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OF ANGER” a lady repeated. I couldn’t

see her face before she ran outside.

I Tried to follow her but my body was

heavy a little but i keep struggling

till i was able to get on my feet. I

rushed outside to see if anybody had

seen the person. But i didn’t see

anybody outside. I was confused and

i quickly searched for the rest


I saw a room with the doors

unlocked i was wondering who was

there so i decided to peep at who it

was. I saw an empty bird and a cloth

that have a stricken resemblance

with the one i was covered with

when i woke up.

Though i was not sure if anybody had

been in the room but i can have the

feeling that a lady had been to the

room with the kind of smell i


I made a note to ask the gatekeeper

so i left the room and locked the

door firmly(i didn’t know why i even

locked it).

I heard iris voice in the sitting room

so i went towards the direction.

Iris ran towards me and hugged me

tightly immediately she sighted me.

Everybody was brimming with

smiles. I believe they had all been

waiting for me.

The god of war came inside with

some juices.

“wow this is a good improvement. I

am am really glad you woke so fast”

the god of war said as he came to me

and patted me in my back. He urged

me to sit down and he sat beside me


” what do you expect a whole ownet

to be. He is very powerful” the great

wizard riposted as i smiled.

With the mention of ownet, i wanted

to tell them the dream i had but i

stopped because i noticed that a

discussion was going on.

“well ownet, its good you didn’t

dissapoint us and you woke up just

in time because we are conductin

some test to see who will donate

blood for pla. She is really sick and

she needs the transfusion” the

gatekeeper said as he brought a

small needle outside.

Since i didn’t have much knowledge

on what had been going on. I

decided to remain silent as i just

nodded to everything that was been


We all agreed to it and the

gatekeeper pierced all of us with the

needle. He pierced himself too.

The gatekeeper told us that he will

recite some magic words on it. And

the person choosen will bleed for

2hrs the next day.

The meeting was conclude so i went

outside to recieve the fresh air and

look around.

I was sitting near a rose flower when

iris came and seat down with me.

we engaged ourselve in a

conversation as she kept asking me

different question and i kept

answering them without complain. I

told her how i came to their planet

and how i had once seen my self in

my real life too. I told her about my

experience when i was performing

my water hibernation. I told her

everything about my real life and my


She enjoyed my story as she adviced

me that i should keep my hopes up.

She gave some encouraging speech

till she decided we go and sleep.

I directed her towards the room i

saw earlier and by this time the door

was unlocked again.

“who is staying inside this room” i

asked facing iris.

” well its pla the everies former

captain we saved. Thats were we

kept her because she was half dead.

But why do you look so anxious. Do

you have any problem with that?”

iris asked me also.

” some part of my mind decided that

i should forget about it while a part

said i should tell iris that nobody was

here when i came there earlier.

Because i was not sure and i didn’t

want to make assumptions. I opened

the door and i saw pla lying

unconsciously . I closed the door and

told iris that it was nothing.

We departed when i reached my


I went to my room any lye down


A question kept ringing on my mind:

everybody said pla was half dead

then how come nobody was in the

room she was kept when i went


I sighed as my head started aching. It

was then i realised something. I

quickly stood up and headed

towards her room to confirm



everies could be seen sitting on a

very high throne that was placed in

the room she called her palace.

13witches were sitting down

opposite her and they were all

facing her.

Her captain the deceiver was

standing at her side. They were

waiting for the rest 2witches that

was supposed to joined them in

fighting the ownet’s.

“why are those two not here or

didn’t they agreed to join us?,’

everies asked impatiently.

“am not sure sinse, they didn’t give

us a reply but i believe they should

be here ‘, the deceiver answered as

they saw one of there regular men

coming inside.

They usually called her the crier

because she was the one that always

gives them on information.

She came and knelt down at everies

front. ” my lord the rest two witches

has dishonoured our invitation.

Somebody had convinced them.

WHO IS THE PERSON? The deceiver

and everies asked in unison.


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