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When years ago I left Minna to my relatives in Jigawa with pregnancy, the first thing they did was to contact my uncle and throw him questions. They practically weren’t happy at all, and even after telling them it was a rape they still blamed me for it. They asked where and how it all happened, but I refused to tell them the truth. I refused to tell them it was in a club, also refused to tell them I was the one that approached the person that raped me. I knew if I tell them the truth they would skin me alive, so I told them chloroform was used on me by an unknown man on my way home from school, thus I woke up and found myself in an uncompleted building with bloodstain…

May Allah forgive me for telling such lie!

Hence uncle Uthman, the cleric in our family became so upset. And out of anger, he cursed the person that raped me. “In Shaa Allah, his parents will pay for it with their lives” He had said, and some of the family members replied with “Ameen” while some kept mute. It wasn’t a small curse, and it pained me the fact that I caused it. Maybe if I had said the truth, then he might not have cursed Yusuf’s parents. It was a drastic mistake, but on the other hand if they knew it was Yusuf then only Allah knows how wrecky DAF Limited would endup being.

I loved Yusuf, and if he had loved me too then I might not have ran away to Jigawa. I would have adhered to his plan and we would have raised Farzana together from birth. But there was no place for me in his heart, and I could not breed for someone that didn’t love me. If not for my relatives, you wouldn’t have heard about Farzana. They were the ones that told me not to abort the pregnancy that it wasn’t good at all in Islam, as if they were religious!

Well, it isn’t really good to do such thing.

They took care of me, of course using the same wealth that belonged to me. The same wealth I was supposed to inherit after both my parents’ demise, they took away everything my parents left while I was still a baby. But God will judge all of them on the day of judgment. They shall pay for it one after the other with their good deeds. Don’t call me a wicked person, it is just painful. How does it feel to be in my situation? Only those in my shoes would understand me.

A year after giving birth to Farzana, things drastically changed. Farzana was a sickler, it was something that frightened me because I never knew Yusuf’s genotype was AS too like mine. And gradually, my relatives pulled off their hands from our problems. They stopped financing our day to day medical treatments. They said we were pushing them into poverty. Things became so hard for me, I had wanted asking Yusuf for money but decided not to. I really shouldn’t, after all I had told him I had aborted his baby. So I opened up a small scale business. I started selling Zobo, Kunun aya etc until I finally decided to return back to Minna.

Upon returning back to Minna I contacted my old friend, Safiya. Thus she directed me to her matrimonial home in New Estate. Yes, she had gotten married to a Police Corporal who works in Cross-River and only returns back twice a year. She was so happy to see me, I was happy to see her too. Her home was good, and so was her job. She was working with AEDC, Minna. I stayed with her for weeks before continuing my small scale business while managing my daughter’s sickness. It wasn’t easy, my market was poor because many were doing the same business around. Hence, I had to be borrowing money from Safiya in order to take care of my daughter. And in three months, I was already owing Safiya thirty thousand naira. I knew it was too much but what could I do? Farzana needed all the care she deserved from me but the money was too much, how on earth could I pay her back when my business wasn’t doing great? Thus, I decided to stop borrowing money from her again. It was a great decision, it also meant exposing my daughter to pain.

Things even gets worst when Farzana started fainting any time the pain started.

Therefore, I had to ask for money from Safiya and when I asked her she told me she really didn’t have. She said if she lend me the little she had then we would end up starving in the house. That day, I had cried a lot. I had to keep praying in water for Farzana to drink, and Allah helped us. Every time she takes it the pain goes away.

That day, Safiya reminded me of Yusuf. That I should try and contact the father of my child, she insisted I should do that but I shrugged it because if Yusuf finds out I lied to him about Farzana he may sue me to court or beat me. I had to tell Safiya to leave Yusuf’s matter aside and never to approach him. But she ended up doing what I told her not to, she phoned him and he came. I had to mix lies and truths for him to believe me, and since that day he had been helping us. He paid the money I was owing Safiya and asked me to stop my business. I was happy because he placed me on a salary of N200,000. The love I had for him grew even more wider. Sometimes we would go to parks together with our baby, play like coupe and so on. And sometimes to Usman Kankada Bello hall known as U.K Bello to watch films and to take pictures with Hausa actors and actresses.

He loved living a normal life, he also disliked being on media. He made sure our trips didn’t go viral for a reason best know by him. But it went to my uncle’s ears, he called me over to his house and said he had forgiven me. He also asked about Yusuf, so I told him little from that in which I knew. But I warned him never to tell our relatives. He promised not to do that after I had credited his account with N60,000. He was so happy and asked if I could return to his house, but nay I told him Yusuf was already about to buy a house for me and Farzana. Hence, he prayed for me and I left.

So, money can bring people to your knees?

Oh Allah, please make Yusuf my husband.

Make him mine please, I really love him!


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