Nameless - S01 E19

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Same day

NSS headquater,abuja

James and Elizabeth walked into the building,and they met the receptionist

James:good morning

Receptionist:good morning..pls,how can i help you

James:i am james and am here to see the director

Receptionist:ohhh,he is expecting you,pls follow me

We took the elevator to the underground floor where the director office is located…

Ding,the elevator opened and she took us to the director’s office…..we knocked

Director:come in

James:good morning sir

Director:good morning guys,you are from the minister right

Elizabeth:yes sir

Director:ok,welcome to NSS

Elizabeth:thank you sir

Director:we have a very important case i want you to work on… Last month the head of staff was murdered at his private lodge and the president want to find the culprit…The case file will be handed to the both of you,i believe you can do it

James:yes sir,we will start our investigation with immediate effect

Director:ok,let me lead you to your office

They all left his office and he took them to their office

Director:the case file is on your table,i want you guys to get to work immediately and leave no stone unturned,he said and left….


Faith POV

I went to Stonez hostel to check on him,but i met the same lady i met in the morning and she told me that he is not yet back….

I went back home,took the briefcase inside my car and i drove to earth lord house,i parked at the gate and i knocked,one of the guard opened the door

Guard:your passcode



Faith:i seek the earth lord


He opened the door and i drove in,i took the two briefcase and headed towards the building,a guard opened the door for me and i entered into the large spacious sitting room…..

All the Seven lords were seated in the room with their mask on (their names are imprinted on their mask)

Earth lord:welcome agent,mission update

Faith:mission sucessful

Lord Azure:let me have the briefcases

Earth lord:you can go,you’ll recieve your payment soon,where os Stonez

Faith:he had to attend to somethings

Earthlord:what of the agent that transported the case

Faith:they escaped

Earthlord:ok,you can go,you will recieve your payment

I returned to my car and left the building,i decided to pass through Garki to see a friend,i was driving through NTA road when i saw a bike which look like mine by the road side,i pulled over and i got out of the car,i checked the bike but it is not my own,the bike has bullet holes on it,i was about leaving when i realised that the bike belongs to Stonez,i inspected the bike and i saw trail of blood on the bike and on the floor….

i picked my phone and i called him again,i heard the sound of a ringing phone nearby,i traced it and i saw his phone in the bush,that was when i realised that something bad has happened to him….

I returned to my car and i drove out of the place…..

I recieved an alert of $1million

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