Nameless - S01 E18

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Faith POV

I got stonez location after tracking him,i hit the road and rode following the map displayed on my bike GPS…

it shows that they at NTA road in garki,i got there and i sighted the red car from afar,i parked beside the car,it was empty,i searched the car and i saw two briefcase lying at the back seat,i opened the door and took the briefcase out,i tried opening it but i couldn’t ,i took it and rode away from the arra on my bike…

I wanted to tell stonez that i already have the briefcas with me,i spoke into my mouthpiece but i got no reply,i called stonez to know where he is but he is not picking his calls….

I shrugged and returned to my bike and i rode off…..

I got to my hostel around 12am,i kept the briefcase in my room,locked my door and i went to Stonez hostel..I heard people talking inside his room,i knocked and a lady opened the door

Faith:hi,pls am looking for Stonez

Sophiat:Stonez,from where

Faith:am his friend

Sophiat:he went out


Sophiat:About an hour ago

Faith:ok,when he comes back,pls tell him to call me

Sophiat:ok,your name

Faith:am faith

Sophiat:ok,am sophiat

Faith:nice meeting you…pls relay my message to him


I left his hostel hoping that he is safe….i decided that i will check on him in the afternoon,i returned to my room to get a good sleep


Diana’s pov

I just met a the president son and he invited me for dinner at a resturant along NTA road,garki…

I was in the car with my two guard when we started hearing gunshots…

my guards parked the car and one of them got down to survey the area and find the cause of the gunshot…

She signalled the other guard and they brought out their guns from the car safe,they got doen from the car

Guard:pls stay in the car till we get back

They both dissappered from sight and moment later,and i started hearing series of gunshot again,i opened the car door out of fear and ran towards the direction my guards took,i ran for about a minute before i saw a body on the floor,i moved towards the body out of curiousity to check of it is one of my guards when i heard a voice behind me

Guard:your hand up,i’ll pull the trigger if you try to act smart

Diana:it me,pls drop that gun,i said and faced them

Guard:shit,but we told you not to leave the car

Diana:yes,are you the one that kill him

Guard:no,she said and went to check the body

Diana:pls let leave here

Guard:wait,he is still alive

Diana:*i bent and check his face*OMG!!!!JESUS

pls i know him,let take him to the hospital

guard:ma,it too risky…we cant take him to the hospital,we dont know why they wanted to kill him

diana:shut up and carry him

Guard:ma,i dont think it is right to help him,we dont know the reason why they shot him,he might be a thief

Diana:just carry him,let save him first,am sure that they will come back to finish him if we leave him here

The carried him into their ar and they drove off

Daina:pls call the doctor,tell him to meet me at my house

Guard yes ma

The got to her house,they took him inside….few minutes later,the doctor arrived

Doctor:hope no problem ma

Diana:my friend got shot by armed robbers this evening and he is in a very critical condition

Doctor:where is he

we took him to my room,he brought out his emergency kit and he started treating him…

he asked us to leave the room,after about an hour,he emerged from the room

doctor:i have removed the bullets in his body but he still need to undergo surgery and he also needs blood,so i’ll advice you to bring him to the hospital immediately

diana:no i cant


diana:they are after his life,they will come and kill him if we take him to the hospital

doctor:hmmm,i have a private suite at the outskirt of abuja,i have all what i need for the surgery there

diana:ok,give us the adress so we will take him there

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