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Ever since Fatimah’s parents went overseas, she had dedicated almost all her time to her Father’s company. Whenever I called her, she would either tell me she’s busy or wants to rest. It was a good thing, I loved hardworking but it shouldn’t be too much that we wouldn’t have time to be on phone together. However, I wondered what her reaction would be if she ever find out I had a daughter. Although she knew my history, she knew my past and the things I had done, so would she welcome my daughter? Well, only time would tell. But no matter what I shouldn’t let her know about it yet. I should let us get married to each other first, then I can narrate everything to her.

I believe everything happens for a reason, but I truly regretted ever sleeping with Aminah. My parenting relationship with her was becoming something else these days, but for the sake of our daughter I opted to tolerate even the meanest things she does. Sometimes she would go out in the afternoon and come back in the evening around magrib or Isha. I had severally visited them and met only our daughter around, and if I confront her she would say I should mind my own business. One thing I learnt was she had fallen in love with someone, or something of that nature. She used to call the person even when I was around, and they’d be talking like couples.

I didn’t want my cover to blow, I didn’t want people to know about Farzana but Aminah was already involving third-parties into our lives. Like I stated earlier, she had really changed. But despite that I made sure I spent on her and Farzana. First, it was all my fault. If I had zipped my trouser on the day I first met her, maybe I would have been living in peace. But I allowed my libido to control me. I allowed her body to lure me. And here we were, having a kid together. If only I could return back to my past and make things right, but life doesn’t work that way. Once a second is gone, there is no going back. And for every sixty seconds a minute is born, and for every sixty minutes an hour is born. And so on…

“Yusuf!” A voice pulled me out of my trance.

“Fatimah?” I turned looking at the person. Truth be told, I truly wasn’t expecting her. What was she even doing here, wasn’t she busy? Or does she have something for me?

“Yes, it’s me. I’ve been knocking since!” She lamented. “Is everything alright with you?”

“Yes, actually…” I said as she walked over to me and sat on the desk in front of me. “I am okay, just thinking about you” I lied to her. I had to lie to her lest she suspect something.

“About me?” She heaved a sigh. “I’m so sorry, Yusuf. Wallahi these days I am too busy ne!”

“I understand dear, so how work?” I said.

“Work isn’t easy at all, and yours?” She said.

“Not easy too!” I huffed holding her hand. “I really don’t know how to go about our daily production. It’s a success though, but makes our work lot more complicated these days!”

“Your company?” She wrinkled a brow.

“Yes, I am even tired already” I scoffed.

“Hmm, sorry dear” She beamed a bit before she cleared her throat. “Actually, I am here to discuss about something with you, Yusuf”

“Okay babe, ina jinki” I kissed her hardel.

“Alright…” She huffed and continued. “I… I need your help in taking over my father’s company from Munir. Can you help me?”

“Your dad left him in charge, right?” I said.

“Yes, yes” She nodded her head. “Help me”

“Hmm, okay but how?” I wrinkled a brow.

That moment, she smiled…

“Thanks for asking. I want you to give me those fire evidences against him” She said.

Wait a minute, what did she just said?

So she haven’t forgotten about that?

“Hmmmm” I heaved a sigh.

“Please!” She whined.

“But Fatimah wont that costs Munir his job? You know he’s married and has kids” I said.

“Don’t worry about that” She beamed.

“Alright, I will bring them to you tomorrow. But at home or at work?” I wrinkled a brow.

“Home, and please in the morning. We can have breakfast together” She blinked twice.

“Hmm, okay babe” I kissed her hand again. Thus we spent an hour together poking fun, chitchating… etc before she eventually left.


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