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With Farzana in my life, I opted to be a good father to her by spending much of my time with her. She also loved seeing me around, I never knew she would get so attached to me like this but you know blood is thicker than water and my blood indubitably runs in her. As for Aminah, the only relationship existing between us was that of parenting. That’s all.

Today was a very cold and cloudy day, even the almighty sun was unable to shine today. And after all the necessary things at work, I drove to the house I bought Aminah. It was adjacent Police Secondary School, Minna. A two bedroom flat, with a kitchen and store. That should be quite enough for her to live peacefully with our daughter for as long as she wishes to. “Daddy, oyoyo!” Farzana ran towards me just as I drove inside the house.

Actually, she was a very strong car lover. I spoiled her though, and whenever I visited them she would insist I open the door even when I had already parked the car. Funny, right? Well, kids could be very funny at all times. And everything they do, whether good or bad is the right thing to them. You dare not shout at them for their wrongs, as though they’re the most truthful creatures!

“Oya, get inside” I opened the door for her.

“Yes, yes!” She quickly hopped in and then loudly slammed the door, she was anxious.

“Hmm” I smiled as I gently parked the car. Thus, I off the engine and alighted the car.

“Welcome, daddyn Farzana!” Aminah said, beaming. She was the one that opened the gate for me because there was no gateman.

“Thank you!” I huffed. “Did nurse Nafisah come? Don’t tell me she’s also busy today”

“Hmm, daddyn Farzana kenan” She sighed. “Actually, ta zo. And she checked Farzana…”

“Good!” I said and gulped. “Is there food?”

“Yeah, na gama girki yau da wuri” She said.

“Okay, go and serve me while I get this car lover out of my car this instant” I muttered.

“Toh, sir” She smiled and headed to the flat.

Hey, did I acted right?

I hope I wasn’t that aloof?

I really don’t like being aloof.

I just didn’t want to be too open to her, she might end up luring me just like before. If such happens this time around, I wouldn’t really forgive myself. Not even by mistake. Real men ought to be so strong, not weak.

“Farzana, let’s go inside!” I walked towards her door and opened it. “Oya, come outside”

“But daddy…” She lamented.

“But what? Hmm, if you want me to buy a packet of candy for you tomorrow…” She didn’t allow me to finish my words as she hurriedly hopped out of the car in a jiffy. Hence, I carried her on my shoulder and headed into the flat with her with a scoff.

After dinner, which was a very delicious spaghetti, I prayed Magrib and then Isha before preparing for home. But then, God recommended I stay by releasing his rain.

“Driving in rain is not good” Aminah said.

Really? Well I have done that severally.

I am only staying for my safety.

Yes, because this was night…

And our roads are bad.

“Okay, I will wait!” I said returning back to where I was sitting on, which was a couch.

“Good” She smiled and took Farzana inside. The girl had already slept… after taking her drugs. She hardly stay this long, she’d sleep.

Just as I was swiping through my phone, it started ringing. It was uncle Asad, was he waiting for me to return home already? It wasn’t even nine O’clock yet, why the call?

“AsSalama Alaykum” I said as I picked up.

“Wa’alaykumus Salam.

Mutumin ka fa has called me” He uttered without even asking how I was. “The meeting won’t take place”

“You mean, Alhaji Bulama? But I think we agreed we would meet on this day?” I said.

“Of course, yes! But he changed his mind. I asked him why and he told me he would be embarking on a foreign trip tomorrow and would not return till next month!” He said.


“Shit!” I muttered, I was tired of waiting.

“Hey, try and call Fatimah” He uttered.

“Okay, sir” I said and ended the call.

And just as I was about calling Fatimah, a voice bellowed from behind. “Hmm, why didn’t you on the TV?” Aminah said as she walked towards me and sat on the couch.

Ya Allah, why can’t she just let me be?

Could you imagine she changed into a light armless dress? She even had to pack all her hair, expose her cleavage, and add more to her previous makeup as well. Was she mad?

Well, I didn’t say anything to her.

I returned my phone to my pocket and then folded my arms across my chest. Hence, she scoffed and stood to her feet. “Lemme on it” She uttered as she walked to the Android Tv, wasted her time showing off her body to me before finally switching it on and selecting one of the movies she downloaded for us to watch. Thus, she returned and joined me on the couch. “Serenity is a nice film” She said. That was how she kept on talking while we watch. And almost halfway into the movie, she sluggishly walked to the Tv and off it. I wasn’t worried, after all the film was bored. “Daddyn Farzana, can we talk?” She asked.

“About what?” I managed to wrinkle a brow.

“About Farzana” She uttered as she walked back to the couch. “And don’t say I’m crazy”

“Just talk, Aminah” I muttered.

“Hmm, ok…” She sighed. “Actually, I… I was thinking if we can, you know, get a playing mate for Farzana. Or what do you… think?”

Get Farzana a playing mate? Like how???

“I don’t understand, Aminah!” I muttered.

“Hmm! You mean you don’t know what I mean? Haba, or you are just pretending? Doing this is the best” She said sexily, and before I knew it she’d drew herself more closer to me. “Lets give her a brother, ok?”

“Nonsense!” I pushed her away from me. “There is no way this is happening again”

“But Yusuf…”

“Silence!” I yelled at her standing up to my feet. “If you need a man, just say it kawai!”

“Ok, I need a man” She stood to her feet too. “But not just any man. It’s you I need, Yusuf”

“Bullshit, I think I told you before… don’t expect love or sex from me. It can never happen again. It wont work!” I squealed. “Unless you want us to be selfish parents”

“Selfish… as in how?” She asked quivering.

“To be breeding sicklers, of course!” I said

“Then we can have my womb removed. I could adopt siblings for Farzana” She said.

Like seriously?

Remove your womb?

For love, or obsession?

“Aminah we can’t be together, and if you really wish to keep pressuring me then I would stop coming… wallahi” I muttered.

“Stop coming? Har abun ya kai nan? Okay, daman ashe baka son Farzana. Yes, there is absolutely no way you would say that if you really love our daughter!” She said angrily.

Oh wow, so I am now a pretender!

“Aminah, if I don’t love Farzana you would know. If I don’t love her I won’t even care about her wellbeing. But here I am” I said.

“Yes, here you are… a statue, you only care because you are afraid Allah will burn you deep inside hell if you dont take care of us!”

“Mind your tongue!”

“Bazaa yi minding ba, if you like beat me. That’s exactly what men are good at, they always think they are superior!” She said.

And just as I was about replying her, my phone began ringing. Uhm, it was Adnan.

“Excuse me please” I said.

“I will not. Ina nan, Mallam!” She uttered.

God, why am I too cool these days?

If it was in the past, I would have hit her!

“Hello, Adnan” I said walking towards the other room, not hers. “Ya gida, and work?”

“Not fine!” Adnan said and continued. “I, really, I am not feeling that fine due to the extreme cold whether. So I quickly rested after Isha, and guess what Yusuf? I had a nightmare, Fatimah pointed a gun at you”

“What do you mean?” I puzzled.

“She pointed a gun at you!” He repeated.

A gun at me? This is really funny o!

Where would she even get it from?

Dreams are just imaginaries!

This was even quarter to 9…

“Omo, na dream you dream” I laughed it off. “You absolutely know Fatimah, she would never do such a thing. It was just a dream!”

“Ok… ok, just becareful” He ended the call.

Jealousy boy kawai, lol

He only wanted me to separate with her!

“Who is Fatimah?” Aminah bellowed.

Truth be told, I didn’t even know I was still standing in the living room. “Fatimah is my Fiance, any problem with that?” I uttered. I wasn’t willing to keep hiding if from her, the fact that she was already crossing her limit. “Reason why you should let me be, Aminah!”


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