Nameless - S01 E20

1 month ago

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Omotola/Ariana POV

Gosh,i just can believe we failed our mission,i wonder how the briefcase disappeared from the car…

We were both punished by our superiors ( alpha emperors) …..

This is the first mission i’ve failed since i joined Alpha,i am very angry with myself,i need to cool off …

I decided to go chill at Stonez lodge,i took a taxi to his lodge,i got to his door and i knocked,a lady opened the door

Faith:hello,how may i help you

Omotola:pls,i seek stonez

Faith:he has travelled home

Omotola:but he did not tell me that he will be travelling

Faith :yeah,it was an emergecy

Omotola:ok thanks,i’ll give him a call



Diana POV

Am with Stonez at the doctor’s private clinic,am getting worried because stonez is still unconcious,he is on a life-support machine

Diana:doctor,this is the fourth day after the surgery and he is still unconcious

Doctor:am also worried,he can’t stay on a life support machine for a long time,it too costly

Diana:i don’t care about the cost,my father is wealthy,i just want him to be alive

Doctor:diana,i wont lie to you,his chance of surviving is very slim,try and inform his relatives

Diana:doctor,pls try your best


Three month later

Stonez is still unconscious,it seems his situation is getting worse everyday….

Diana on the other hand refuse to give up on him,she tried contacting his family but she could not find them..

She refused to inform his friends on campus because she is having a feeling that they are responsible for his predicament……

Omotala on her part had been searching for Stonez,it been three month since all his friends had sern him…

Humpty,sophiat and faith wete also searching for him…

Faith did not inform the organisation that he is missing,she kept on carrying out missions on her own,her bank account and stonez account kept growing day by day……

John/Stonez parents and sister were also worried,it been three months since they had spoken to their son,they tried calling him but they could not reach him….

James and Elizabeth are progressing in their investigation,ther are just few steps away from discovering the truth……

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