brenda:me again,why me?.

Sky:coz you are the woman among us and

you know the power that women have over guyz should get prepared we leave

at 1pm tomorow.**he said and pour some

drinks in a cup for him self and then he left

the sitting room.

At an unknown bar

two guys walked into a bar,it was a very

busy bar and loud music was emanating

from the speaker,they find a place that is

less busy with less noise and settled down

while the waiter came to take their others.

Guy 1:dont you think tomorrow will be the

best time to eliminate him,i mean this is the

first time we are going on an emergency

mission since our former boss died.

Guy2:do you think i dont have the plan set

down already?,ofcourse tomorrow am

going to become the new dragon lord.

Guy 1:i still think you should be careful,sky is

too deadly.**he said sipping from his drink.

Guy 2:see,sky is only powerful at the den,as

far as he is in the battle field he will be wide

open for destruction,i will take him by


Guy1:so what is your plan?.

Guy 2: i will go there early tomorrow

morning and hide a bazooka with a black

cloth with cap,that will cover my face so that

i can use them when the mission

know taking bazooka with me when a

sniper is my weapon will make them to

suspect that i did it.

Guy 1:what about the new members,dont

you think they are going to give us trouble?.

Guy 2:the only person that can give us

trouble there is that girl called Brenda but

am show that she will not suspect

remember we are using her as bait

tomorow.i must wedge that dragon arrow


Guy1:bros i believe you die,tuale for the new

dragon lord**he said they both hit there

cup together in a cheers,while laughing



Sergeant tony walk into the d.p.o office and

salute him.

S.tony:sir you sent for me.

D.p.o:yes sergeant,is about the money that

you and some other officers are to escort


S.tony:this is not the first time we are

escorting money sir,we will do it like we

have always done.

D.p.o:i have a bad feeling about this

sergeant,you guys should be very careful

now that the dragon squad are up and


Sergeant tony:the squad will not know sir

coz i believe no one will tell them,we will do

this smoothly like we have always done.

D.p.o:you guys should just be very

careful.meanwhile,officer Monday will not be

chanced to follow you tomorow so you and

the other officers should do it on your own.

S.tony: why is that sir,but he was suppose to

be my assistance.

D.p.o:he ask for a two days leave today,he

said that his mother died this morning and

he need to go and take care of things in his


S.tony: oh,if that is the reason he can go i

will cover for him.

D.p.o:that is good,you can go now and

remember be very careful tomorow.

S.tony: ok sir,thank you sir.**he said and

walked out of the d.p.o office.

To Be Continued..........

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