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Today I woke up to Yusuf’s missed calls, they were about 8. I had mistakenly left the phone in silent mode before going to bed yesterday, you know. And what could Yusuf be having for me that he couldn’t wait till morning? Or was it about our meeting today? He must be nervous already. I was nervous too. Perhaps he wanted a composure, sadly I was deeply asleep the time he called me. Hence, I dialed his contact and he picked after few ringings.

“AsSalama Alaykum, Good Morning!” I said.

“Wa’alaykumus Salam, Morning” He said. I could sense exhaustion in his voice. Maybe sleep was still in his eyes, but who knows?

“Hmm, I woke you up right?” I said.

“No my love, it’s okay. Ya kike?” He said.

“Fine, how about you?” I huffed.

“Alhamdulillah, fine too” He said and thus continued. “I called you yesterday but it…”

“Yes, I just saw your missed calls recently. Sorry, I slept off yesterday so early” I said.

“No problem, I also thought of that” He said.

“Okay, so…?” I hesitated.

“Oh, actually… I wanted asking if you were aware about our meeting’s postponement!” His words made me to drop down my jaw.

“Which meeting? Today’s meeting?!” I said.

“Wait, you mean you aren’t aware?” He said.

“No, Yusuf!” I bellowed.

“Hmm” He heaved a sigh and continued. “I was told by my uncle that your parents are traveling overseas today, hence no meeting”

Traveling verseas? Funny!

But wait a minute, no meeting?

And how could that even be possible?

We’ve been waiting for this day for long!

“Did my parents told him all that?” I asked hoping that none of the news was positive. “Yusuf, do not poke a prank on me please!”

Yes, he shouldn’t!

In fact, I was tensed already.

“Hmm, wallahi that was what I was told by uncle Asad. It sounded weird to me as well, can you ask your parents about it?” He said.

“Okay, ina zuwa” I said.

“Alright babe, I love you” He said.

“I love you more” I ended the call.

Thus with my nightgown still on me and my face unwashed, I quickly headed out to my mother’s room. And to say I was bewildered was an understatement, I had found her well dressed in one of her latest Ankara. And even more surprised seeing her arranging some of her belongings in two of her traveling boxes.

So everything I heard was true?

“Mum?” I muttered.

“Fatimah?” She turned wrinkling a brow.

“Where are you going to?” I queried.

“Hmm!” She heaved a sigh. “You woke up earlier than I thought. Actually, both your father and I are going on a tour to Dubai”

What! Did she just said tour to Dubai?

“Tour?” I puzzled. “Mum, tour fa kika ce!”

“Yes, and we will not come back soon!” She uttered and continued arranging her stuffs.

“This is ridiculous!” I frowned my face.

“Sorry Fatimah, I also didn’t know about it before till yesterday in the night” She said.

Ohh, so it was all my father’s idea?

Perhaps he made it up in order to stop my wedding date from being fixed. But why?

I thought he liked our relationship?

I thought he liked Yusuf?

Why then this?

“But mum, you know I’ve been waiting for today to come” I said expressing my grieve.

“Is it about the meeting?” She asked.

“Of course, yes!” I squealed.

“It will take place if we return” She said.

“And when is that?” I asked.

“I already told you, not soon” She said.

“Oh mum!” I whined.

“What, Fatimah?” She glanced at me.

And just then, I gave her a sad face.

“Uhm Fatimah if you know what is best for you, allow us to go on this trip in peace. In fact, you don’t need to be worried about the postponed meeting. Rather, you should be worried about Munir… your father left his company under the filthy ass boy” She said.

“But why should I worry about that?” I said.

“Are you asking me? Come on, it is your right and I expect you to fight over it ok?” She said.

Fight over what?

No! Absolutely NO!

My days of fighting over the company is gone. So, if my father like he should even sell it. My husband to be has a company after all, yeah!

“I can’t fight over it” I muttered.

“Why?” She queried.

“Because dad doesn’t want me to” I said.

“But it’s not his decision to make, it’s yours. If there is anyone to takeover his company, it is you because you are his only child. Don’t allow any outsider or relative to take your right away from you. I am your mother, and I know what I am saying. I believe in you, Fatimah, just like the first day I set my eyes on you. I believe I didn’t give birth to a weak child, and I believe you – my child – are better than a male child, that’s why Allah gifted us with you. Please Fatimah, make me proud. Fight for what is yours before we come ba…” She was saying when my father bounced in.

“Raliya, have you…” He paused. “Fatimah?”

I could see how surprised he was to see me.

“Good Morning, dad” I muttered.

“Morning!” He said, thus continued talking to my mother. “I… I hope you told her already?”

“Yes, and she understands” My mother said.

“Good” He huffed and smiled at me. “You’ve grownup after all, we don’t have to go on all trips with you. So, take care of the house…”

“House?” I cut in. “Why not your company?”

My words made him to wrinkle a brow…

“What do you mean, Fatimah?” He queried.

“I mean…” I was saying when his phone rang.

“Hello…” He picked the call. “Okay, we are on our way” He ended the call and turned to my mother. “It’s my pilot, he said the jet is ready”

“Toh, Alhaji. I am even done” She closed her boxes. “Saura kuma mayafin da zan daura!”

“Hurry up then, will wait in the car” He said.

“Okay” She said. Thus, he left.

That moment as the preparation continued I felt like my parents were going to leave me forever. I even had some moist in my eyes.

“Mum, please let me follow you” I muttered.

“What?” She said putting on her veil. “Don’t even start, Fatimah. I think we had already talked about it? This trip is an opportunity, you should use it in taking over our comp…”

“AsSalama Alaykum” Nanny Luba intruded. “Sorry ma, I… I came to ask if you are done”

“Yes I am done, you can pack them” Said my mother. “Fatimah, help her please kinji ko?”

“Mum, ni dai…” I complained as she cut in.

“Come on, Fatimatuu!” She shouted at me, allowing Nany Luba to take out the first box before continuing. “What is wrong with you? Are you a kid? Or am I still breastfeeding you? Your age mates are out there fighting for themselves, their rights, and so on. Some are married with kids and lot of responsibilities on their head. They don’t act childish, they act in a matured way. I expect you to behave in a matured way too. Why should you follow me when I have already told you our trip is an opportunity for you? And by the way, are you telling me I can’t have a private moment with my husband again?” Her words made tears to roll down my cheeks. “Cry all you can, Fatimah! You are a grownup now. It’s really my fault for pampering you too much!” She said and then get hold of her second traveling box and headed towards the door. “Whenever you are done crying, you can go and check your father’s room for some of his files. Go through them. You have all the time you need to read everything about his company. I will call you immediately our plane landed. I love you!”

They left and I couldn’t even say goodbye. I didn’t just want them to go without me. You know, the duration was too long. A month? Also, what she said about private moment with her husband pissed me off. So I was a pest to them? A grownup can no longer stay with his parents or follow them on journeys right? Well, thank you for briefing me mum!

After wiping off my tears, I switched off the appliances in her room and locked it before heading out to my room. F--k company, I’d not check any d--n thing! I said to myself, walking back to my room in anger. Hence, I performed ablution and prayed Fajr before going out to eat my breakfast in the dining.

While eating what Nanny Luba served me, coffee and potato chips, I kept on thinking about what my mother had said to me. Of course she was right but why should I even waste my time proving to be someone my father didn’t want me to be? He wanted a male child to inherit his company, not me.

But why did I even studied Business…?

Perhaps I should try what my mother said.

Yes, and if it works, fine…

And if it didn’t, fine too!

But from where should I even start?

Maybe from the files she asked me to read!

Thus, after breakfast I went to my father’s room as instructed and searched through. I couldn’t find the files until I decided to try checking the fridge-like vault in his room. I didn’t know the password, but I knew my father loved my mother too much and that nearly all of his codes were her birth year.

Hence, I tried the birth year and it worked. There were lot of money in one side of the vault. The other side had many files and a, Subhanallah, pistol?? What was my father doing with a gun? I wondered as I took the container of the gun and opened it. There were documents attached to it. And it was after I skimmed through them that I found composure. There was a certificate of the firearm and that of gun possession issued by the Nigeria Police Force. And a written agreement to never use the gun on people except when subjected to deadly attacks…

And it seemed he hadn’t used it before!


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